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Freeing the slaves of Islam

February 26, 2013

Help those who are enslaved break the chains of Islam

There are those like the idiots from the ‘diversity’ industry, who naively believe that Islam is just another religion, like Christianity or Judaism or anything else, but that would be far from the truth.  Islam is an all encompassing system of oppressive governance, which is considerably harder to leave than either Christianity or Judaism.  There are also those out there who take issue with my stance that individual Muslims must be left alone and unmolested and instead ire should be aimed at the ideology of Islam and its appeasers and enablers. This may be because some of those opposed to Islam see Islam, the ideology as synonymous with Muslims the people. They are not the same. Often individuals are markedly different from the ideology that they in many cases may be forced to follow.

Islam is not a religion that respects openness or questions, it is a prison for the body and for the soul. Some idea of the scale of that Islamic prison can be found by reading the personal accounts on the website for the UK Council for Ex-Muslims. These brave people have, often at great cost to themselves, managed to free themselves from their enslavement to a violent and oppressive Islamic ideology.

Some of their words are heart-rending.

ex-muslim persian

, London

I have been physically abused countless times by my parents for the smallest of things. I hate to imagine what my parents would do to me if they found out that I have left this evil cult called shitlam. British council of ex-muslims has given me hope that one day, I might not have to fear for my life just because I can think for myself.”

Jamal Batineh

, NW5 1TF

I was brought up as a Muslim, and tried my best to be one but could never go that extra mile and actually be totally convinced by the whole fiesta. I was living in Jordan, in the middle east, and had to act as a Muslim. I could rarely state my true opinions as an Atheist or discuss things like religion, morality, or the existence of god with anyone other than my closest friends who were either extraordinarily open-minded or secular people themselves. Islam is definitely the hardest religion for one to turn their back on, and it’s stronghold on society, especially Middle Eastern societies. There isn’t a single aspect of society that Islam does not interfere in, restrict or prohibit. I believe secularism is the answer to most, if not all of the problems in the Middle East especially, and in the world generally.”

Khalid S

, South East UK

I am basically from pakistan but have been living and working – as an NHS doctor – in the UK for the past decade. My parents were middle class people whose prime emphasis in my upbringing was to provide me with an excellent education and a comfortable life. My mother, a housewife all her life, always was – and still is – very religious and taught me namaz and quran. My late father, a doctor himself, was more open minded and often used to question islam except in his later years when he started going to the mosque regularly and did haj (most certainly due to the influence of the pakistani society around him). I was always more questioning than my siblings about many aspects of islam (they still remain quite religious) and prayed and fasted only because my family and other relatives around me did so too (more of a communal rituality rather than something I wholeheartedly concurred with). Somehow, islamic beliefs and practices didn’t make much sense to me. 

Not living amongst loads and loads of brainwashed, uber-emotive, bigoted sheep, i.e. pakistan; maintaining interest in enhancing my understanding of the marvels and beauty of science; listening to sensible, intelligent rationalists like Richard Dawkins and thorough perusal of articles on your site and many others which dissect and expose the ugliness of islam by mentioning and referencing its own pivotal teachings (quran and ahadith) have finally convinced me to give up that backward thing called islam. All religions, in my view, are risible fairy tales anyway but my main issues with this medieval creation of illiterate, savage bedouins are:
* The depraved, murderous nature of its founder – as evident from ahadith themselves!
* The moronic practices it imposes on its followers as ‘farz’ – no, I’m no longer interested in torturing myself with that absurd ramadan fasting rubbish (definitely unhealthy – it is a medical fact that dehydrating oneself all day is damaging to human physiology, let alone doing so for a whole month!!!) or that stupid ‘requirement’ of prostrating in humiliating postures to an imaginary being five times daily!!! 
* The blatantly visible connection between islam and present day terrorism as well as blood curdling violations of human rights. I’m now sick and tired of so called moderate muslims trying to fool everyone with fundamentally false statements like islam is a religion of peace. No it is not. It teaches its followers to kill – what else is jihad??? It isn’t a term invented by present day criminals who are just using the name of islam. It is entrenched in the very foundations, establishment and early spread (profoundly unfortunate as it curses humanity to this day) of this cult. 

So, I am relieved and proud to be free of the evil of islam and now consider myself to be a secular humanist. I have not yet revealed this to anyone in my family including my (quite religious) spouse as I am sure that, if I do, the reaction will be emphatically unfavourable. Your site is the first that I have posted my views on; I shall continue to do so on other similar sites. I feel that, for peace and harmony to prevail amongst humankind, it is essential to rid the world of islam. That will be done by continuing to expose it and encourage its deluded followers to leave this system of barbaric ignorance and take more interest in understanding the beauties of scientific discovery which continue to enlighten humanity and broaden its horizons. I applaud your efforts at CEMB and would like to join and support you in any way I can.”

Mohammed Anon

, London

I’m a Bengali ex-Muslim. I was raised as a Sunni Muslim by a devout mother and a non-so-devout father. Islam never made much sense to me; I had doubts from an early age. I’ve always had a hard time believing in the supernatural. One day my friend was giving dawah to me and telling me about the story of Buraq, the flying donkey; as he was telling me about it, I realised there and then that I didn’t really believe in Islam. A few months later, I fully apostatised from Islam.

Main reasons for leaving Islam:
1. No evidence at all going for it.
2. Absurdities, contrivances and contradictions in the Qur’an
3. Life of the “prophet” Mohammed.
4. Brutality of hudud punishments
5. I can’t believe in flying donkeys 🙂

      1. Pariah

After 20 yrs of Islam, I finally gave up the prison for my freedom. My main issue with Islam is the awful injustice against women and as a woman myself I could not stand for a religion which belittles me. It has been a long and painful journey, with many more obstacles ahead, but I am confident that things can only get better for the long-term. Also, well done CEMB for creating this unified voice for ex-Muslims!”

You can read more at:

These are the voices of those who were mostly born into Islam but who see it for the violent death cult that it truly is. Remember these are the ones who have taken the big step in going public or semi public on the subject of rejecting Islam. There may be many more out there who feel this way but are too intimidated by the British Islamic establishment to speak up. What is worse is these people who wish to leave Islam are mortally frightened of an Islamic establishment that too many of our political useful idiots appease on a daily basis.

If you have a peaceful religious belief that respects freedom, then pray for those who are either mentally or physically imprisoned by Islam and who long to leave it. If you don’t have a religious belief then hold the plight of the Ex-Muslim in your thoughts and try to help them where you can.

Unlike the ancient Israelites in the Biblical story of the Exodus, Muslims who question the validity of Islamic teachings have no Moses to lead them out of spiritual and corporeal bondage, across the Sea of Reeds and into a promised land of freedom, they have to do it all by themselves often in the face of threats of unimaginable brutality.

All those who respect freedom should help those who are escaping from Islam, such people are profoundly deserving of help and it is morally right to help them achieve freedom.

  1. Bunny permalink

    I googled the Buraq the flying donkey, I really thought that cannot be serious but no, it is in Islamic lore. Apparently a fellow called Abraham used it to commute between his wife in Mecca and his wife in Syria, I can just imagine it, ‘Eh up love, your donkey’s here.’

    It is very difficult to take seriously, these poor people have my sympathy and thoughts.

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