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Another Islamic rapist, this time it’s Leeds

January 11, 2013

Have you seen this nonce?

While much of the media is quite rightly concerned with the Jimmy Savile abuse story, I can’t help but wonder when the media will wake up and smell the coffee over the ongoing scandal of Islamic rapists and Islamic child sex grooming gangs.

While Islamic rapists and paedophiles wreak havoc with the lives of girls and young women across the UK, the mainstream media appear to be keeping the same sort of vow of silence about Islamic sex offenders that  allowed Jimmy Savile to get away with decades of abuse.

Nobody, apart from those bloggers and commentators who have taken an interest in stopping these disgusting phenomena, seems to be joining the dots and showing the full picture of just how widespread Islamic sex offending is.   Sometimes parts of the media have appeared to be on the side of the nonces, rather than the victims.  The BBC for example, went out of its way to play down the problem of Islamic Child Sex Grooming Gangs in their coverage of last year’s Berelowitz Report into child abuse in the UK.  Worse still, too many people are ignoring the elephant in the room which is an ingrained attitude among too many Muslims that women are no more than property and non Muslim women are to be valued even less than that.  I very rarely agree with Britain’s failed wannabe fuhrer and neo-Nazi loon, Nick Griffin (for so many, many reasons), but like a stopped clock which is right twice a day, Griffin was quite correct when he said: “British women and children are not Halal meat.”

The blogger, Kafircrusader, who monitors the growing problem of Islamic Sex Offences in the UK, has reported that there has been yet another rapist Islamic mini cab driver in the news, this time in Leeds.  Commenting on the case, which was reported in the Daily Mail of the 9th January 2013, Kafircrusader said:

“A Muslim mini cab driver has been jailed for the sickening rape of a young woman whom he picked up from Leeds town centre following a night out. The girl fell asleep to awake with the Bangladeshi sexual deviant on the back seat with her and about to subject her to a horrific rape. Luckily he was caught by police a few weeks later before he had chance to strike again.

The victim most likely flagged the mini cab down as he went past. It is something many of us have done following a night on the town and a little intoxicated. You come out the club or bar in a packed town centre with a queue for black cabs 100 deep when all you want to do is get home as soon as possible. So you flag the private hire taxi driving past. If your fortunate or in this case unfortunate the car stops you get in etc.  

The victim probably felt self once inside thinking she’s  on route home. The truth is your never totally safe when you get in a mini cab you haven’t rung up to order. Picking someone up off the street is illegal and there is no log of you getting in like if you had rang. Even more is the case when that driver happens to be a Muslim male due to their views on women and apparent obsession with sex be it legal or illegal.A drunk lady showing a bit of flesh in the presence of a Muslim male  is like a red flag to a bull and to him that signify’s their fair game. You only have to look at the way some Muslims try to justify rape or child grooming on how women are dressed or drunk as though they deserve it, to see how the Muslim mind works. There have even been instances of males being raped by Muslim taxi drivers in the past so its not only womens safety at risk.

Next time you out no matter how drunk you are never let your guard down, phone and order a cab, and stay safe.”

Sadly because sexual deviancy, and especially non consensual sexual deviancy is so prevalent among Muslim males, mostly because of the appalling misogyny that infests the ideology of Islam, probably one way for a woman, drunk or sober, to stay safe from a sexually predatory attack would be to never get alone into a mini cab or any other similar vehicle driven by a Muslim.  Although this may seem unfair to those Muslim taxi drivers who are not rapists or paedophiles, sadly until Islam reforms and starts treating women as equal human beings this may be a way of saying ‘better safe than sorry.’

Frankly no woman should trust an ideology that far too often forces women to endure the mobile canvas prison that is the burkah or similar garb.  Women should not be shut away in this way purely because Islam brings men up to believe that they do not have to have any self-control, and that any sexual attack is the fault of the woman.

At least this rapist was jailed, how many other similar rapists and abusers of the same demographic are out there who just haven’t been caught yet?


Kafircrusaders story about Leeds Islamic rapist

Original Daily Mail story about Leeds rapist


Kafircrusader’s handy Islamic sex attacker map of the UK.  It has a scarily large number of markers on it which will give you some idea of the scale of the problem.

Article on this site about the BBC’s coverage of the Berelowitz Report into sexual abuse in the UK

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