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‘Islam was not for me’. A Persian speaks

March 1, 2013

Symbol of Zoroastrianism, the pre Islamic religion of Persia (now Iran), the wing feathers represent Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds, the tail feathers represent the opposite.

Here is a film by an Iranian about the effect that Islam has had on Iranian society and how despite 1,400 years of oppression by the descendants of the Mohammed Gang, many people still, deep down, hold on inside themselves, to a yearning for the world of the Zoroastrians. The Zoroastrians who believe that salvation is achieved by Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds, were driven underground by the armies of Islam nearly a millennia and a half ago. The Persians were then forcibly converted to Islam at sword point.

I certainly agree with him when he says ‘I don’t hate Muslims, but I hate Islam’. He is right when he says that all people who believe in freedom and liberty should resist Islam and ignore the sanitised bullshit put out by the promoters and apologists for Islam. On the subject of apologists, we should reserve especial ire to those from non-Muslim backgrounds who for reasons of inborn hatred, mental illness or stupidity, choose to convert to Islam. Such people should be dealt with according to their situation, the ones born full of hate who convert to Islam should be hated and dealt with harshly but legally, the mad and the stupid who see Islam as some sort of answer to their problems should be mocked, pitied and encouraged to leave Islam.

The situation of the Persians should give anybody opposed to Islam hope, because despite 1400 years of Islamic oppression many Persians want to be free of the violence and hatred that Islam has imposed on their society, an Islam which burned their libraries, raped their women, wiped out Persian diversity and destroyed their culture. We should learn from this hope of the Persians because no matter how many of our governing classes and useful idiots like THIS one, suck up to Islam we can still hold fast to our values, and like the Persians are starting to do now, learn to fight back.

Even after 1,400 years of oppression by a bunch of Arabian savages, the Persians still cannot wholly as a nation, submit to Islam, because the folk memory of the wrongs done to them by the armies of Mohammed will not be forgotten. The fact that they still remember the times of the Zoroastrians and how the Zoroastrian culture was almost wiped out by Islam is an example of what could be called, the triumph of human memory and conscience. We must also learn to triumph and remember that which so many of our ‘leaders’ have tried to make us forget, such as the depredations of the Islamic Barbary Pirates for example, whose slaving raids decimated coastal communities from the Mediterranean Sea to the coast of England. 1.5 Billion people humans are enslaved by Islam, and we must work to ensure that we do not join them in such slavery. As the author of the film says, 1400 years of Islamic barbarity and savagery must end. Less than a century ago, the free world put an end to German Nazism, it should act in the same way against Islam because Islam is the same sort of enemy as Nazism.  Remember there is no practical difference between the Swastika and the shahadah both these symbols represent hate filled ideologies.


Original source of the film

The slave raids of the Barbary Pirates

  1. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Good article. A friend of mine is married to an Iranian woman, but she always stresses that she is Persian, most certainly not, Arab. She’s also a mine of information regarding Persia’s pre-Islamic history & culture. She’s secular, happy to live in England, & thanks her lucky stars that being outside the constrictions of Islam, her children are free to follow any religion, or none. This applies also to her sisters, who have also moved to the West, & ‘married out’. Whenever she passes a certain building, supposedly devoted to Islamic studies, & built on Saudi, Arab money, she describes it as a ‘monstrosity’. And that’s not only a comment on its fortress-like, intimidatory architecture.
    Islam, thankfully, is not a monolith – it is shot through with fault lines & schisms. I’m sure there are millions of silent ‘apostates’ wishing for reformation, or even the chance to peacefully leave the religion they were born into. For now, that isn’t so easy. Why is it that muslim freethinkers require 24/7 armed guards? Hardly the sign of a ‘religion’ at peace with itself. But, in the Internet age, Islam’s enforcers are finding it harder to keep a lid on their potential ‘heretics’. Yes, the net gives us jihadist propaganda, which often turns out to be counter-productive when its deranged, genocidal nature is revealed, but it also provides an outlet for those Muslims who have issues with Islam. I doubt that secularisation can be kept down in a materialist 21st century.

  2. Zhang permalink


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