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Chipping Norton Mosque story update

February 10, 2013

Better the ballot box than a mob with flaming torches

Just seen in an article on the Chipping Norton Journal site that there has been so much local anger at the idea of a mosque in Chippy that plans appear to have been withdrawn.  These plans appear to have been withdrawn after arson threats were made against the former shop.  Now as regular readers of this blog will know, I’m very much the ‘constitutionalist’ and it goes without saying that I don’t personally hold with threats to commit arson against property, whoever’s it is.  Islam must be fought, but the manner and conduct of this fight is of vital importance, it should be done through elected representatives and the legal system, and not by mobs with flaming torches.

However, the Chipping Norton situation shows just what happens when those elected representatives and unelected officers and civil servants ignore what are genuine and principled concerns about the ideology of Islam.  If people quite correctly, go down peaceful, legal and democratic routes to express their valid concerns about the ideology and behaviour of Islam and its undoubted negative affects on free societies, then they should be listened to.  But if these non-racist concerns about Islamic ideology are brushed aside by those who see appeasement of Islam as the right thing to do, then is it any wonder we get threats such as this one?

Arson threats and threats to contaminate land where mosques are planned, as have been seen in Chipping Norton and Hereford are a sign of democratic failure and a bad portent for the future.  Like it or not many, many British people, of all colours, faiths and sexualities see Islam as a problematical ideology, unfortunately many of our governing classes prefer to appease this ideology rather than defending us all from it.

The Chipping Norton Journal said:

“A MOSQUE will not open in Chipping Norton after its landlord received a threat that it would be burnt to the ground.
The town’s Muslim community had been celebrating after they won permission to open the permanent home on Monday. But their 79-year-old landlord Georg Wissinger has received a threatening phone call and pulled out of the deal.
He said: “Someone rang up and said if you go ahead with the mosque then it will get very hot. They were saying they would burn it down.
“I have got people in the flat above [the proposed mosque]. I cannot take the risk.”
Mr Wissinger said he had only received one phone call but word of mouth around the town suggested the sentiment was more widespread. He said: “There is more than one person.”
Mr Wissinger, who is German, said racists had constantly accused him of being a Nazi in the 35 years he has been living in the town. He said: “I did expect something to happen because of the application. But I did not expect them to want to burn it down.”

The application was to have seen a vacant shop in Hitchmans Mews, off West Street, converted into the mosque. The change of use permission would have allowed it to open from sunrise until one hour after sunset for 10-minute prayers five times a day.
Chipping Norton’s Muslim community currently worships at the Town Hall on Fridays. The 2011 Census said Chipping Norton had 34 Muslims, of a population of 6,337.
Applicant Tahirul Hasan, a Chipping Norton town councillor, said: “It is absolutely shocking. I did not expect this from our local community.”
Mr Hasan said he was worried about his own safety, especially as he is a taxi driver who receives late call-outs to remote locations.

He added: “I am not only working for the Muslim community, I am working for the local community. I have lived here for 24 years and I am a councillor and a member of the Neighbourhood Action Group.” Mr Hasan said he was talking to the Muslim community to decide what to do next.”


It gives me no satisfaction to say ‘I told you so’ on this and other threats against Mosque plans.  If elected representatives and others in authority disregard genuine concerns, expressed peacefully and legally, about Islamic ideology and behaviour, then it is not surprising, that some individuals may feel frustrated and take the law into their own hands.  I don’t agree with such actions as they are a sign of social and political failure.  As a nation we need to start listening more to people’s fears and worries about Islamic ideology, and stop giving the impression of appeasement, the penalty for not doing this could be great and terrible and this makes me fear for the future.


From elsewhere:  Islamic ideologues and Left wingers wet themselves over this story.  Shame they misuse the word ‘racist’. see

Also check out this on the subject from Isalm online.  Hark at the mosque proposer whining about the number of churches.


Threat to contaminate land at any proposed Hereford Mosque site (scroll down for Hereford Times article scan)

Chipping Norton Journal site


  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    It’s so sad that it has come down to threats of arson in order to be heard. I do not agree with what this person has done but it will be seen as the only way to stop the threat of Mosques popping up all over the west of England.
    I am completely outraged by the article I have just read in the Hereford times. The lefties and police are obviously conditioning the people of Hereford into thinking they will be ‘in trouble’ if they do not agree that there should be a mosque. Who are they to tell me what I should and shouldn’t think? There are perfectly legitimate and reasonable, non aggressive reasons as to why people don’t want a mosque.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      As I said in my ATL piece, it give me no pleasure to say ‘I told you so’. The blatant pandering to Islam by West Oxfordshire District Council was the root cause of these threats, people went down the peaceful democratic route and have found that route corrupted by Islamic appeasement.

      You are certainly correct that the Police and the diversity establishment are trying to frighten a group of generally law abiding people in to not objecting to the imposition of a mosque. The craven actions of the local diversity wallah in the Hereford case disgusted me. See

      We would be perfectly at liberty to protest if any other nasty authoritarian fascist group such as the Ku Klux Klan or the Stalin Society wanted to set up shop in a town, so why cannot we protest against Islamic fascism? It is high time we stopped seeing Islam as a religion and started seeing it for what it truly is, which is a fascistic ideology. It grieves me to see the offspring of those who stood up to Hitler, cowering in fear of both Islam and its appeasers in local and national government. Did those brave people sacrifice their tomorrows only for Islam to steal their children’s today?

      Threats to burn buildings and contaminate land are a sign of political failure and that makes me both sad and angry.

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