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Let us make sure that heroes didn’t die in vain.

February 13, 2013


The other day I was watching the film ‘Carve her Name with Pride’ a biopic about the life and death in of Violette Szabo, the Anglo-French woman who during World War II, while working as an agent for the British Special Operations Executive, helped to organise resistance to the Nazi occupation of France. She was eventually captured by the German Nazis and was executed by them in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in February 1945. Watching this film made me consider, and be grateful for, the enormous sacrifices that were made to free Europe from Nazi rule.

Lieutenant Szabo is a fine example of the heroism with which the Nazi threat to the UK and its free allies was fought. Although Lieutenant Szabo is well known to many people, it should not be forgotten that millions upon millions of British, Australian, New Zealand, French, Polish, Belgian, American, Dutch and other nationalities gave their lives to free the world from Hitlerian fascism. People from all walks of life fought an enemy that killed and oppressed on a monumental scale. Eventually this fight was won and the fascist enemy was vanquished, and although it was another 50 odd years before the Cold War ended and all of Europe was free from authoritarian rule, Western Europe at least was free from the demagogues who had turned a continent into a graveyard.

It took great sacrifice of blood and treasure to beat into submission the fascist monster which threatened us. A generation of men and women who fought for freedom at great cost to themselves, their families and their own mental and physical health, should have been confident that never again should such ideologies threaten the world again. European nations quite rightly took steps to prevent National Socialism in its various forms from ever again becoming a threat to the continent.

However, we in the West have forgotten the danger in authoritarian ideologies and have resurrected the discredited pre-WWII policy of appeasement of fascism, but this time it is fascism of the Islamic kind that is being appeased. In appeasing Islam, in giving it special privileges, by facilitating its expansion and by accepting the validity of oppressive Shariah Law we have as a continent cheapened the sacrifice of those heroes who freed us from oppression and death.

Did those who died in order wrest Europe from Hitler via the beaches of Normandy, or in flimsy aircraft in the skies over Kent die in vain? Were the battles in steaming jungle and burning desert just a waste of lives? Of course not, but these sacrifices will be in vain if the continent of Europe and citizens of other free nations don’t get a grip on the fascistic ideology of Islam. Islam needs to be treated as less a religion and more like the authoritarian death cult that it continually proves itself to be in numerous countries. To survive we need to see Islam as fascism, because at heart that is what it truly is. It is not peace it is slavery.

Each act of appeasement of Islam is as if the graves of heroic WWII warriors, or memorials to the millions lost had been spat upon or defaced. Appeasement of Islam is desecrating the memories of those who fought for freedom.

We must make sure our politicians understand that appeasement can have no other outcome than to force us to abandon the freedoms dearly bought by millions and instead submit to a cruel Islamic slave master.

Appeasement is death, a previous generation saw quite plainly that that was the case and now it is the time for another generation to realise that appeasement will not bring peace but will only bring oppression.

Fighting Islam, in the courts, via the ballot box and by refusing to be cowed by those who promote it and make excuses for it, is one way to make sure that the Great Generation who fought fascism did not give their tomorrows only for Islam to steal their grand children’s today.


The life of Violette Szabo

History Channel page on Pre War Appeasement policies

British National Archives pages on World War II



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