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Beardless Savage gets life for killing son who couldn’t learn the Koran

January 7, 2013


Murderer Sara Ege and her son and victim Yaseen

In an appalling case that has just concluded at Cardiff Crown Court, Beardless Savage, Sara Ege, 33, was given a life sentence with a recommendation that she serve at least 17 years for murdering her 7 year old son, Yaseen, because he failed to memorise the Koran.

Sky News said:

“The court heard she treated Yaseen like a “dog” and repeatedly beat him with a stick for failing to memorise religious texts quickly enough.

The schoolboy had suffered multiple injuries to his body and died in July 2010 from internal injuries caused by three months of punishing beatings.

Ege set fire to the family house to hide her actions and played the part of a parent mourning the tragic death of her son until it was discovered in a post-mortem that Yaseen had been dead before the blaze started.

Mr Justice Wyn Williams ordered her to serve a minimum of 17 years behind bars and said: “The violence that you perpetrated on your son was not confined to one day.

“I am satisfied that, over three months, you beat him on a number of occasions, often with a wooden pestle.”

Despite having to wallow in the global cess pit which is what passes for Islamic ‘culture’, to write for this site, there sometimes come along cases that beggar belief and this is one of them.

So determined was the defendant Ege, to see her son memorise the words of the prophet Mohammed who was a 7th Century paedophile and murderer, that she beat her child mercilessly when he failed to perform to Ege’s standards.

As the Judge stated, this was not a ‘one off’ offence committed by a stressed or sick mother, this was the tragic conclusion of a significant period of ongoing violence against the child. Violence driven by the Islamic need to learn the Koran by rote.

After the murder she didn’t even confess or show remorse, as she burned down the house to try and hide the evidence of the murder and pretended to the police that she was a grieving mother who had lost her child in a house fire.

Ege also accused her husband of involvement in the crime to deflect guilt from herself, but her husband, Yousef Ege, 38, was cleared by the Jury of failing to prevent the child’s death.

Sky News added that the Judge, Mr Justice Wyn Williams said:

“”His injuries must have caused him a good deal of pain. In my judgment Yaseen was subjected to prolonged cruelty.” “

I don’t think that 17 years imprisonment is enough, it should have been a whole life tarrif as the extended abuse, the attempt to cover up the crime and the arson were to my mind aggravating factors in this case. It is not even as if she had been overcome by remorse and pleaded guilty, she tried to evade just punishment right up until the Jury returned their verdict. Ege was born in India and hopefully she will be deported back there after she has served her 17 year sentence.

One of the frightening things about this case is it exposes the high level of actual and potential violence that exists in Islamic families and Islamic ‘culture’. If she could do this to her own child, what would she, or someone like her do to someone elses child, possibly yours?

How many other Muslim children are being beaten or given other unreasonable punishments for not conforming to Islamic religious rules or like this case, not learning the Koran. After all Islam as an ideology has no prohibition on child sex, no prohibition on bestiality, and is a culture that approves of women and children being beaten and maimed.

Maybe it is time for social services to take off the blinkers of political correctness, and to start paying much closer attention to what goes on in Islamic familes and communities.

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