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Misusing the word ‘racist’

February 20, 2013

Firstly, let me state that I have no problems with Polish people, they are at least hard-working unlike our Bearded Savage ‘guests’ who cost us billions in healthcare, housing, increased security and welfare benefits. Also we do, like it or not, owe several moral debts to the Poles since Polish pilots helped us greatly during the Battle of Britain and it is partly due to brave Poles that we ain’t all speaking German by now. There were also terrible mistaken decisions made by the free allies at the Yalta conference in 1945 which meant that the Poles were imprisoned by communism for nearly 50 years. I have no problem with Polish people or people of Polish origin, but that is not what this piece is about.

Now that I’ve made plain that I’m not a Polskiphobe, I can get to the heart of the issue at hand which is the misuse of language, most notably the classifying of general anti-immigration sentiment as ‘racism’.

Recently in the City of Hereford, on the border between England and Wales, there was an impromptu protest against what many people are seeing as excessive levels of immigration, with the Polish community working in the county of Herefordshire being targetted. This protest took the form of the word ‘Poland’ being painted on roadsigns and other places. As I mentioned in other articles before on this site, although I do not condone law breaking, it must be noted that if the state continues to deny a voice to those opposed to excessive immigration then such actions may become more and more commonplace. I don’t think this particular graffiti is driven by hatred for Poles per se but only by frustration with the multiculturalist and immigration policies of the state.

Because of these acts of graffiti, the local police and ‘diversity’ establishment have been spurred into action and have been calling for locals to grass on those who did the graffiti. The fact that the authorities are reduced to offering rewards for grassing shows just how worried the establishment are about a reaction to their policies of immigration and enforced diversity, not just in Hereford but elsewhere as well.

This brings us to the misuse of language by the police and the parasitical diversity groups associated with Hereford council. The notice that has been posted by the police around Hereford most notably, I’ve been informed, at the Belmont branch of Tescos, has called the graffiti ‘racist’. This is a complete misnomer and is a misuse of the word ‘racism’. Poles are a nation and not a race, in just the same way that Islam is an ideology and not a race.

It is possible that the local diversity establishment and the police deliberately and dishonestly misused the word ‘race’ in order to increase the seriousness of how the graffiti incident appeared. If the word ‘race’ has been misused deliberately in this appeal for information, then it is yet another example of how untrustworthy are the words of agencies like the police and diversity organisations when they speak on issues of public concern, such as immigration levels and aggressive alien ideologies like Islam. If such entities cannot use the correct words to describe an incident like this graffiti case, then how can we trust them to speak the truth in other matters, such as the growing concern about the threat from Islamic aggression and expansionism?

As I said before, I do not condone having a go at the Poles nor any innocent individual from overseas, but instead righteous anger should be directed at those politicians, especially the Labour Party ones, and appointed officials, who have propped open the doors to the nation, forbidden discussion of the undoubted problems that excessive immigration has brought and even worse, have pandered to the ideology of Islam which makes no secret of its desire to dominate the world. I’ll leave you with this fact, the Poles are just trying to earn a living, they are not, like too many of the followers of Islam are, trying to destroy our nation. Don’t have a go at the Poles, have a go at the politicians because they are the guilty ones. It’s not the individual immigrant that is at fault, the blame lies with the politicians who propped the nation’s doors open.


Police and diversity establishment appeal for grasses

Poles in the Royal Air Force during World War 2

Yalta Conference

Communist takeover of Poland

Thanks to my anonymous source in Hereford city.


  1. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Selective immigration, no problem. Mass immigration, a ticking time-bomb. How can the political class, in bed with, when it suits them, the global steamroller of big business, slip this deranged policy past the people? They both want it, although for different reasons – social cohesion not being one of them. Well, they can use intimidation. The Left-Liberal Establishment, personified, at its worst, by Fabianista politicians, like Harriet Harman, Our Lady of Frankfurt, has an extremely illiberal, non-inclusive, definition of ‘racism’: yep, the accusation must be levelled at indigenous people of pallor as frequently as possible. Keep them docile, keep them quiet for fear of being branded ‘racist’: besides, what have they got to complain about? they’re only being ethnically replaced, & frequently assaulted, raped & murdered. ‘Racism’ – the debate-stopper, par excellence, the classic tool for the suppression of the slightest murmurings of discontent. Or, at least it was. People are asking, ‘Since when has it been ‘racist’ to speak the truth?’ Then the penny drops, ‘Since the Left, through its infiltration of the institutions, has decreed it so. It has much to hide.’
    And, predictably, when real, blatant racism, comes snarling down our streets…oops, better downplay this one, let’s say it was just the booze:

    Move along there. Nothing to see…racist? On your way, mate.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      You are correct that the promoters of the failing policies of multiculturalism are hiding behind the word ‘racism’ and as you say using the word ‘racist’ as a debate stopper. It is misuse of language to use the word ‘racist’ as a ‘snarl word’ to shut down debate.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Linked with your basic idea, is what the “media” in Germany describe as “Neo-nazi (Although, after a few lost court cases against such as “Der Republikaner”, or “Pro Deutschland”, they now tend to call it “Extreem right wing”).

    Jewish grave stones sprayed with swasikas….”Neo-nazi!”

    NO!! It was some half pissed 14 year old, that thought he would have a jolly good time “annoying Granny”.

    Synogogue sprayed with swastikas, and “Nazi slogsns”….Na, you guessed it “Neo-nazis!”

    All over the “News papers” for days.

    TOTAL silence after the culprit was nicked.

    Not anything to do with the fact, it was a radical muslim from Syria, was it?

    BUT(!!!) These STILL go down in the “statistics” as “Right wing extreemist crime”.

    MILLIONS are being thrown at “the problem”.

    Hamburg, Neu-Kölln/Kreuzberg (Both Berlin) every first of May. THOUSANDS of Left extreemists setting fire to cars, buildings and policemen.

    Money thrown at problem?


    Because, OBVIOUSLY a 14 year old that had nicked a can of spray paint from Wollies, and wants to annoy Granny, is MUCH more of a threat to the democratic system!

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I agree with you. From what I’ve seen from the situation in Germany, the authorities blaming one group for a problem when the problem itself is coming from a completely different source.

      Same here, although the Unite against fascism group are probably the most gung ho for violence, the authorities assume that the violence is coming from those opposed to the violence of UAF.

      Basically as you say cash is being spent on the wrong problem.

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