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Where are Our cowardly and skulking police when we really need them? Can we still trust the police part III?

February 6, 2013

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I’ve written before on here about the inexplicable behavour of many of Britain’s police forces when it comes to how they deal with Islam. Whether that be hiding the identities of alleged Islamic Grooming Gang members in Leicestershire for community cohesion reasons, turning a blind eye to the flag of the banned terrorist group hezbollah being flown in London and now allowing the so called ‘Muslim patrols to issue threat after threat to law abiding British Citizens.

It is completely wrong that a group, such as the followers of Islamic ideology, can make direct threats to challenge the law, can be allowed to abuse children for ten or more years, are allowed to agitate for terror and oppression at home and overseas. If the followers of any ideology other than Islam did such things or issued such threats or promoted banned organisations, then you can be sure that the full weight of the law would descend upon them. If members of a radical socialist organisation, for example, went round confiscating copies of the Daily Mail from people who were reading them and abusing them you can bet your life that they would be picked up and charged probably for theft and the abuse.

The police are paid to see that the peace of the land is not disturbed, but we have the terrible situaiton where Islamic groups both organised and poltitical as in the ‘Muslim patrol’ and terrorist groups and ad hoc and ‘cultural’ like the grooming gangs are threating the peace both of individuals and society. It looks from my viewpoint as if the police have been politically corrupted by the importance placed on the doctrine of multiculuralism to such an extent, that their judgement as police officers has been impared.

It is vital that the police, starting with senior officers, grasp the nettle of Islamic aggression and start to deal with it, not to the satisfaction of Islamic ‘community leaders’, they should be told to ‘put up and shut up’, but instead to the satisfaction of all those in the majority who are disgusted and disturbed by Islamic ideology and its undoubted negative effects on the UK.

The police and the courts together need to deal with the quite plainly negative aspects of Islam ranging from the apparantly culturally driven sexual perversions, the support for and commission of violence and the oppression and mutliation of women in Islamic communities. They need to deal with these problems quickly and harshly, before all trust is lost in the police. If all trust is lost in the police in how it as a force deals with the ideology of Islam, then I dread to think what may happen in the future as people get fed up with police inaction.

Mobs of angry people with flaming torches are a poor substitute for a working police and judiciary that serves the cause of justice and peace and which the citizen can have confidence in, and not one that is serving the cause of aggressive, authoritarian and oppressive Islam, as too often appears to be happening.

The majority of us in the UK, whatever colour we are, whatever gender we are or which one we sleep with, what ever peaceful religious belief we hold, deserve better from what we are getting from our police and justice system at the moment. The ideology of Islam is proving day by day to be more and more of a threat and it is not before time that the police, the judiciary and politicians saw it that way.

No sane and reasonable person wants to see the nightmarish Powellite vision of ‘rivers of blood’ coming true, that would imply complete social breakdown and the vicious gyre of violence which goes along with such breakdown. The police need to deal with aggressive Islam for all our sakes, the police need to junk the ‘Bramshill Bullshit’ about diversity and start dealing with the ideology of Islam like the threat it so plainly is, and is being seen to be so by more and more people every day.



Alleged police cover up of men with Islamic names charged with sexual abuse and forced prostitution offences. Court order in place to prevent the naming of the suspects. Now this could be for a completely innocent reason ie all charged are under 18 or if if naming the suspects could identify the victim, but it could also be in place for more nefarious ‘community cohesion’ reasons. This case relates to a girl from the Sikh community who was allegedly abused.

The antijihadist blogger Kafircrusader has articles on both the allegation and the aftermath. Worth reading

Main story

Update: It seems that members of the Sikh community are none too happy with what has been happening regarding Islamic grooming gangs in Leicester or the police response to them.

This article from The Commentator is very disturbing, it appears to be a reaction by the so-called ‘Muslim Patrol’ to media and police attention to this phenomena, and the threats of violence and aggression from the Islamic group behind some of them really do seem to have stepped up a lot.

Also here is Jihad Watch’s take on this issue.

Hezbollah flag flown in London and Metropolitan Police do absolutely nothing. Flying the Hezbollah flag should be seen to be as distasteful and idiotic and possibly criminal as flying a Nazi swastika would be.

Previous articles on the police and police impartiality.




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  1. I’d have to say ‘No, we can’t trust them’ when it seems the only thing they go out of their way to do now is tell the papers what they can’t report (and can’t even SPECULATE about!):

    “Police said a woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found suffering from gunshot wounds just before 11pm on Sunday.
    Officers were today hunting two men who were in the house at the time who are thought to have fled the area. A 27 year-old man, who also cannot be named, has been arrested in connection with the shooting.
    The pair were seen fleeing the semi-detached house in Hinckley, Leics., in a dark coloured car. Potential reasons for the shooting also cannot be reported.”

  2. MTG permalink

    “Where are Our cowardly and skulking police when we really need them?”

    Rousing UK police to respond to crime is often down to the quality of the report, Fahrenheit.
    Example: “Is that the police? My £500 lawnmower was stolen last night.” Result: ‘Wot can I do abart it, mate?’ (plod yawn optional at this point.)

    Contrast above with the correct technique for reporting the same crime:
    “Help! Rozzers come quick. Help these poor sods in my back garden….they are really cut badly. Jeez, I think I’m gonna puke.” (Put ‘phone down.)
    Result: Doorstep delivery of armed plod within minutes.

  3. James Strong permalink

    You are right. The need for proper policing is urgent. The longer they leave it then the worse the violence will be when it comes.
    I take the very pessimistic ,but I fear realistic, view that there is going to be appalling violence in our country unless Islam and the threat it poses is dealt with now.

    The true nature of Islam must be revealed, and all those who believe the nonsense about it being a religion of peace must have the scales removed from their eyes.

    Your blog, and others like it, are good. I try to warn my circle of acquaintances about the evils of Islam as much as I can, without crossing that line that will have them close their ears to me.

    I guess most of your readers do the same.

  4. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    To confuse the “Scrambeled egg hatters” with the copper on the beat would be like saying all North Koreans are arseholes becaus Kim ill Jong…..or whatever the present dictator calls homself) is a total wanker.

    I hope no one here confuses the two???

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Although I agree with you that the main drive for this multikulti appeasment of Islam rubbish is coming from senior officers I don’t think the ordinary beat copper should be considered totaly blameless. This rot in Britain’s police forces although driven from the top, permeates right the way down. Too many junior officers on entering the police force, come from an education system that is steeped in the propaganda of ‘diversity’ and for those officers who see through this propaganda, the career penalties for saying ‘the emperor has no clothes’ can be very severe, so they keep slient and by their silence embolden the appeasers.

      When it comes to how police officers of all ranks handle aggresive Islam, it appears that the British Police have failed the ‘Nuremberg Test’ and believe that they have to ‘follow orders’ and continue to appease Islam. The police quite rightly do not pander to or appease the followers of Communist or similar authoritiarian ideologies and they also should not behave in this way to those who promote the ideology of Islam.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        XX The police quite rightly do not pander to or appease the followers of Communist or similar authoritiarian ideologiesXX

        (FIRST can I say, it has been pointed out that my letters/mails can seem a bit aggresive. I apologise. But to tranfer German into English does not always come out as “the most polite form. If we can start from there? 🙂 )

        I do not know how it is in Britain, but only today, I read a report that in Brandenburg, the local dictatorship is supporting left wing/Anarchist groups to the tune of a good couple of million.

        Groups that are, according to our “Special branch” are HIGHLY “under watch as potential threats of violence, and even terrorism.”

        At the same time, millions have been put into “fighting right wing extreemism”:


        Commy/Anarchist groups have been responsible for HUNDREDS of arson attacks. You only need to google/you tube “Neu-Kölln (maybe “Kreuzberg” as well), May riots” to find out the rest, attacks on police, fire brigade and ambulaces trying to rescue said injured police officers and by standers. (AMBULANCES and FIRE APPLIANCES have been ambushed and burned out by these areholes!

        “Right wing groups”?

        Na. Some drunken 15 year old sprayes a swastika on a grave stone that happened to haver a star of David on it. THAT is “Right wing exteemism”, against which the dictatorship gets its nickers in a twist and throws more money at the “problem” than you could at building a dodgy airport (….(GooglE “BER” 🙂 ). Yet the GOVERNMENT are supporting those rioters and arsonists that call themselvesd “communist/anarchist”???

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Furor, don’t worry about the percieved rudeness, differences in language are easy to allow for. My wife and I speak a little German, she much better than me, my German stops at ordering beers and decoding instruction leaflets.

        Yeah, I’ve heard over here that there is a big problem with the far Left infiltrating local government in various Landers, the problem isn’t exactly the same in the UK but in the Labour Party one party states all sorts of shenanigans goes on with grants and jobs for the mates. I’ve also come across the far left violence in Germany and we have a similiarity in how the thugs of the so called ‘Unite against Fascism’ group behave. It is extremely worrying to see violent Leftists and violent salafists etc fighting together against anti Jihadists as as happened in the UK.

        I agree that not enough money appears to have been allocated by Germany for dealing with Leftist violence as opposed to nationalist far right violence. I can see why this decision has been made, because of historical considerations, but it doesn’t take into account that violence from the left-jihadist alliance is going to be the problem of the future.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        I can only say “EXACTLY”. 🙂

        Oder, auf Deutsch; “EBEN”.

        You are entirely correct.

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