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From Elsewhere: The United Nations putting malevolent torturers in charge of Human Rights.

February 24, 2013

Although the United Nations was an organisation set up in great hope at the end of World War 2 to try to prevent confilct and challenges to human rights, it has failed to do either. It has especially failed in the arena of human rights. It did nothing meaningful to prevent or ameliorate the Rwandan genocide, has failed to prevent the concentration camps of North Korea nor has it done anything to improve the lives of women living in Islamic societies.

Now however, the United Nations has passed through the barrier of black parody by allowing some of the most violent and oppressive nations on earth to occupy and control the human rights organs of the UN.

The Commentator has a fabulous article on this subject by Daniel Swammenthal which also details the growing chorus of disapproval at the corruption of the UN.

Mr Swammenthal said:

“The speakers were never meant to live and tell their stories. Their torturers expected them to either submit or die. But somehow these men and women managed to escape from their dungeons and concentration camps to gather at the seat of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign Secretary William Hague, will over the coming days address the Council, there will be no space for these brave freedom fighters.

This is why UN Watch, together with over 20 other NGOs, organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy last week. Now in its fifth year, the annual summit does the sort of work the UN shies away from. It gives the victims, not the perpetrators, of state terror a podium.

While the international dignitaries will speak under the auspices of Council Vice President Mauritania, the Geneva Summit participants heard from a former subject of the North African country—Abidine Merzough, a man born as a slave to slave parents.

As unfathomable as it may sound, some 20 percent of Mauritanians, about 600,000 people, are still slaves. Mauritania uses Sharia to justify a racist system where Arabs exploit the country’s black African population and which “runs counter to Islam’s humanist principles,” Merzough explained:

“From early on, people are taught in religious schools that slaves are the masters’ properties, who are passed along as inheritance and where the condition of slavery is transmitted from parent to child, where women slaves must submit their bodies to their masters.”

Merzough’s father, a modern-day Spartacus, rebelled against his status and led slave uprisings. This is why Merzough, the son of illiterate slaves, was able to attend school and study in Germany, where he works as an engineer.

The fact that so few people are even aware that slavery still exists is in itself a scandal. As the Iranian activist Marina Nemat put it: “Your silence is a weapon of mass destruction.” Arrested in 1982 at the age of 16 for demonstrating against the mullahs, and tortured in Iran’s notorious Evin prison for over two years, Nemat knows “mass destruction” from up close and personal.”

Read the rest at

When you read the article and others like it, you can see how the UN is not a fit and proper organisation go act against human rights abuses. It appears that the dictatorships both of the secular and the religious kind are corrupting the UN and the organisation is now as about as effective at reducing conflict or protecting human rights as the old League of Nations was.

Mr Swammenthal was correct when he said that maybe the next time British Foreign Secretary William Hague, sits down with the grisly collection of torturers and murderers that make up too much of the UN human rights council, he will take some time out to visit those outside the building who are really putting themselves out for human rights.


UN Watch’s statement on the vice presidency of the Human Rights Council being held by the slave owning Mauritania.

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