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Sparkbrook, Birmingham, turning into Jihadi Central?

February 24, 2013

Birmingham Sparkbrook. Has the area turned into a fifth column base?

I recently wrote about how a gang of Islamic terrorists from Birmingham were recently convicted of plotting terrorist bomb, poison and gun attacks that may have killed hundreds, if not thousands.

Worryingly, it seems that nobody in the Birmingham Islamic community thought to tell the authorities about the plotters. As I said earlier this raises the spectre that more members of the UK Islamic community, especially those in parts of Birmingham, support terror or aggression than has been previously assumed. There have been a lot of Islamic terror plots coming out of the areas of Sparkbrook and Sparkhill and it is beyond the bounds of reason to suggest that the wider Islamic community there doesn’t know what is going on. These areas are turning into jihadi cesspit’s that demand closer monitoring.

That opinion that Sparkbrook and Sparkhill have Islamic terror issues also amazingly seems to be shared by one Muslim Member of Parliament, Khalid Mahmood the Labour member or Birmingham Perry Barr. He has called, in the Birmingham Mail, for the return of advanced security cameras into the affected areas. The cameras were removed a few years back when local Islamic community notables and ‘leaders’ objected to the placement of the cameras. They appeared to object to having their community demonised, which is a laudable aim for any minority religion, but for the fact that these areas of Birmingham do seem to have a propensity for not only producing jihadists, but for the phenomenon of local Muslims colluding with them.

The Birmingham Mail said:

“A Birmingham MP has called for the reinstatement of controversial spy cameras in predominantly Muslim areas of Birmingham in the wake of a failed suicide bomb plot.

Khalid Mahmood said the relaunch of the Project Champion scheme to monitor the movement of cars and people in Sparkhill, Ward End and Washwood Heath “could ensure the safety and security for people in Birmingham and the whole UK.”

The Muslim MP spoke out after the ringleaders of a failed terror plot hatched in Sparkhill were convicted of planning a bombing campaign that, if successful, would have killed more people than the 7/7 attacks in London.

A total of 218 cameras – including 64 covert – were installed in the three areas of Birmingham during the disastrous £3million Project Champion scheme in 2010.

The mix of CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras would have monitored people and vehicles travelling through the inner city areas.

But the cameras were never switched on and were shelved in June 2010 following a massive public backlash over the lack of community consultation.

West Midlands Police later apologised after it emerged that they had been installed by its counter-terrorism unit with the consent of the Home Office and MI5.

The shambolic affair ended when the cameras were taken down in 2011. The Mail revealed last year that some were later thrown in the bin, while others were sold on for just £1.”

The Birmingham Mail added:

“Mr Mahmood, the Labour MP for Perry Barr, said the convictions highlighted the potential benefits of Project Champion.

“I think the scheme should be revived,’’ he said.

“Various politicians and community groups jumped on the bandwagon when this became a big issue a few years ago.

“But the reality is that there has been a huge number of arrests and convictions in these particular areas of the city.

“I don’t see why this scheme should not be revived.

‘‘The police ran away from this issue, instead of standing their ground and dealing with the concerns that people had and adjusting the scheme as required.

“The lack of consultation on this scheme was unacceptable, but I see nothing wrong with having the cameras there to protect people in Birmingham and the rest of the UK.’’

He added: “These are difficult times that we live in and that requires taking some difficult decisions. We needed to stand up on this issue instead of just switching into some sort of political correct mode.

‘‘They (the cameras) would have helped the security services enormously, particularly in the suicide bomb plot we have been hearing about. It’s absolutely bizarre that this equipment was wasted at a huge cost to the taxpayer and the country.

“It would have been a huge asset and it has been lost.

“I now want to see a replacement.”

A damning report into the fiasco, led by Thames Valley police, concluded that the covert scheme had caused ‘significant damage to community relations’ with one claim that it had ‘set relations back a decade’ “

Of course this Midlands nest of Islamic vipers should be monitored, it would be utterly foolish not to, and those politicians, police and civil servants who sanctioned the removal of the cameras in the face of Islamic community harassment should hang their heads in shame. Personally I’m getting to the stage where I really don’t care about ‘community relations’ with the Islamic community any more and think that maybe it is time for the Islamic community in general to be monitored much more closely than they are at present.

Because of this terror plot and other incidents in the affected areas of Birmingham, maybe it is time to bite the bullet and start to ignore the whining and complaining and the threats that will come from the Birmingham Islamic community about close monitoring and put the safety and security of the UK and its citizens first for a change.


Previous article from me on this subject

Muslim MP calls for Birmingham’s Jihadi Central areas to be monitored.

Islamic extremism in Birmingham’s ‘Balti Triangle’.


  1. Maurice Dancer permalink

    A timely post, Fahrenheit. Here’s another one:

    The comments are interesting, too. An extract from one: ‘The Police need to be given the go ahead to have a forensic look at the families & close community of these individuals, & to be vigorous about prosecuting them. For example, the mosque where they were radicalised needs to be closed down as a matter of course. The reason for the Police attention needs to be made clear. You help us, we help you.’

    As with the muslim ‘grooming’ cases, the sickness is far more prevalent than that exemplified by just the convicted. As for CCTV? In my north London ‘hood we have cameras all over the shop – for good reason. What have the muslims in Jihadi Central got to hide, I wonder?

    In passing, here’s another link which I hope is of interest:

    Both articles were written by Ghaffar Hussain.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I like Ghaffar Hussain’s work for the Commentator, it is consistently good. I think that we do as a nation need the authorities to close down mosques where radicalisation is being preached sadly I think that there are more than just a few extremist mosques.

      I certainly concur with you on the Isalmic Grooming Gang phenomenon, I think it goes much wider and deeper than just the cases that have come to court recently. Have you noticed, as I have, that it is only with the change in government that these cases are being prosecuted to the level that they currently are?

      I think the Birmingham Islamic community may well have a lot to hide.

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