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Islamic hatred of Gays, it is out in the open now. Will there be silence from the Left as usual?

January 22, 2013

There is news that has come in via yesterday’s Commentator Blog and which is being extensively commented on at Harry’s Place about yet another Islamic vigilante group, this time operating in Tower Hamlets, which is targeting gay people in this area of East London.

The Commentator has video of a gay man being harassed and told to ‘get out of here, this is a Muslim area.”

The Commentator said:

“The video, which begins with a logo that says “Islam will dominate the world” followed by a homophobic graphic, shows unnamed members of the “Muslim Patrol” group shouting at a man.

One member of the group is heard to shout, “Hello mate, don’t you know this is a Muslim area?… Why you dressed like that for? [sic]” while another member of the group shouts, “Homosexual! Homosexual!”

When the man asks, “Why are you bothering me?” The “Muslim Patrol” members respond: “Because you’re walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag. You need to get out of here.”

The man, who looks disturbed by the run-in, states, “I am getting out of here,” only for a volley of abuse to be fired in his direction, such as:

“Get out of here quicker then. You’re dirty, mate.” At which point the “Muslim Patrol” member intimidates the man into humiliatingly admitting, “I am dirty”.

He is then shouted at, “You’re gay mate, get out of here you bloody fag. Don’t stay around here anymore.”

This angers me greatly as I’m familiar with how East London used to be. Because it was a docks area there was a higher level of tolerance for gays than could be found in the wider society, even before the 1967 Sexual Offences Act that legalised gay relationships England and Wales.

On my now more infrequent visits to East London I’ve heard from gay friends and seen on some websites, news of one gay pub after another having to close and the reason for these closures is because their customers are frightened to visit them. This is because of the menacing behavour of Muslims who have colonised the East London area.

Gay people work and pay taxes and need, like any other citizen, normal protection from thugs such as these.

The Gay establishment and various gay and lesbian groups have behaved scandalously and sometimes cravenly over the issue of Islam inspired aggression towards gays in areas where Islam dominates.

This gay establishment along with the Police has either ignored the issue, probably because they don’t want to be seen as ‘racist’, or worse, like the Rainbow Hamlets LGB group, has allegedly undermined attempts in Tower Hamlets to highlight and fight Islamic gay hatred, by colluding with the Metropolitan Police in order to hush the problems in the area up. It is time for those who support tolerance for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals, but who also believe that Islam is at heart a fluffy religion to make their minds up, to shit or get off of the pot and pick a side. Are you on the side of LGB tolerance or are you on the side of Islam? Because practically you cannot be on both sides. This is not the time for ‘fence sitting’.

Those gay and bisexual activists, some of whom I’ve met in real life and consider as friends, who believe that these thugs are not Muslims but are instead ‘members of the EDL in disguise’ should look at the map from Four Freedoms linked to below. This map shows how as the Muslim domination of East London has increased so have gay pub closures increased. Just as it appears that the presence of a mosque and an Islamic community increases the danger for vulnerable young women because of Islamic Grooming Gangs, it seems Islamic communities are endangering LGB people as well.

These ‘Muslim Patrols’ are harassing people who are going about their lawful business and these ‘patrols’ are quite plainly breaking the Queens Peace and the Police are nowhere to be seen at all. It is as if the Police have given up on actual policing in these areas and instead prefer to skulk in their police stations, reading their diversity training manuals and pretending that there is nothing wrong. The Police have turned into useless cowardly scum.

Islam is rapidly and sadly, proving itself not to be compatible with democratic free societies which treat women and gays and other minorities as equals. I hate having to say that but it is true. There was one of the comments on Harry’s Place on this subject which I found myself agreeing with whole heartedly.

The HP commentator Trespassers Will said that this intimidation by Muslim groups is not an isolated problem:

“Indeed, this campaign of intimidation is not confined to gays, drunken revellers, or girls in mini skirts. Nor is it confined to the Choudhry faction. The first manifestation of the no-go zone appeared years ago, and took the form of Muslim youngsters hurling stones and bricks at churchgoers, and Christian children (brownies, kids having a school sports day), accompanied by shouts to the effect that no Christians or churches should be allowed in a place where Muslims live. One C of E Vicar had to run for his very life.
That has been going on for years.
There’s only one thing you need to keep sight of. Whatever rationale they trot out, as a pretext for their violence, they are lying. What they want is territory, and the territory they have in mind is yours. Without you in it.”

Maybe it is time for us to see that Islam is not like other beliefs, has no moderate current, no reformers of any note, and is aggressive, rapacious and intolerant. Trespassers Will is correct they want our land without us in it.

What is happening in Tower Hamlets today, could be happening in your town or city tomorrow. Islam has been fighting the Western or Christian world for nearly one and a half millenia, what makes you think it has changed? Seeing the hatred emanating from these followers of Islam makes me see that it has not changed, not one little bit.

East London and its people survived the Nazi Blitz during World War II, but I have grave doubts whether it will survive the onslaught of both Islamic Nazism and the traitors who pander to it and excuse it.

Don’t let this happen, we must protest and survive. If we don’t protest we will not survive as a nation.


The Commentator Blog on anti gay Muslim patrols in East London. This link contains the video of the gay man being harassed on the street.

Harry’s Place on the anti-gay Muslim patrols in East London.

Map showing how the number of gay pubs in East London has fell in recent years whilst the number of aggressive Muslims has increased

  1. Martin permalink

    I hope that the police investigate these videos and bring the culprits to justice as they do with the ‘racist woman on a bus/tram/train’ videos. What are the chances of that happening?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I think that there is about as much chance of that as the Jerusalem branch of McDonald’s selling a bacon burger. The police in the UK have really turned into cowardly scum, I’m bloody ashamed of them.

      Is it any wonder that 55% of people in a survey published in the Guardian in July 2012 would be concerned if a mosque was built in there area. I bet if you asked gays or those with daughters the figure would be higher. See the link below.

  2. “It is as if the Police have given up on actual policing in these areas…”

    Oooh, maybe they are just waiting until someone calls one of their horses gay?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Yup. Provided that it was a non Muslim saying that of course. Then it will be the whole panoply of police manpower and vehicles rushed to the scene. Sadly, if a Muslim called their horse gay then they would probably say: “That’s OK Mr Bearded Savage, is there anything else you require?’

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