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Islamic and Labour Party politics – corrupting the planning system, corrupting the nation.

February 21, 2013

Islam and the Labour Party, corrupting whatever they touch


A wondrous thing has happened, although by accident, the BBC has told the truth for once.  We got to see just how bent the planning system is when it comes to the building or extending of mosques.

The film via the link above is a clip from ‘The Planners’ shown on the BBC recently and I’m indebted to one of the commentators on this site, Alice-Louise for flagging this film up for my attention. The film shows how in Rochdale in Greater Manchester, there was a proposal for an extension to a Shia mosque which was challenged on the very practical grounds of car parking and similar access issues. The local planning officers were recommending refusal of the plans but the plans were railroaded into approval by Islamic councillors with those opposed to the plans denied a chance to properly put their points of view over.

The planning committee chairman Councillor Shefali Begum pushed for a vote even though not every view had been heard. There were also appallingly dishonest words from the mosque plan proposer during his statement to the planning committee, when he said that the mosque will not only be or the Muslim community but for everyone, yeah right we’ve all heard that one before.

The more I look into this case the murkier it looks. The ‘Rochdale Online’ website said in an above the line article:

“A mosque catering for the Shia Muslims in town had applied for permission to build a very large extension. Planning officers rejected the plans as poor and lacking the required parking spaces – the planners said over 100 car park spaces would be needed for the size of the proposed extension, however, the applicants proposed just three.

Councillors on the planning committee, who made the final decision, went on a site visit with planning officers and it seemed from the comments made that they too would reject the application as unsuitable. However, when the planning committee met there was very little debate, those councillors trying to question the suitability of the proposal were denied the opportunity by committee chairman Shefali Begum, who moved quickly to a vote because “it is getting very late” and ensured the application was passed without councillors who opposed the move being given the opportunity to ask questions.

Reaction locally has been one of outrage, Joanne Basquill said: “I was appalled at our council’s attitude and approach to passing planning permission; what are they like when they are not being filmed by a film crew? It explains a lot of the issues Rochdale is facing in regards to town planning – but as long as Councillor Begum gets home in time what does it matter!”

Sadly it is not just in Rochdale where a combination of Islamic and Labour party politics rides roughshod over the wishes of those who are opposed to Islamic expansion and the problems it brings. Only recently we saw in Chipping Norton, how Labour members of West Oxfordshire District Council set aside the decision of Chipping Norton Town Council who refused permission for a mosque.

This film and evidence from elsewhere exposes how the Labour party is no longer the party of the working man or woman or the party of the underdog, but instead shows how the party has become primarily a party for Muslims, and the more extreme and mental the better. Labour has abandoned its principles and become a tool for various Islamic groups, many of whom hold views that are at odds with the concept of free and open societies. An idea of just how far the Islamic far right has infiltrated the Labour party is found by looking at Stephen Timms MP, the member for East Ham in East London, who is a supporter of the Islamic far right group Al Muntada and who has spoken at events organised by Al Muntada.

It seems that whenever you get Islamic expansionism you will find a Labour party member, sometimes Muslim sometimes not, who are cheer-leading for such expansionism. Although such Islamic expansion is a danger to the country both to the collective and to individuals, Labour party policy appears to be to support such expansionism on the grounds that it will shore up the Labour vote.

When an area politically goes Labour/Islamic, it becomes impossible, due to the corrupting of the voting system in such areas, to ever get rid of the Labour party from that area. In places such as Newham in East London for example, a combination of a historically bent Labour party establishment, Islamic community politics, a voting system that it is difficult to have confidence in, and suspected multiple Muslim postal votes, mean that it is virtually impossible to honestly vote out either the Islamic communal politicians nor the non Muslim Labour party appeasers of Islam.

Islam doesn’t appear to do honest democracy, as can be seen in places like Rochdale, Newham and Tower Hamlets, and they feel right at home with the corrupt culture of Labour run ‘one party states’.

Labour are now being seen by many for the traitors to Britain that they have now become, and people really should think twice before voting for traitors.



Rochdale Online website. Excellent source of comment on what is really happening in Rochdale and not what the Council there want people to know

The Planners documentary excerpt

Same film with some interesting sur-titles from an angry Rochdale resident

Check out the comments as well. A whole lot of anger at the problems Islam and bent Islamic politics has brought to that town.

Wiki biog of Stephen Timms MP

Harry’s Place article on Labour party pandering to Islamic groups including the member for East Ham, Stephen Timms MP’s association with the Al Muntada group.

Chipping Norton Mosque story from this site

Here is a quote from a Commons debate in 1986 by the Late Tony Banks MP for Newham North West about the problems that Newham had with issues of corrupt contracts and the penetration of freemasonry to elected members, council officers and contractors. You can see how Newham has quickly exchanged the corruption of freemasons by the corruption of Islam.

Tony Banks MP said in a debate on local government:

“We are out to get the masons in Newham because of the level of corruption that previously existed between officers, council members and companies all of whom were involved in freemasonry. There is an economic consideration for Newham in imposing that sort of contractual term in our dealings as a borough council with various private companies. Hon. Members may laugh, but in Newham the impact of freemasonry and the corruption that has flowed from it has worried not only the Labour party but the whole population. “

See whole debate at:



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  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    Glad I could help. Watching this again certainly makes my blood boil! More and more people are now able to see exactly what is happening to our country. After seeing this, why would anyone support the idea of having a Mosque in their town?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thank you again. It is the blatant and open corruption of presumably Labour party councillors visible in this film that makes my blood boil. Having seen what the ideology of Islam has done to too many of our towns and cities I believe that appeasement of it should be checked. There has been another example of blatant Labour party appeasement of Islam in Leicester where the Labour party councillor Patrick Kitterick voted in favour of a mosque with a huge minaret on the site of a former pub, despite some objection from the local community. You just cannot trust Labour where Islam is concerned. The left are shilling for Islam for a short term gain but they along with the rest of us will get our arses bit when the followers of Islam turn on them and us.


      Thankfully, this is leicestershire has not yet censored the comments board and this comment makes sense to me.

      by aristoc

      Saturday, February 23 2013, 4:38PM

      “prog,having seen the tolerance displayed by the advocates of Islam on the Clock Tower I stick to my sentiments.When I can see these lovely people advocate the killing of our troops “in their country” at the same time as saying it is correct for a husband to beat his wife if she does not heed to his demands then I dismay at our tolerance.That our police stand bye and listen at the same rhetoric is ,in its self .stupid beyond belief .
      But they are tolerated.That the koran,quran, calls for the violent conquest of unbelievers and muhammads biography,sira,calls for a jihad to be waged on unbelievers speaks volumes.In said “places of worship” do the sunni and shiites all dance around doing the hokey kokey as the best of friends do.Or are they all back slapping buddies.You know ,like they are in Syria,Egypt,Tunisia,Nigeria,India…………………………………………………….?”

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