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The Labour Party, jumping the shark and embracing the wolf

January 30, 2013

Newham Labour Party workers hard at work trying to attract the ‘mosque vote’

I’m almost too gobsmacked to write this piece so I’ll leave it to Harry’s Place who broke this story to give all the finer details, but here is an outline and my comments.

It appears that Ed Milliband of all people has finally decided that Labour is not the party of the working person but is instead is the party of Islamists who hate our society, hate the idea of treating women and gay people as equals, are incorrigibly anti-Semitic and ultimately want to destroy us. In sharing a platform and polticially embracing Islamists, Labour has turned itself from the workers party into the party of Islamic sedition. You would expect one of Labour’s usual suspects, like Jeremy Corbyn or Andy Slaughter to creep and crawl round the supporters of Jihad and Islamic aggression but it is not something that should be expected of Ed Milliband, a man who wishes to become Prime Minister.

Harry’s Place has said that earlier this month, Labour held an invitation only event for the Islamic community at the London Central Mosque and invited not representatives of Muslim liberals or reformists, but instead chose the baddest of the bad from the representatives of Islam in the UK. HP listed some of those attending and they range from self declared supporters of the genocidal jihadism group, Hamas, through to those who hold views about minorities that if they were held by a white or non-Muslim person would probably see them expelled from the Labour Party.

Here’s a description of the event from Lucy Lips over at Harry’s Place, click on the HP link to read the full article and see pictures of the grinning Jihadists whom the Labour Party now seems to favour:

“Earlier this month Ed Miliband appeared at an “invitation only” Labour event for Muslims at the London Central Mosque. For party company he had Labour MPs Sadiq Khan and Andy Slaughter, two inveterate helpers of extremists.

So who did Labour invite from the “community”?

One of the guests was Mohammed Ali Harrath, the CEO of Islam Channel, a broadcasting home for hate preachers.

Harrath broadcasts haters because he is one himself. For example, here he is, all smiles, with the heroes of Hamas in Gaza during one of the pro-Hamas convoys organised by Interpal, the biggest UK funder of Hamas. He’s second from left. You will also see Harrath’s sidekick Carl Arrindell, a former Interpal PR man, on the right. Arrindell too was invited to Miliband’s big “community” event.

Who else is cultivated by the top of Labour? Another guest at the “invite only” event was Iqbal Sacranie, the former leader of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). You will remember his line on Salman Rushdie: “Death, perhaps, is a bit too easy for him his mind must be tormented for the rest of his life unless he asks for forgiveness to Almighty Allah.” Sacranie has also said homosexuality is “unacceptable” and “harmful” to society.

Would Labour gladhand a man who had said following Islam was “unacceptable” and “harmful to society”?

The Islamist student group FOSIS too was invited to the event, despite its record of championing some of the very worst extremists for years on end. In fact it has been shunned by the government precisely because it is plainly part of the extremist problem.

Would Labour legitimise a white student group dedicated to the promotion of hatred?

Another guest was Shazia Arshad, the parliamentary officer of the poisonous Islamist hate publishing operation Middle East Monitor, which is run by former MCB officer Daud Abdullah and Ibrahim Hewitt of Interpal.

Would Labour grace a hate publisher of any other kind with invitation to a “community” event?”

Personally I think that Labour would run a mile from being associated with anyone who called themselves a nationalist or someone who published hate against other groups if they were not Muslim. This event is a prime example of how Labour has become the ‘Party for Muslims’ and no longer the party for you or I.

Also invited was a trustee of the Islamist group Al Muntada which runs a mosque that has regularily hosted ‘hate preachers’. Harry’s Place suspects that this invite came via Andy Slaughter MP but I’m not surprised to see Stephen Timms MP, the MP who was stabbed by a Jihadist at his consituency office in East Ham, London. Harry’s Place allege that Timms may have had a hand in the invite of the trustee of the Al Muntada group.

Despite being stabbed by a female jihadist, who had been radicalised via the Islamic internet, Timms has apparently drank too deep a draught of dhimmitude, and still has strong connections with Al Muntada. Timms in fact spoke at an Al Muntada celebratory dinner back in 2011. Truly we have in Stephen Timms a man who is too thick to smell the coffee and still sees no wrong in these Islamic groups whose ultimate aim is the destruction of democracy, and its replacement with a caliphate.

Sadly, Newham, the London borough that contains his consituency, is a very Islamised area and Timms probably needs the whipped Mosque vote and the probably dodgy postal votes to stay in office. A more honourable man would have turned his back on dodgy Newham politics and spoke out against Islamism and Jihadism after being stabbed. Timms however, appears to be a man with no honour, who even after being shown just how violent Islam can be, still chooses to crawl up the festering backsides of groups promoting political Islam.

I strongly urge people to read the Harry’s Place article and learn to see Labour as I and many others have come to see the Labour party, which is not a party for the average Briton but is instead the party of the Islamic aggressor.

Remember, if you want a violent jihadist for your neighbour, vote Labour.


Original Harry’s Place article on Labour mixing with Islamists

London Evening Standard article on stabbing of Stephen Timms MP

Conservative Home article on voter fraud in the Islam dominated boroughs of East London. There does seem to be, as pointed out by a commenter on the ConHome site, that there is a correlation between the size of a Muslim population and the incidences of voter fraud.

ADDENDUM: there is a comment below the line on the Harry’s Place blog by the regular HP contributor Biscuit Barrel on this subject that sums up the idiocy of pandering to Islam that has had such a negative effect on British society:

“Is anyone even remotely surprised by this? If you create this mythical “Muslim community” complete with “community leaders” then you are practically begging Islamists to come forward and finagle their way into positions of influence. Add to that the plethora of Muslim organisations – there seems to be one for every single Muslim in the country – the lying and deceit that goes on when grants are being dished out so that even repugnant organizations like the East London Mosque get to appear respectable by being given taxpayers money to host hate preachers, the electoral shenanigans that go on which make politicians looking at ballot results nervous of not pandering to these “community leaders” and the conflation of the mythical concept of “Islamophobia” with racism then this is the obvious end result.”

Well Said!


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