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Coptic Christians beheaded in New Jersey USA; it’s not a ‘mystery’ motive, it’s just common or garden Bearded Savagery.

February 13, 2013

The ‘tolerance’ of Islam – image from

Following the ideology of Islam can cause some unfortunate behavioural aberations in those stupid enough to take it seriously. These behavioural issues can range from endemic welfare sponging, organised paedophilia and as we can see in this story from New Jersey USA, intolerance leading in this case to the beheading of those of different religions.

The police in Philadelphia, where the bodies of two Coptic Christians were found without heads or hands, say that the motive for the killings was ‘a mystery’. Well, when you see that the person arrested has a Bearded Savage name then the mysterious fog starts to clear a little.

These murders are most likely because the man arrested, 28 year old Yusuf Ibrahim, sounds very much like a follower of Islam, one of the most violent, oppressive and vile ideologies on the planet. If a Communist had killed a Fascist or vice versa there would probably be no mystery, so why claim there is a mystery when there plainly doesn’t appear to be one? Bearded Savage kills Christians, no mystery about that, it happens almost every day in the Islamic world. The terrible thing about this case, alongside the obvious tragic deaths themselves, is that although anti-Christian Islamic violence is commonplace where Islam dominates, it is frightening to see it happening in the non Islamic world, and especially in America.

WABC New Jersey reports:

“There’s a gruesome double murder mystery in New Jersey.

Police say who did it’s not a mystery because someone is under arrest but the mystery is why the accused killer cut of two men’s heads and hands.

The victims are reportedly from Jersey City, but their remains were found buried in a town southwest of Philadelphia.

On the streets of Jersey City along Bergen Avenue, to the naked eye it’s not obvious.

But to members of the close knit Coptic Orthodox church the pain is real.

“It’s a shock, something like this doesn’t happen to people like that,” a resident said.

Now they know two members of the church have been brutally murdered.

But no one in this community seems to know why.

“It was crazy what happened to these two. Do they deserve it? No. Was it expected? Never. And it’s just sad,” a resident said.

The two victims were found buried in a back yard in Buena Vista, New Jersey last Thursday.

Monday, police announced an arrest.

28-year-old Yusuf Ibrahim is in custody.

Investigators say Ibrahim shot and killed the victims, severed their heads and hands, and buried the remains at a Buena Vista house.

Back in Jersey City, friends of the victims are praying that police will have the answers to the questions that now haunt them.

Privately some wonder if it had something to do with the victims’ religion.

“I leave it for the police and the investigation,” said Samy Hohareb, the victim’s friend.

So far, police have not revealed a motive for the grisly murders as the suspect sits behind bars, waiting for his day in court.”

Looking at this story with knowledge of the violent beliefs and behaviour of too many of the followers of Islam, it is quite easy to think, probably correctly, that this is a religiously motivated killing perpetrated by a member of the fascistic death cult that is Islam.

Religion of Peace, pull the other one. That lie about there being a peaceful heart to Islam is exposed each and every day and in multiple countries.

At present, all many of us can see in Islam is a cesspit of intolerance and hatred only matched in living memory only by the depredations of Communism and Fascism.


Links and background data

Original story from New Jersey Local News

Broadcast Video of the case from WABC

The plight of the Egyptian Coptic Christians

31% of UK Muslim men ‘economically inactive’

Islamic grooming gang map of the United Kingdom

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