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Islamic Grooming Gangs – could this be another one?

January 29, 2013

Sky news is reporting that there have been four more arrests for child sexual abuse offences in Buckinghamshire.

Sky news said:

Police have arrested a further four men in connection with allegations of a child sex abuse gang in Buckinghamshire.

The men, aged between 19 and 22, were held as Thames Valley Police carried out search warrants in High Wycombe on Tuesday morning.

The arrests are part of Operation Ribbon, which saw 10 men arrested in the town last November.

Police began their investigation more than a year ago after a girl came forward claiming to have been sexually abused by a group of men.

It is alleged the abuse began as far back as 2007 when the girl was aged just 12.

Detectives say information given by the girl suggested there could have been other young victims and they are appealing for anyone who may have been abused, or who might have information, to come forward.

High Wycombe Police Commander Superintendent Gilbert Houalla said: “I can assure you that Wycombe police will always protect the vulnerable and challenge the offender.

“This cannot happen without the help of the community and what I’m asking for today is precisely that support.”

A confidential helpline number has been issued by Thames Valley Police – 01296 396 396.”

It will be interesting to see if there are connections with those previously arrested and also if they occupy the same Islamic demographic as others arrested in Operation Ribbon.

At least the police are now arresting members of Islamic Grooming Gangs, the scandal is that  under the last Labour party administration, these gangs were allowed by the police and social services to operate seemingly without sanction or even an acknoweldgement of these gang’s existence.

Sky News – four more arrested in Operation Ribbon

BBC report on previous arrests



  1. Allegations that members of an ‘Establishment’ paedophile ring sexually abused boys in council care during the 1980s are to be investigated by police, it emerged yesterday. Former ministers, senior MPs, top police officers and those with links to the royal household are alleged to have indecently assaulted vulnerable, under-age males. Claims that show business celebrities were part of the same ring will also be investigated. According to reports, the inquiry will focus on boys who were living at Grafton Close children’s home in Richmond, South-West London, in the 1980s.

    Campaigners have known this for years but investigations have been side-tracked and shut down by some very influential people. The present hysteria about Saville seems to be beaten up in the media in some measure to distract from a proper police investigation into people who must have known and who probably protected him. We can see how these paedophile rings are protected and how deep this sickness goes into the high positions in society. Surely now is the time to expose this for the sake of children and to excise the rotten core who always seem to evade the law due to the power they can wield behind the scenes. Children will never be safe unless this is done whatever the scandal and whatever the cost to the so called respectable establishment. Careful Tom Watson these people are capable of anything including seeing you have an accident.

    The more of these very very senior people are exposed – and there are many of them – the healthier our society will become in the future. A lifetime of cleaning sewers naked is still not enough punishment for these miscreants.No whitewash, the truth must come out, for everyone’s’ sake. What a disgusting, immoral, and obscene country. No? This is the tip of the iceberg, yet again. Lets be honest, Saville would never have got away with his crimes for decades, unless he had some serious help from ‘upstairs’.

    Jack Straw, the justice secretary in the former British government, sparked controversy when he accused young men of Pakistani origin in Britain as regarding vulnerable native girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse. The Blackburn MP and one of the Labour Party’s most prominent figures challenged the Pakistani community in the United Kingdom to tackle a problem that has resulted in “Pakistani heritage men thinking it is OK to target native girls in this way”. Mr. Straw made his remarks after two Asian men were jailed indefinitely in Nottingham for a series of rapes and sexual attacks on vulnerable girls they had picked up on the streets. Jack Straw seems to have a campaign to demonise and stereotype Muslims. If he was honestly tackling a problem he would have done it in a different way.I believe he concerned about the number of white female converts to Islam because some of them see the real Islam through a Pakistani brother.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Mr Ahmed, I’mn glad that you have consented to debate. I do hope you will not just cut and past, although I suspect so, as I’ve seen your current piece on Kafircrusaders place before, virtually word for word.

      Firstly, yes I’m aware of these high level nonce ring allegations. Personally it may well be that some aspects of this story may be true but then other aspects of this story may well be baseless. This brings us to the crucial issue between the ‘elite paedophile’ story/theory, and the issue of Islamic paedophile gangs and other similar crimes. In the case of the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomena, there is evidence, sufficient evidence to secure convictions. It is highly unlikely that sufficient convincing evidence by both alleged victim testimony and corroborating evidence both human, documentary and forensic will be found in these elite paedophile allegations. It may well also turn out that some testimonies may be unreliable There is an enormous amount of evidence that Islamic Grooming Gangs exist and a lot of evidence to back up the allegations. So what is your community going to do about it, blame the phenomena of Islamic noncing on a ‘zionist plot?’ After all isn’t that what far too many Islamic ranters blame for thefailings moral and otherwise of the followers of Islam?

      Secondly It is not a negative stereotype if a significant number of Muslim men are abusing similar types of vulnerable girls and young women is it? It is not us in the UK that need to put our house in order, it is the job of the followers of Mohammed to stop treating women any women, Muslim or non-Muslim like property. It is also the job of the followers of Mohammed to understand that if you hate Jews Christians Hindus and others, then such hatred will sadly be returned. The fault of the recognisably dire economic intellectual, political and cultural state of the Ummah, is not down to a conspiracy of Jews or Crusaders, nor it is the fault of Shaytan, the big or the little. The dire state of the Islamic world is solely down to the type of society that Mohammed has bequeathed them.

      Note: I’ve edited my reply to Mr Ahmed because of missing words caused by a crap keyboard issue.

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