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Are you one of the 55% and if so why?

January 25, 2013

Hidden away at the bottom of an article by Leon Moosavi dated July 2012 in the Guardian, was the information that 55% of Britons would be concerned if a mosque was built in their area. Mr Moosavi, in an otherwise fine example of flawless journalistic dhimmification extolled the virtues of the British Islamic community, and how loyal and integrated they are, and poured scorn on the results of a 2011/2012 survey on attitudes to Islam from Muslims and non Muslims. This survey not surprisingly showed that non Muslims are getting worried and concerned about Islam.

The poll carried out by the University of Essex, showed that a majority of Non Muslims (52%) thought that Islam ’causes problems’ and 47% thought that Islam ‘was a threat’. Only 28% of those non Muslims surveyed thought that Islamic communities were integrating well.

These results would tend to suggest that the Leftist propagandists for Islam as exemplified by the type of articles on Islam that are published in the Guardian, and the BBC is beginning to not be listened to by much of the population. Mr Moosavi’s Guardian article is interesting because it shows just how divorced the middle class leftist journalists similar to Mr Moosavi are from the opinions of the population.

He seemed to be baffled by what he called the results of the survey which, he said, showed a ‘disconnect’ between non Muslim’s opinion of Islam and what he believes is the truth. He blames ‘xenophobia’ for the attitudes of non Muslims to the followers of Islam. As is usual with apologists for Islam, there is no mention at all of why Islam is not popular, no mention of the violence, nor the oppression of women, nor the aggression and intolerance. People like mr Moosavi, don’t see such things because it doesn’t fit in with their worldview. Everyone else on the other hand, does quite rightly, see the ideology of Islam as a problem.

Where he is correct is when he says that a lot of Muslims just want to keep their head down and get on with life and I have no problem with that, some people are good and loyal in spite of the ideology they grew up with. Muslims are just as capable as Christians and Jews or anybody else to look at the troublesome bits of their theology and say ‘that is a load of bollocks.’ I don’t want individual Muslims to be harmed but I want the ideology of Islam countered effectively by those such as the police, the security services and our politicians, who we should be able to trust to protect this country. At the moment they are providing anything but a effective counter to Islam, and this along with the attitudes of too many followers of Islam, is increasing the anger about Islamic expansionism, violence, crime and terror.

I grant that the figures showing that Muslims are well integrated and loyal do look impressive, but it would be worthwhile being cautious about them as Islam permits lying to promote Islam. Not all the respondents would have lied but enough may have done to affect the figures. Those of us who have found ourselves at the sharp end of this ‘religiously permitted lying’ from Islamic communal figures, always treat such pro islamic survey results with a pinch of salt.

I think those who read this blog regularily will guess that I’m one of the 55% because I can see very little of value in Islamic ideology and the effects of it where it governs, are like those of Communism, always deliterious to freedom and justice. Are you one of the 55% who fear the ideology that mosques promote, if so why?


Leon Moosavi’s Guardian article


  1. Alice-Louise permalink

    I am one of the 55%.
    1) Take a look at the great ‘blocks’ of humanity; I simplify somewhat but lets just take the Christian world, India, China and the Islamic world. The Islamic world is essentially in some state of aggression or war with all of them, whereas the others are essentially all at peace with each other. I feel the Spanish Califate is long enough ago to discount as an example of peaceful co-existence.
    2) Related to the above. All religions have their own tropes, practices and tenets. However, at the core they generally preach a golden rule that demands individuals treat each other as they would wish to be treated themselves. Islam, on the other hand is based on a code of submission to a cruel god who has set out his barbaric rules and expectations in the Koran (the absolute word of god).
    3) Islamic culture came from the desert in the C7. It cannot move on and as time goes by it becomes more and more of a barbaric relic. It succeeds as a religion, not through being a wonderful enhancing code for life, rather a prison from which its followers can never escape, and is passed down to children like an inter-generation mental illness.
    4) Specific to the UK. We have an islamic community largely from Pakistan and Bangladesh who practice a pretty unpleasant version of Islam (would you rather live in Pakistan or Turkey or Morocco…. because it is the first that we are allowing ourselves to become).
    5) I have an inquisitive mind and I don’t want to live in a culture that hasn’t done anything inventive or artistic of any great note for more than 500 hundred years (which is a shame, because they were doing so well with algebra and Moorish architecture)
    6) I don’t want my daughter to have to wear the veil in her own country.
    7) I don’t want to be sold meat that has been slaughtered in a most disgusting way, justified by saying a little prayer to a sky-pixie. Fortunately, the slaughter-house in Weobley was NOT, in the end, bought by a Muslim investor; a lucky escape for us and thousands of animals.

    By way of context, I believe that the crimes of the Christian world (and the atheist dominated Communists) far outweigh the crimes of Islam. However, the rest of the world seems to have moved on from the barbaric literal teachings in the bible, in a way that the Islamic world seemingly cannot. Therefore, the current threat to our lifestyle comes from two sources the first of which is Islam (the other being the finance crash caused by reckless governments and their shameful banker bedmates). I am grateful that you are advocating so passionately to confront this huge issue.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX Where he is correct is when he says that a lot of Muslims just want to keep their head down and get on with life and I have no problem with thatXX

    There is no such thing. And I DO have a problem with that.

    Like bastard christians, they are all oh SOOOO peacefull and tolerant, until someone of a “different culture/faith/race” comes along, and want to marry their daughter. Or the job center sends them for work in a pig factory. THEN watch the shit hit the fan, and study how “tolerant” they are!

  3. James Strong permalink

    Islam is not at all tolerant.
    When it is the smaller part of society it puts on a front of reasonableness, but the bigger it becomes the more aggressive and oppressive it becomes.

    The tone of the verses ‘revealed’ to the paedophile ‘prophet’ demonstrate this. The Mecca verses, when Islam was in the minority, are less aggressive than the Medina verses when the mohammedan gang were in control.

    Islam is an evil oppressive system.

    It is not valid to compare the atrocities of Islam with what used to happen in Christian Europe because Christian Europe has shown that it has moved on.

    And there are no moderate muslims. There are certainly some people born muslims who no longer follow their faith, but those who do follow the faith are in support of the goals of the fundamentalists in their desire to dominate the world and impose second class status on non-muslims.

    We need to keep pointing out the true nature of Islam at every opportunity, lest people fall for this ‘religion of peace’ nonsense.

    I think we should also point out to non-muslims from China,India, Thailand etc. how they are being unfairly associated with mohammedans when crimes are reported as being committed by ‘Asians’

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Agree the ideology of Islam is very intolerant. There are those who are Muslim who do reject the ideology and especially the more iffy bits, sadly though, such people are very much in a minority.

      BTW did you know that the earliest commentary on life of Mohammed was by someone, Bukari, who was born nearly 200 years after Mo the pead walked the earth. If there are problems in provenances and innacuracies because the Christian gospels were written a generation after Jesus of Nazereth was around, how much more must be the problems with such things when 200 plus years have elapsed. In the Old Testament you can see the different ‘hands’ that have written the book (which is one reason why there are two slightly different creation stories) but the level of obfustication is far far greater in the Islamic book than in either the OT or the Christian testament. Basically Islam is a crock of shit because it is difficult to discern what is history and what is bullshit put in for political and social reasons.

  4. MTG permalink

    The intolerant use the word hate as an effective weapon against anyone not fully (insert a specific religion here) indulgent. The very fear of such an accusation is the reason why Huddersfield new-build looks out of character when constructed without the usual domed roof, minaret and qiblah wall.

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