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Algeria crisis

January 18, 2013

To speculate too much about the Algerian hostage tragedy where according to Sky news, up to 10 British citizens remain at this time (8:15am GMT) ‘unaccounted for’ would be foolish as there appears to still be a considerable amount of media confusion about the situation as it is as the PM Mr David Cameron said, an ongoing situation. However, it looks like there may well have been a consdierable number of deaths amongst the hostages held by the Islamic terrorists who had kidnapped the foreign gas plant workers. My thoughts and prayers are for the innocents who have tragically lost their lives during the rescue action by the Algerian military.

There may be a temptation for some to blame or criticise the Algerian military, but I’m not going to do this as it is presently not clear what happened during the rescue attempt. We do not know at this stage if the Algerians were put in a position where they felt they had to act to prevent either the hostages being moved, or to prevent greater loss of life.

Because we are dealing with Islamic terrorists who believe killing or enslaving the kufar is a prime directive, and who’s twisted ideology tells them that the life of a non Muslim is worth less than a Muslim, it is highly debatable as to whether these hostages would have been released unharmed anyway.

I do hope that this horrific incident will wake British people up to the fact that we in the free world are facing an enemy that is fanatical in its zeal for a worldwide caliphate, and therefore cannot and should not be negotiated with, parlayed with, listened to or pandered to. Islamic violence, piracy and deception is not a new phenomenon, it is something that has been going on for nearly a millenia and a half and evidence for this can be found in any non-PC history book that deals with the Islamic world. The scandal is we now have several generations who have been brought up with Left wing biased history teaching that constantly blames ‘colonialism’ for the worlds ills and doesn’t see historical events like the Crusades for what they really were, which was a defensive war against an Islamic attacker who was threatening Europe.

If you have a faith then pray for the innocents and the families who have been affected by this tragedy, if you don’t have a faith then take some time out to quietly think about the losses. All however, should take the time to find out about the threat we all face and speak up against it.

  1. Paris Claims permalink

    I can (just about) understand why some people choose to work in muslim shit-holes, but why would any sane person actually take a holiday there?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I think the reasons that ex pats go and work in such places is because they are often quite well renumerated. I don’t criticise people for taking jobs in such places, but maybe these workers should have had much better protection in the first place.

  2. Robert the Biker permalink

    Normally the protection in places like this (In Amenas, In Salah)is excellent, mostly because part of the contract involves building quarters for the military support and security teams; the companies (Mine was Aibel, whom I’ve just left) are quite assiduous in making the troops very happy with them.
    Problem is, when the troops use the proper methods* to deal with the shitheads, what happens? The so called civilized world starts to whine about ‘human rights’ and such.
    Behold what happens when you give human rights to dog turds.
    *Involves large amounts of 7.62 X 39 ammo

  3. No bearded savages here in Smalltown. Oh, no!

  4. John Pickworth permalink

    We shouldn’t so readily blame the religion… although there’s certainly a strong case for them to get their own house in order. The man who ordered the attack, Mokhtar Belmokhtar or ‘Mr Marlboro’ as he’s sometimes known, is a prolific cigarette smuggler and hostages for ransom merchant. He’s not doing the prophets work but rather working for profit. He, like so many of his cohorts, are gangsters pure and simple.

    Like the war on drugs, the war on terror is doomed not only to fail but there are countless examples that these grand mobilisations elevate our opponents into foes we cannot defeat.

    The answer? I don’t know but we have to do something. I think the time is coming when we should look at completely cutting off those places that host/tolerate the crazies.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Unfortunately if we are to take what one of the released Algerian hostages said on Sky news this morning I think that we probably should blame the religion and the culture. The released Algerian said that the terrorists singled out the foreign captives for murder in order to show the west ‘the power of Islam and to hit the crusaders’. That seems to me like a politico-religious motive to me.

      Yes there are issues with organised crime but that should not be seen as the whole driving force behind this attack.

      Basically, the Muslim world hates us and has done since Mohammed started out on his unholy mission.

  5. He answers the one who calls Him in a time of dire need and those
    who supplicate to Him asking Him for something.

    And in all of this, we have no choice, because we are totally governed by physical law.
    Khadija was the first person to accept Islam; she told him that she believed that he was a prophet
    of God and that he was not crazy or sick.

    Feel free to surf to my web page … name of allah

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Dear Name of Allah. You DO have a choice. You can leave the barbaric, vile and misogynist cult that Mohammed created. Much modern research shows that if not evil, Mohammed was at the least ‘unbalanced’ and the type of fits and siezures that have been described both by Islamic sources and non Islamic sources show that despite what you say, Mohammed was one sick puppy.

      I’m with Pope Benedict who in his Regensburg Address said:

      “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”

      See for starters. There is a whole lot more info out thereif you care to look.

      I have no wish to see individual Muslims harmed or harassed but the ideology of Islam has created a nasty violent culture wherever it has been allowed to set up shop. I feel deeply sorry for those Muslims who know so little about Islamic sources that they continue to revere someone who really should not be revered.

      Many prophets have some sort of fault, for example Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land becasue of a fault in his actions, Mohammed however, has a whole litany of faults which are not made up by Western anti Jihadists, but which are visible to all who care to study Islamic scripture.

      Your assertion that Mohammed’s mission was validated by Khadjia accepting Mohammed as a prophet is meaningless because even murderous madman such as David Koresh or Jim Jones were able to gather followers from the legions of the mad and the sad.

      I’m struck by how many people leave Islam because they have finally been able to read the Koran in a language they understand and this should surely tell you just how much of problem the personality of Mohammed is for many people brought up as a cultural Muslim.

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