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When will the left learn that Islam is not to be trusted? Wasn’t the lesson of Iran enough?

February 20, 2013

The Left need to learn this lesson

One of the things that has made many people curious is the craven actions of the political Left, and especially the moderate democratic Left, regarding Islam. Whichever way you look at it here you have a Left politicial current that says it is for the rights of minorities to be treated equally but supports those Islamic groups that would quite happily kill said minorities.

For the democratic Left to work with Islam is about as far away from the promotion of diversity and tolerance than you can possibly get, because Islam doesn’t ‘do’ diversity, Islam only does oppression. In Islam there is no diversity of religion, of politics or of thought. To support, pander to or excuse the actions of those who adhere to Islamic ideology and hoping that they will not turn round and kill you is as incongruous and criminally stupid as inviting Sir Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts to a Barmitzvah and expecting them to be respectful guests.

This important point about Leftist stupidity is expanded upon by Edward Cline on the US Conservative ‘Family Security Matters’ site. Mr Cline commented on FSM about an article by Daniel Greenfield that was previously published by the ‘Front Page Magazine’ website and said:

“Here is another take on just how clueless the Left is about its competitor for power.

Project a hypothetical triumph of Islam over the world, and how its itinerant ally, the Left, would be treated. Not very well. Consider the Left’s global rainbow coalition of “minorities, gays and gender theorists, indigent third world farmers, transsexuals, artists and poets, and sex workers.” Islam, committed to doctrinal purity and eager to cleanse the world in literal conformance with that doctrine, would act to extinguish every member of that rainbow coalition, including those not mentioned by Greenfield: feminists, gun-owners, free-speech advocates, cartoonists who offend Islam, atheists, agnostics, apostates, followers of other religions, libertarians, anti-government advocates, Constitutionalists, First Amendment champions, and so on. Rightly or not, they’d all be lumped together in Islam’s holding pen until they can be prosecuted, tried and walked to the chopping block or gallows. Leaving the Left what?

Nothing, not a single victim of capitalism or colonialism. The Left will wonder what happened to its dialectical materialism, or claim that these are not the progressive forces it had predicted would pacify the world and leave it warless and in peaceful harmony. They might complain, if they dared to, that a gatecrasher hijacked their future. The more perceptive Leftists might then grasp just what Islam meant when it claimed it was just a “religion of peace.” They would understand that it won’t be a world in which they’d be expected to pray five times a day to godless icons of Marx, Lenin, Engels, Mao, and Stalin, but instead to Allah and Mohammad.

They would understand that Islam isn’t interested in peacefully coexisting with other faiths and ideologies, “interfaith dialogue” to the contrary notwithstanding. They would grasp that Islam is as totalitarian as anything conceived by George Orwell and would play no favorites, not even with loyal Party members.

All they would see would be piles of victims of Islam, not of capitalism or of colonialism. The Left acts now as the janissaries of Islam, as ideologues and Sturmabteilungof another totalitarian system, for the moment tolerated and drafted into Islam’s cause to swell the numbers of Islam’s brigades and to handle the rough stuff in protests and demonstrations and clashes with the targets of the day. And when Islam’s battles are won, the Left will act surprised when the executioners knock on their door and escort its members to killing fields that resemble Pol Pot’s and to camps modeled on Auschwitz. They would be slaughtered by the bushel in the name of Allah, because they worshipped false gods or no gods and proposed a godless global government.”

Those of us who observe the behaviour of many of the followers of Islam and who understand that Islamic groups will lie and cheat to make alliances for their sectarian benefit cannot understand why more of the moderate Left do not disassociate themselves from Islamic groups and causes. Islamic groups have been proved themselves to be false allies so often, most notably by the example of Iran, where the moderate Left helped the Mullahs come to power, because they saw the Mullahs as allies against the Shah. As could have been expected the leftist useful idiots were immediately slaughtered or imprisoned or had to flee into exile.

Just as it is becoming more and more obvious that Islam is incompatible with free democratic socieities, so Leftist groups that purport to stand up for the underdog should exclude Islamic groups from their ranks, and start to see that Islam, not ‘capitalism’ or ‘western imperialism’ as the major threat to freedom and justice in the world today. I respect those leftists who come from a humanitarian point of view and who belive in equality of opportunity not outcome, but they need to learn that one cannot repair the world by smearing it in the ordure of Islam. Often the Left has done the wrong things but for the right motiviations and that is one of histories great tragedies. As the author in the quoted piece said, many of the Left may notice that they’ve backed the wrong side only when it’s too late.

Links :

Original Family Security Matters article by Edward Cline

Family Security Matters

Front Page Mag article by Daniel Greenfield

One Comment
  1. Bunny permalink

    Quite frankly I do not think that the Left will wonder anything, they will be pre-occupied by the Revolutionary Guard executing them as they did with their fellow revolutionaries after the fall of the Shah.

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