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Got information about Islamic terror and agitation but find you can’t trust the police?

February 28, 2013

Security Service (MI5) Crest

As I’ve written before on this site (see links below) the police, for various reasons, appear to have become untrustworthy when it comes to the subject of Islam. There is pandering and appeasment galore from the police towards Islam and a growing number of people seem to be seeing them as not ‘our’ police but ‘the Islam police’. This is not a healthy situation for a democratic society to be in, the police should be impartial both in image and in fact when they enforce the law, but too often there is the impression that this is not happening.

This apparent surrender to the ideology of Islam by the police is extremely worrying as from the followers of Islam has come terror on our public transport system and elsewhere, sedition in its pulpits, and as we have seen from the recent stories of the Muslim vigilante patrols in East London, oppression and violence on our streets. The consistent and growing credibility of rumours that the followers of Islam are allegedly treated over leniently by police officers, as in the case of the recently charged Islamic grooming gang in Leicester, is piling up the distrust felt by the average citizen for the police.

To be fair, the average police officer is in an unenviable position, they are battered from within by a culture of extreme political correctness imposed by those higher up the police management structure; compliance with which guarantees career advancement, and non-compliance brings disgrace. The police forces are also pressured from without by the well funded liars from Islamic advocacy groups, who work hard to put a positive spin on the ideology of Islam. It is time that we faced the truth that the police may well have lost the trust of the generality of the British people on the issue of aggressive Islam.

People may have information about planned Islamic terror attacks or Islamic radicalisation that they feel they should report to the authorities, but are worried that their complaint may be either ignored by the police, or the information may be leaked to Islamic activists in their police area, or that they, the complainant, may even themselves, be arrested on a spurious ‘hate crime’ charge for making the report. None of this might happen, but if you are worried that it will, then you may not want to speak to the police. A person may have information about Islamic hate preachers, or somebody promoting one of the many other unpleasant aspects of Shariah compliant Islam in the UK. You could have, information on for example, an Islamic preacher saying that Shariah Law overrides British law or Islamic teachers telling their Madrassa pupils to consider mainstream British society as ‘unclean’.

So what do you do? You have found that your local mosque isn’t as liberal and happy-clappy as you were told by your council’s parasitical diversity officer and want to do something, or rather you want the state which you pay for, to do something. You might or might not be worried that the police can’t be trusted so who should you turn to if you hear something dodgy?

If you feel that you can trust your local police to handle your information securely and without prejudice then go ahead, report your potentially explosive local Islamic bod to the police. If you cannot trust your local police, and if you live in one of Britain’s Islamic enclaves then there is the distinct possibility that the local police may have divided loyalties when it comes to Islam, then you may be better reporting your suspicions via another route. Which route you choose is up to you. However it goes without saying that if it is an emergency, and you’ve just, for example, seen a sweating, praying Muslim getting on a train with a steaming backpack, then don’t delay call 999 immediately.

Islamic terror plots and preparatory background work for terrorist attacks needs reporting to those organisations that are tasked to defend the UK. Normally the first port of call would be the local police, but if this is not possible for you because of trust issues with the police, then you may be better off reporting your Islamic terror suspicions direct to the Security Service or MI5.

The Security Service as part of its remit to ‘Defend the Realm’ keeps tabs on, and disrupts Islamic terror networks in the United Kingdom and any information, no matter how random or unimportant it may seem, may be a small but vital part of the bigger Islamic terror picture . Giving MI5 the information that disrupts Islamic entities and networks that promote terror and aggression could ultimately save British lives.

The phenomenon of violent Islamic hatred of our society and its people cannot be fought by keyboard warriors, street fighters, and other concerned citizens alone, it also needs to be done by those who we rely on to defend this country, organisations such as the Security Service.

Reporting Islamic terrorist suspicions is just not in the same league as the reprehensible behaviour of the political Left which puts in fake ‘racism’ complaints to the authorities to try to shut down anti-jihadist websites. This sort of mendacious and childish ‘grassing’ carried out by those on the Left who have quite frankly lost the argument on Islam, is not the same as reporting Islamic radicalism to those constitutionally tasked with helping to fight it. It would be an utter tragedy if an Islamic terror attack that could have been prevented, took place because vital information was not reported, because of fears that the local police were bent in how they deal with Islam. Let us do everything we can to stop aggressive Islam draining any more British blood.


Contact MI5 the Security Service

Telephone: 0800 111 4645 or 020 7930 9000

If you need to write to the security service (please note it is not ‘Box 500’ 😉 anymore)

The Enquiries Desk
PO Box 3255
London SW1P 1AE

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