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It is time we asked our politicians some questions and made a voting decision based on the answer.

February 11, 2013

We all from time to time have contact or communications with elected politicians and candidates, whether local, county or national. We see them at private and public events, we see them at their surgeries and we see them most often around about election time.

When people meet and intereact with these political personages whether they be high or low, left or right then maybe each voter should consider asking a question of the said handy elected, or striving to be elected, political representative. That question should be on the lines of ‘what are you going to do about the Islamic aggression and the appeasement to it, that is so obviously happening in the UK?’ Give examples of some of the problems caused by this ideology and the appeasement by the UK authorities of it, I’m sure you could find plenty, as I could.

Tell them why you are worried about the ideology of Islam. Give examples of why you are worried. Tell the truth about Islam, there is no need for hyperbole, the sub prime societies that are so often the hallmark of Islamic cultural domination, the rantings of Islamic ‘scholars’ and familiarity with Islamic koranic dogma will give you all the evidence and material you need. Talk about the violence and oppression that Islam brings, talk about the backwardness of its core beliefs, speak about the hatred that the Islamic ideology reserves for other religious groups, speak of the treatment of women as property. Speak the truth to counter the lies that the politicians may have been told about the nature of Islam by Islamic apologists or promoters.

When you have asked the above or a similar question, listen to the answer that the person gives. Are they giving an answer that waffles on about how all religions are equal or some similar guff about ‘diversity’ or are they being realistic and honest and recognising that there is a problem with Islam and too many of its followers?

If they are being realistic about the problems with the ideology of Islam, and provided that they are also not a screaming jackboot licking neo-Nazi (I would never recommend that people vote for such people, for so many reasons), then they may be a worthwhile repository for your vote, they certainly would be for mine. However, on the other hand, if the person gives a waffling ‘diversity friendly’ answer to your question, then that person is most likely going to turn out to be an appeaser of Islam at some point, and such people need to be starved of that food which gives them legitimacy, which are votes.

We should use the democratic system at all levels to fight Islam and its appeasers and enablers, it is the only peaceful and legitimate way that this problem can be dealt with. We must change the politicians and do it quickly, but we must do it at the ballot box.

  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    So true. I hope lots of people are reading this. It does appear that the ‘problems’ with Islam seem to be swept under the carpet. I would love to see the Hereford times write an article about the advantages and disadvantages of having a Mosque. I would love it to be HONEST and ACCURATE. What are the advantages? The answer will be diversity and multiculturalism…it always is! I don’t have a problem with diversity and multiculturalism when it involves other faiths and cultures. It can strengthen bonds around the world and be enriching for the sole when people have mutual respect for each other and wish to share their culture, colours, food, art, music etc… So sadly, time and time again Islam has proved that it does not wish to share through mutual respect, tolerance and good faith but dominate and convert people into their ways of thinking. And, of course using extremely aggressive ways of doing this. Of course not all Muslims are like this. If the police won’t do it then the less extreme Muslims MUST get the extremists under control, if they turn a blind eye then in my mind they agree with the extremists. We Can’t ignore the dangers Islam has brought to many parts of our country and throughout the world. Therefore, I can conclude that the advantages to having a Mosque in Hereford: Another 5 curry houses (if you enjoy a good curry) Disadvantages: Everything you have ever written on this site.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thank you for your reply, I like a nice curry but I avoid Halal meat (which is too often served in curryhouses) for spiritual and political reasons.

      I have no problem with respecting Sikhs, Hindus, Christians or almost anyone else, because they in their turn respect me and my country. I cannot say that about the followers of Islam. Many of their organisations do not respect wither the culture of the UK nor its laws.

      With regards to the Hereford situation I’m disgusted by the Kindle Centre in Hereford not only allowing these not exactly liberal Muslims (the group in question also has their own Shariah Court) to meet there but also by publicising their ‘Islamic Friday Prayers’ but also on the front page of the Kindle Centre’s website No other religious groups gets this privilidge on the KC website. They are appeasing Islam and being seen to appease Islam. Maybe those non Muslims in Hereford are upset about such pandering should write a polite letter to the management of the Kindle Centre asking just why this Muslim group is being pandered to in this way.

      I don’t like to have to say this but the Hereford Times is really not to be trusted when it comes to matters pertaining to Islam. See my previous article on this issue at and

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