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Anti-Jihad stuff? Do you want some of that? A Poll.

February 14, 2013

Why not show him that freedom kicks back against oppression?

A few people have approached me in the offline world/meat-space and asked about the possibility of getting some anti Jihad/anti-Islamic ideology merchandise. They were thinking of things like posters, mugs, stickers, t shirts, pens, computer accessories, all with anti-jihad, or anti the ideology of Islam or pro-freedom from religious oppression slogans and images on them. It got me thinking that this fight against aggressive Islamic ideology cannot only be won by bloggers, journalists and commentators, nor by demonstrations against it or by way of the ballot box alone, but also by people declaring what side they are on to their friends, family and communities.

Would you be interested in such items? Do you want to declare your dislike of an ideology that oppresses women and has a burning hatred of freedom, whether that be religious, political or social? Whether you do or you don’t, I’d appreciate your answers to the poll questions below. Designs are currently in flux but if people are interested then I’ll chivvy along the very talented artists who have agreed to help out and stick some of the ideas up.

If you can think of something that’s not on this list then either email at or comment below.

All profits will go to supporting this blog with 5% of any profit split between Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.


  1. Hen Bradshaw permalink

    I personally wouldn’t entertain anti-Islam merchandise because my son-in-law is a Liberal Muslim and ostracized by his family because he won’t take a second wife.
    I wouldn’t have the courage to wear anti-jihad t’shirts I like my life too much.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Fair do’s but it is terrible that we have come to be frightened to speak out about an oppressive medieval ideology. I’m of a similar opinion to Daniel Pipes in Middle East Monitor who says that we should stand up for our belief the freedom to criticise ideologies, provocation, in the form of ‘a Mohammed cartoon per day’ could in Mr Pipe’s view tire out the Islamists and the Shariah promoters but also make people aware that Islam is but one of many ideologies like Communism or Fascism, and should be criticised and examined just as they are. He said:

      “In brief, any Westerner can buy a Koran for a dollar and burn it, while any Muslim with a platform can transform that act into a fighting offense. As passions rise on both sides of the democratized Western / Muslim divide, Western provocateurs and Islamist hotheads have found each other and confrontations occur with increasing frequency.
      Which prompts this question: What would happen if publishers and managers of major media reached a consensus, “Enough of this intimidation, we will publish the most famous Danish Muhammad cartoon every day until the Islamists tire out and no longer riot”? What would happen if instances of Koran burning happened recurrently?

      Would repetition inspire institutionalization, generate ever-more outraged responses, and offer a vehicle for Islamists to ride to greater power? Or would it lead to routinization, to a wearing out of Islamists, and a realization that violence is counter-productive to their cause?

      I predict the latter, that a Muhammad cartoon published each day, or Koranic desecrations on a quasi-regular basis, will make it harder for Islamists to mobilize Muslim mobs. Were that the case, Westerners could once again treat Islam as they do other religions – freely, to criticize without fear. That would demonstrate to Islamists that Westerners will not capitulate, that they reject Islamic law, that they are ready to stand up for their values.

      So, this is my plea to all Western editors and producers: display the Muhammad cartoon daily until the Islamists get used to the fact that we turn sacred cows into hamburger.”

  2. Bunny permalink

    The list is missing something, personally the anti-jihadist merchandise I would like is a mkIII SMLE or maybe a sten. Failing that the regular publication of something lampooning Islam on a regular basis is a good idea.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Unfortunately I cannot agree with you on that one. I want to see Islam fought, because it is a clear and present danger, but the encouragement of violence is really not my game. The only thing I want to incite people to do is VOTE. We can fight back but we need to do it by democratic means and that means voting out the appeasers. It is certainly not illegal to take the piss out of Islam or any other religion. The publication idea is a good one. A sort of anti jihadist Viz comes to mind here.

  3. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Thanks for the Daniel Pipes link, 211. Taking the media war to Islam, rather than pussyfooting around its barbaric reality, is tempting. Of course, the reaction to the mass publication of Mo cartoons would be, initially, wildly intemperate, & possibly counter-productive, it would certainly bring things to an explosive head, with the fanatics citing provocation. But, yet again, they would be exposed for the intolerant, insecure, psychopathic throwbacks that they are. We know that already. But publication might also unite Muslims,the fundamentalists with those who wish for change. Difficult one to call. Although even a blundering Cyclops, hit enough times, collapses from exhaustion, & eventually realises his position is untenable.
    But waiting for the MSM to actually step up & staunchly defend freedom & democracy from the cult of rampant misogyny, cruelty & intellectual stagnation, & to support the reformist Muslim, & ex-Muslim women, who the utterly corrupt Left will not back, is a dispiriting experience. Whitewashing & appeasement seems to be their way of dealing with the growing cuckoo in the nest. Well, it isn’t going to fly away of its own accord. The current political class isn’t going to confront fundamentalist Islam with the absurdity, the intrinsic totalitarian nature of its ideology. It should have done this years ago, but now finds itself frozen in the headlights, going nowhere. Too many of ‘Allah’s little helpers’ in high places, the BBC, the universities, have engineered a situation in which a violent, chaotic clash is probable. Many ‘ordinary’ people at the sharp end of enforced multiculturalism understand this, all too well. I wonder at what degree Fahrenheit political inertia boils at?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Hi Maurice welcome to Fahrenheit211. I think that more and more people are noticing that the BBC is appeasing and that the pro Islamic Left has captured the universities. We have to take back our councils, our institutes of learning and our parliament. That must not be done by mobs with flaming torches but by peaceful democratic means. Change the politicians and then change the situation. Appeasement of Islam needs to become as socially unacceptable as child abuse.

      Although I used to be part of the Left, I found that morally I could no longer stomach either the views or the practical outcome of leftist policies. You are right the ordinary people who are at the sharp end of the problems caused by multiculturalism are getting more and more angry.

      I worry that the coming breach in the wall of political inertia which is evidenced by the poor voting turnouts, will be the result of an uncontrolled explosion rather than a controlled demolition.

      I can’t say it enough that mobs with flaming torches are not the answer and we must vote out the politicos who appease, we must shame the police who appease, and we must mock mercilessly those in the ‘diversity’ establishment who promote Islam even though it can be proved that Islam as an ideology is very bad for diversity of thought, religion and opinion.

  4. Bunny permalink

    I doubt if voting out is at present a viable option at the present, with top-down management of local party branches. The Tories have followed Labour’s example by inflicting candidates from shortlists approved by central office. The first step is to wrest control from central office and then we can consider voting as viable option. Local party activism gave us Magaret Thatcher, who twenty years after leaving office is still a controversial figure loved and loathed in equal measure, central office placement gives us Louise Mensch, whose political career will be fogotten in twenty weeks let alone years.
    This I believe will be a long project but worthwhile to restore grass roots democracy.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I don’t think the big three are the correct option to be quite honest. On the other hand neither do I think that the neo-nazi fraggles of the bnp are the answer either. Voting for independents is the way to go. It wouldn’t take much for communities to fund a candidate for council or parliament. Labour especially has ignored its grass roots and I can see UKIP picking up votes from aspirational working class voters who are as disgusted as I am that Labour has in many areas turned into the ‘Party for Islam’.

      • Bunny permalink

        That is my point exactly Tony Blair who I admire as a political strategist but not as a man, was responsible for the New Model Labour party and the Westminister led politics we endure now. The big three are brands, with a wealth of history but have become self serving and elitist. Personally my attitude is to when I get back to the UK I am going to join my local Conservative Club, and get involved with local activism. Besides the cheap and excellent snooker tables I think I can make a difference this way. If necessary by pushing for local branches to cede from the main party if we feel that we are not being recognised.

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