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‘Useful idiot’ Chipping Norton Vicar thinks a mosque there is a good idea

January 22, 2013

Feck! What’s the problem with a mosque? (Please note this is a generic idiot vicar image and is not intended to be taken as an image of the Reverend Salter)

Useful Idiots
Originally coined by Vladimir Lenin shortly after the Russian Revolution, it refers to wealthy Westerners who favored the Bolsheviks in their revolution. It is usually followed by “The capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them.”


Some Churchmen or women really shouldn’t be allowed out without a responsible adult to supervise them, and one such Churchman is an Oxfordshire vicar who has shown an appallingly naive attitude to Islam after plans were submitted to  convert a former shop in the town of Chipping Norton, into a mosque.

Showing a breathtaking ignorance of history, and also of the nature of Islam, the Reverend David Salter, team vicar in the Chipping Norton team of St Mary’s Church, said in the Hereford Times: “We welcome people of faith in Chipping Norton and welcome plans to support people in their faith. Christianity and Islam have much in common and we would want to work together in serving people in Chipping Norton.”

You may welcome people of faith, but it helps to be aware of what sort of faith is being practised, would you for example welcome a branch of the Church of Satan in your parish, probably not, so why welcome a faith that oppresses Christians worldwide?

Islam no matter how much you may want it to be, has very little in common with Christianity. As I said in a previous article, unlike Christianity and the New Testament, Islam has very little room for manouvere when it comes to interpretation of its guiding book, the Koran.  Muslims are not permitted to say, for example that ‘The prophet Mohammed was wrong to rape a 9 year old girl’, they are just not allowed to even consider such a statement, because the prophet Mohammed is considered a perfect man for all times and places.

It appears that a Muslim member of the local council is not satisfied with hiring a room in the local town hall for prayers, but instead wants to convert a shop into a Mosque.

The Hereford Times said:

“Town councillor Tahirul Hasan has submitted an application to West Oxfordshire District Council to convert a former shop on Hitchmans Mews, just off West Street, into a Muslim place of worship.

The father-of-three, who has lived in Chippy for 24 years, intends to rent the ground floor room for prayers five times a day, seven days a week.”

It is gobsmacking that a vicar, of all people, a person who it is to be supposed has had some training and education in religious history, should support such an enterprise. Islam when it dominates, oppresses Christians, it doesn’t help them. If the Reverend Salter doesn’t believe that, then he should look to the plight of Christians in places like Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh and a whole host of other places.

Maybe one day when the Reverend Salter finds that his ‘kumbaya’ attitude comes back to bite him and his parishioners on the arse, he may consider the lack of wisdom of his statement and his over welcoming attitude to Islam in Chipping Norton.

The Hereford Times (or its parent company), as usual when it comes to issues surrounding Islam, appears to have suspended comments on this story. Maybe they are worried that some of the 55% of British people surveyed last year who would be concerned about a mosque in their area might want to have their say.

Reverend Salter, you may mean well but your lack of knowledge of Islam, definitely gets you nominated for one of this blogs ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month Award’

Addendum:  I’ve offered via email the Reverend Salter the chance to reply either publicly or privately and it will be interesting to hear his point of view.  I fully respect what may be a genuine desire to bring people of different beliefs together but I feel that he has been naive in how he approaches the subject of Islam.


Hereford Times article on Chipping Norton’s proposed Mosque

Guardian article quoting survey stating that 55% of Britons would be concerned about a mosque in their area.

For the education of the Reverend Salter here are the pages from International Christian Concern about the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world

Fahrenheit211’s British Neville Chamberlain Award

Islam, Jihad and non Muslims explaining the difference between the levels of interpretation allowed in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

  1. MTG permalink

    ‘Neville Chamberlain of the Month Award’


    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Well what else would you call an award for those non-Muslims who promote Islam? Some like the Socialist Workers Party promote Islam for malevolent reasons and some like our Vicar who is mentioned above the line, promote it out of unknowing naiveity.

      • Alice-Louise permalink

        There are too many naive, foolish and ignorant ‘do gooders’ Why can’t they wake up and smell the coffee?!!! They will be the down fall of our country. People need to think a little more carefully about the consequences of siding with and promoting the Islamic faith. Of course everyone is allowed their own opinion and there are so many elements of Islam that I dislike immensely. I feel sorry for the Islamic people as they seem to be cursed by their own religion. I admire your passion (farenheit211) and its a shame more people don’t share your views for fear of being shot down as a ‘bigot’ or ‘racist.’ I am also a great believer in the freedom of speech and embracing all individuals from all faiths. The Islamic faith does not do this as you have already stated in your other blogs. If we build one too many mosques then this country will become a seriously unpleasant place to live. It would no longer be moving forward but positively evolution and progression in reverse. At what point are we supposed to say there are enough mosques?
        For those of you who are Muslim and reading this, may I please ask that you stop and spare a thought as to why people in Hereford are opposed to a mosque being built……oh, and don’t shoot them down with words like racist, bigot, hillbilly, country bumpkins etc. Intelligent, thoughtful people try to consider both sides of an argument.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Alice-Louise, welcome to Fahrenheit211 and thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment.

        I can see where these ‘do gooders’ are coming from, their desires are the right ones but too often representatives of Islamic organisations or Islamic apologists hoodwink them. Also some of these types of people have developed an abject horror of picking a side and offending somebody or other. It does give offence to criticise Islam but Islam is more an ideology than a religion and therefore it is right to criticise it as it is correct to criticise Fascism, Communism or any other all encompasing ideology. It’s not nice to be called a racist, but the important thing to remember that the Left have overused the word and use it wrongly.

        I also think that there are many Muslims, especially women, who are imprisoned by Islam and who have been conditioned and brainwashed to accept their own abuse. I do not want to see individual Muslims attacked, I don’t want to see the property of individual Muslim’s destroyed, I do not want to see mobs of thugs with flaming torches threatening Muslims. I would much prefer for Muslims to reject Islam and break the chains of the enslavement to it. Muslims need to understand that the core ideologies and social structures preferred by Islam has destroyed and denuded the nations that it controls. There is a reason why there are not many Islamic nobel prize winners, and that reason is Islam What happens in Islamic nations is not really a good advert for Islam is it? However, I still respect religious reformes and dissidents from the world of Islam.

        What appears to be happening is there are many people who have been sold by Media and politicians an image of a fluffy Islam, which quite frankly just doesnt’ exist in any meaningful form. This is how the local media and a Labour party councillor is trying to sell the idea of a mosque to thepeople of Hereford. The group behind this plan are NOT nice liberals, they have a Shariah Court and everything. Having seen the situation in some of Britian’s more Islamicised boroughs, I can well see why people are objecting. People who understand Islam, who have taken off the politically correct blinkers are justifiably worried about much of Islamic ideology.

        ON the subject of Hereford, according to census result there are roughly the same nubmer of Muslims and Jews in Hereford, now who do you think makes the most noise, makes the most unwarranted demands for special treatment, who the majority population are most worried about, and who have a bad reputation for terrorism, violence and oppression. I’ll give you the answer, it’s the Muslims.

        I’ll leave you with a joke:

        When a Christian says: “God told me to do it” It means he will give money to a school”
        When a Jew says: “God told me to do it” it means she will probably give money to a hospital”
        When a folloer of Mohammed says God told me to do it, it normally means he will blow up a school or a hospital.

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    I think we have winner for January’s British Neville award. I’ll make a proper post on this tomorrow and post him his certificate soon.

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