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Not just a tiny minority of extremists

February 22, 2013

The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea”

Mao Zedong Dictator of Communist China 1949 to 1976.

We saw this week the conviction of the ringleaders of an Islamic terror plot based in Britains second city, Birmingham.

These plotters, full of blood-lust for Allah, intended to set off up to 8 bombs and attack with firearms. Although the gang had not yet picked targets, we should be left in no doubt that these traitors, because being born or naturalised here, that’s what they are, intended to kill fellow British citizens indiscriminately, just as Mohammed did all those centuries ago, to the Christians, Jews and Pagans on the Arabian peninnsular.

Reading between the lines from the report on the court case by Tom Whitehead, and Duncan Gardham of the Daily Telegraph, it seems that it is only by chance, along with mistakes on the part of the terrorists and later on good tradecraft by the security agencies that these plotters were aprehended by police and carnage averted.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this case was how the views and movements and actions of these terrorists were known by family members and possibly other members of the Islamic community in Birmingham but nobody said anything to the authorities. It is also astounding that nobody close to these men thought to stop this plot off their own backs at an earlier time, because it could have been done. Why did not the families, some of whom knew that the men had gone for terrorist training overseas, counsel the men out of committing terrorism? Surely Imam’s or other Islamic community notables would have noticed that these men had stepped over the line that seperates individual religious fervour from murderous hatred, and dissuaded them from doing harm?

Even before the time when the authorities needed to be called in, there appears to have been ample opportunity for the Islamic community in Birmingham to have stopped these guys, before they became a threat, and got them onto a more peaceful path. The fact that they did not speaks volumes about the acceptance of jihad within the wider Islamic community.

The Telegraph article said:

The case calls into question the government’s Prevent strategy to counter the home grown extremist threat. The Theresa May-backed plan relies on Muslim communities to report suspicious behaviour to the authorities. Yet although family members and other Birmingham residents knew they had travelled abroad for training, no alarm was raised.

The plot was foiled after the cell was secretly recorded by MI5 and police for two months in the summer of 2011. The security services realised they were just months, if not weeks, away from carrying out their atrocity. “

The Prevent strategy should be seen to be dead in the water after this. Too many ministers and civil servants have been taken in by Islamic community leaders who have spoken peace from one side of their mouths and hatred from the other. Although to her credit Theresa May did considerably reform the Prevent strategy from how it was in the Labour years where public money ended up the hands of extremists, cases like this prove that it still isn’t working.

When we have as a nation, spent millions on encouraging the Islamic community to integrate and show loyalty to the UK, and despite all that effort, members of the Birmingham Islamic community still give potential murderers a free pass, then this should be seen very much as a political game changer. It should be a trigger for the authorities to have a much more realistic and robust approach to the ideology of Islam both at home and abroad.

The silence on the part of the terrorists families, friends and community in the face of these men doing stuff that shouldn’t have been ignored, like flying out to Pakistan for terrorist training, should tell us that the problems with Islam are no longer confined to the tiny minority of extremists. It seems that the extremists are able to swim unhindered in a wider British Islamic sea, and that there is probably a wider acceptance of violence in the name of Islamic ideological conquest than we may have earlier thought.

When an individual, group, party or ideology declares war on you and says that they are going to kill you, then it is probably wise to believe that such threats are genuine and prepare to defend yourself against them. This is what the Government needs to do to defend us, the ordinary British citizen. The Government needs to stop listening to the siren voices of appeasment from the Arabists of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and start taking effective action against the followers of an ideology that is becoming more and more plainly seen by many people as an ‘enemy within’.

We can now see that the there is more than a minority number of certain Islamic communities who believe in violence, aggression and conquest and we should not forget this fact and bear it in mind when we vote, and when we do vote we should remove the appeasers of Islam .


Original Daily Telegraph article

Theresa May on the failures of the Prevent Strategy under Labour

Another view of this story from Kafircrusader

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