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From Elsewhere: Dan Hodges,’the left has gone mad’

January 14, 2013

“The Batley Townswomens’ Guild presents the Battle of Pearl Harbor,”

I’ve been vaugely following the spectacle of Britain’s middle class left embarking on a self destructive witch-hunt over the issue of transsexuality raised by Suzanne Moore and Julie Burchill.  Although I have my own views on this particular subject (see this post), this row is very instructive as it shows how while the Left may speak of freedom of speech, it doesn’t like it when people speak uncomfortable words.

Those of us on the right are chowing down on popcorn and chortling with delight at the sight of the leftists destroying themselves over a difference of opinion and words that didn’t look that much of a problem in the first place.  With this row it seems that Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea scenes, have probably never been so close to morphing into reality.

This row is also worthy of note because it exposes the ‘grassing’ culure that now infests the Left.  Some of those who occupy a non racist but anti Islamic political position, have long complained of leftists repeatedly reporting web article after web article to the police for ‘racism’, in an effort to shut down anti jihad sites.  It didn’t take long for this ‘grassing’ culture to show its face on the Transgender threads with contributers threatening other contributors with a police complaint of ‘transphobia’. The now greater visibility of this ‘grassing’ culture may have the positive effect of making less people trust the left, after all just look how often they run to the police when they feel ‘offended’.

Another good thing about this row is it is reaching the ears of those outside of the established left and has been picked up by Dan Hodges of the Daily Telegraph who wrote a very entertaining blog post on the subject.

Dan Hodges said:

“The Left detests a traitor. Or rather, there’s nothing the Left loves more than embarking on a witch-hunt for a traitor. Which is why Suzanne Moore found herself strapped firmly into the progressive ducking stool last week, after writing an article for the New Statesman that contained the line “We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual”. This single sentence, in a piece that otherwise sought to take a chainsaw to sexism and gender prejudice, saw Moore facing demands to apologise for what Pink News called her “recent transphobic outburst”.

No sooner had Moore been officially found to be in league with the devil than it was Julie Burchill’s turn. Burchill had defended her friend in a typically understated Observer piece, including a hot contender for most un-PC line of all time: “a gaggle of transsexuals telling Suzanne Moore how to write looks a lot like how I’d imagine the Black and White Minstrels telling Usain Bolt how to run would look”. This resulted in Lib Dem minister Lynne Featherstone demanding Burchill’s sacking, which was a very sensible response. What we all need at the moment is government ministers appointing newspaper columnists.

Next it was Owen Jones’s turn. The horny-handed tribune of the workers dared to suggest on Twitter there were probably more appropriate candidates for progressive outrage than Moore or Burchill, and was promptly vilified for his own treachery.

Then, just as the whole thing was starting to resemble a surreal feminist/LGBT Marx brother’s sketch, in rushed gay rights activist Peter Tatchell shouting “Make that three hard-boiled eggs!” Actually, I couldn’t quite make out what Peter’s take on the whole issue was, but what I do know is he spent the next hour or so vainly trying to convince people he hadn’t become the new Bernard Manning.

I’ve got to be honest; I’ve found the spectacle of the cream of the progressive movement re-enacting the final scene from Reservoir Dogs strangely exhilarating. It’s like watching a grainy video from 1970s, with Norman Mailer sitting in some run down cinema in Greenwich Village, swearing at Germaine Greer, and screaming “You damn harpies!” at every women in the room.”

Dan Hodges is right, it is fun looking at the unrepresentative middle class leftist followers of discredited identity politics and multiculturalism beating themselves into a stupor.  The Monty Python analogy gets even better with the entry of Peter Tatchell (now sadly a follower of the authoritiarian Green Party) seemingly playing the lone membership of the Judaen Popular Front.  The scary thing about all this is that some of these deranged left wingers may have responsible jobs in YOUR local authority.  However, this episode of ‘handbags at dawn’ helpfully gives the average citizen some idea of the calibre of nano-intellect that often become ‘diversity officers‘ and similar wastes of money and space.


UPDATE it appears that the Left are sharpening their pencils in order to stab other Leftists judging by this leftist Bristol blog.  The blogger is attempting to get up a campaign against the Observer newspaper on the grounds that the Observer has been ‘Transphobic’.


  1. Andy permalink

    Isnt there some saying about how revolutions always end up turning on their creators?

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Very true. If only the mad leftists were the only victims of the multiculturalist ‘revolution’. Unfortunately, it is the average British person who are the victims of this policy. The Hampstead Leftists have enough money to insulate themselves from the grotesque effects of their policies, an option not available to the British working classes who when they complain are told: ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity’.

  3. I bet the Csar and his family never in their wildest dreams expected to end up in a dingy Siberian cellar looking at the wrong end of several pistols.

    Those lefty types who so gleefully inflicted this on the UK and who think their Hampstead postcode will protect them shouldn`t get too complacent if things start to get ugly,unless they have the wealth to live like a Sicilian judge with serious 24hr security then they are as exposed as the rest of us.

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