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The Quadruple Tragedy of Charlene Downes – Ten Years On.

January 21, 2013

Charlene Downes – missing since 2003, presumed murdered

If any UK murder/missing persons case highlighted the deleterious effects of political correctness on our society, then in my view it would be the Charlene Downes case. For those who do not know, Charlene was a 14 year old girl from a working class family in Blackpool who fell in with a group of Muslim men who allegedly regularily sexually abused her, like similar groups of Muslims have abused so many other British girls. Then, when she was no longer wanted, the Muslim abusers allegedly killed her and disposed of her body in a kebab meat mincing machine. No trace or Charlene has ever been found since she disappeared in 2003.

Two local Muslim men, kebab shop owner  Iyad Albattikhi and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi were accused of murder and unlawful disposal of a body respectively. The police investigated the case but blundered badly and in the first trial the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict. The case was set for retrial in spring 2008, but senior police officers saw that the surveillance audio had been improperly transcribed, informed the Crown Prosecution Service and the Crown, then offered no evidence at the re trial and the defendants were released. One police officer, DC Jan Beasant was forced to resign from Lancashire police in 2011.

This case was the first one that opened the lid on the appalling phenomenon of Islamic Grooming Gangs of which we now see examples of up and down the country. During the investigation into the conduct of the case there were allegations that Lancashire police knew that up to 60 young girls were being abused by groups of Muslim men, but that political correctness fears meant that these cases were allegedly swept under the carpet by Lancashire police.

I’ve called this case a quadruple tragedy, and I use this phrase because:

Firstly: A young girl has been raped and murdered, that is the major tragedy. No parent wants to outlive their child and to have your child abused and killed in this way is something that no parent should suffer. A life has been lost, a young girl was never allowed to grow up.

Secondly: The police, in whom we as citizens are told to trust messed up. They messed up, not just through general incompetence but because politically correct attitudes in Lancashire police put the concept of ‘not upsetting the Muslims’ streets ahead of protecting young people from abuse and murder. The actions of Lancashire police allowed those who, on a balance of probabilities basis, were more than likely involved if not in Charlene’s murder, then in her abuse, to go free and unpunished.

Thirdly: Because of the ‘hot potato’ factor, because of the alleged involvement of Muslim men, and the fact that the victim was a white working class girl and therefore not a member of one of the political Lefts favoured ‘victim groups’, unlike Stephen Lawrence, this case garnered less mainstream media (MSM) publicity than the Lawrence case did.

Fourthly: Because nobody in the police or the local authority or the majority of the mainstream media appeared to care about what had befallen their daughter, the Downes family were ripe for exploitation by extremist groups such as the BNP. Because the BNP took up their case, this meant that there was even less chance of this case getting MSM publicity. No mainstream journalist, with the honourable exception of the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph who did cover this case, wanted to be tainted by siding with a family who were being assisted by the BNP. The chances of career damage for a journalist or a publication which said ‘well the BNP may be right on this one at least’ would have been very great, which made the chances of this case getting the publicity that it deserved even less.

The Charlene Downes case is a classic example of how political correctness and the multiculturalist idea that there should be separate social and legal standards for different people hinders justice.

Charlene disappeared in 2003, and since then Islamic Grooming Gangs have been allowed to continue their bestial behaviour almost unchallenged by the Law, right up until the last few years when the problem could not be ignored by the authorities any longer (I also believe that the change of Government in 2010 may also have helped in this matter). It is a chilling thought that there may have been hundreds or even thousands of young British women and girls who have been raped, abused, tortured and even murdered and nothing has been done to stop it, because fear of upsetting the Muslims has so often stayed the police hands.

It is disgusting that the State, which has done so much to make parents fearful, and doubt their own judgement, by causing a ‘paedo-panic’ about the ‘danger’ from non-CRB checked school employees, childcare workers, members of voluntary organisations and council workers etc, has failed to see or act against the growing problem of Islamic and Qu’ranicly sanctioned paedophilia. There is no restriction on child-sex in Islam, after all the Islamic prophet Mohammed himself raped a 9 year old girl and took her for his ‘wife’.  It is appalling that for spurious ‘community cohesion’ reasons, countless young girls have had their lives ruined and those who have complained about this problem, silenced and smeared by being called ‘racists’.

The State, the Police and the Citizen must no longer ignore what is going on with our Islamic ‘guests’. Although paedophiles can come from all parts of the community, these particular organised child-sex rings, with girls being sold to other abusers and trafficked nationwide for abuse, is quite plainly an Islamic problem. The organs of the state which we should be able to trust have let us down. By choosing to side with the abusers the police, social services and other agencies have, in the words of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah chosen to ‘call good evil, and evil good’*.

There must be justice for Charlene Downes and her family. If the perpetrators of her death and abuse cannot be brought to book, then there must be a change of attitude on the part of the organs of the state to what is going on and never again must the police pussyfoot about because an alleged criminal is from a so called ‘protected minority’.

The whole country must demand justice for Charlene. There must be no more Charlene Downes cases, British justice should live up to the words inscribed above the door of the Old Bailey in London: ‘Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish the Wrongdoer’.

Mainstream journalists who appear to have no moral qualms about interviewing genocidal terrorists from the Middle East or elsewhere in the Islamic world need to find some courage, defy the shrill cries of ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobe’ from the Leftists of the National Union of Journalists black and minority ethnic section, and tell the stories that they were trained to tell.

As citizens we must demand that there are no more tragedies like that of Charlene Downes and her family.

‘Follow justice and justice alone’** should replace ‘community cohesion’ as the guiding principles of our police, our justice system and of every citizen.

Let us say the following phrase loud and let us say it often, ‘Let there be no more Charlenes’



Daily Telegraph report of original trial

Daily Mail on widespread abuse by Muslims in Blackpool

Rational Wiki page on Charlene Downes murder

If you have any doubt about the extent of Islamic rape and child abuse then the excellent but disturbing map from the blogger Kafircrusader which documents rapes, sexual assaults and child abuse carried out by Muslims, should disabuse you of any idea that this is an isolated and relatively minor problem. You will see that wherever there is a significant Islamic community there are paedo gangs and other similar offenders.

Biblical quotes

Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 20*

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Deuteronomy 16:20**

“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

  1. Paris Claims permalink

    Not that I’m his biggest fan, but Griffin nearly got himself jailed for pointing out the problem and was one of the 1st public figures to do so. Does that make him an extremist?
    Also, I seem to remember reading that the “not guilty” pair got themselves £50k of compo each for deformation of character.
    Is this now standard for everyone who gets found not guilty?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’m not Griffin’s biggest fan either, but he was right at least on the issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs. Re the Compo, I don’t think that it is usual unless the police could be proved to have been malevolent in how they pursued the case, mind you I’m not a lawyer. I wouldn’t be surprised in the current circumstances and in the current climate if their compo claim was nodded through because they were bearded savages.

      Maybe it’s time for Griffin to appeal against his conviction.

  2. Garry permalink

    In recent times it has become very clear that the Muslim religion condones extreme violence and a single minded view that does not want to co exist with christian ideals….Most religions tolerate each other in some way ‘ But it is a my way or the highway attitude that muslim religion condones…In my view there is no place for this evil religion in the UK.
    I know Charlene Downs father ‘ and have seen him used by the BNP to promote their views because no one else was listening…There needs to be unity on the idea that a crime is a crime no matter what religion we come from and British Justice should not fear stamping out any wrong doing within any religion including this very violent Muslim crede…..

  3. ms sylvia lessells permalink

    horrific case quite damming report
    why let this continue the evidence
    previous shows these are rebels
    we people of england do not need
    this in our country it need cleaning up
    the time fo the call of capital
    punishment its at its peak and
    will continue as the muslim /rebels
    not going to surrender no matter what.

  4. tonni thorsen permalink

    I´d rather have the world taken over by aliens from “V”, than these undermenchen. It’s the same all over Europe, politicians, msm, the police, all are controlled by white mans burden and the lust for selfdestruction.

    Crappy times to live in

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      We have certainly been cursed to live in interesting times.

      Not quite sure I agree with you about the aliens from V. They would have dessicated and denuded the planet. Many of the problems we are having is so many politicos etc have aligned themselves with the multiculturalist agenda and to step out from that means losing face and a whole lot more. So they will continue with the self destruction out of fear, greed and stupidity.

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