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FGM – we need to be more harsh with both those who practise it and those who promote it

February 9, 2013

We should tolerate FGM no longer.

I was more than a little harsh with a correspondent earlier , who I believe is from Sri Lanka, on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation. I think that I was harsh but justified as I cannot stand those like this commentator who promote and advocate FGM. Excising parts of a woman’s reproductive system and genitalia so that men can control women, because that is what it is, is wrong full stop. I normally try not to stoop as low as insult the commentator like I did but it is an insult to my intelligence to put up a pro-FGM link from some batshit crazy Islamic place like Sudan and then expect me to treat it like a serious source. Sorry but given the choice between an Islamic source and something like Wikipedia then I’d choose the Wiki, after all Wiki may be wrong on things but it isn’t completely mad like many Islamic sources.

FGM is a human rights abuse and has been classified as such by the World Health Organisation and various campaigns worldwide are working to stamp out this abuse. The civilised world should no more accept Islamic, and other, justifications for FGM than we do slavery, which is also too often practised in the Islamic world.

FGM is often described by apologists for this abuse as ‘female circumcision’ but this is a complete misnomer. Male circumcisions do have uses such as correcting deformities in the foreskin for example, but there is no medical or practical reason for chopping off a woman’s clitoris and/or stitching her labia together, it’s abuse pure and simple. You cannot compare male circumcision with female genital mutilation, the first has purpose in the medical arena, the second is the equivalent of a slave brand, put there at the insistence of men who belong to cultures that see women as property.

It is high time that the UK stopped pussyfooting around this issue for the usual dubious ‘community cohesion’ reasons and uses the laws available to prosecute those who mutilate or arrange the mutilation of girls and women in this way. It is a complete scandal that there appears to have been no prosecutions for this abuse, yet anecdotal stories of FGM happening in the UK or done to British girls overseas, just won’t go away. 24,000 UK Islamic women have been abused in this way but nothing at all seems to have been done about this wanton abuse of women. Decades have elapsed but still nobody has been nicked.

We wouldn’t tolerate any other sector of society abusing their children or their women in this way so why do we put up with it when it is mostly being done by our Islamic residents?

The disgusting moral relativism of those who have encouraged the multiculturalist doctrine have condemned thousands of UK women to infections, lack of sexual pleasure, difficulty in conceiving, miscarriages, difficult births and a whole host of psychological problems. By turning a blind eye to FGM, the police, the CPS and the diversity and equality establishment have effectively colluded with this abuse, just like they have apparently colluded with the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomena.


World Health Organisation statement on FGM

Report on FGM from the African women’s rights group

The Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development – FORWARD

Amnesty International statement on FGM being practised secretly in Europe

Epetition to stop FGM in the UK

Stop FGM Now campaign

24,000 women in the UK at risk of FGM

Thread where I bawled out with extreme prejudice a promoter of Female Genital Mutilation (see comments for bawling)



  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Well said!

    • We are all human first, religion is much after that. Female gnietal mutilationis butchery and it has to STOP, no matter what. If child rape is a crime then female circumcision is equally a crime. How can mothers force their 7 year old daughter to such torture when the child looks up to her with so much trust . IT IS A SHAME ON MOTHERHOOD.. Its a shame for all of us as Indians to tolerate such nasty proceedure in India and if nothing is being done about this,every day many more girls go through this pain.

  2. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Good post. The ‘religion of peace’, forever seeking ways to ‘enrich’ our nation, can now rejoice in the fact that the NHS has opened 17 specialist FGM clinics to help cruelly disfigured women. Even the BBC, which shills for Islam relentlessly, has this:
    These days, barbarism begins at home.

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