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Islamophobia is not the problem it is often made out to be

January 3, 2013

Islamic apologists and promoters of Islam often claim that Muslims are the victims of violent hatred aimed at them by Non Muslims. The cry that there is an epidemic of ‘islamophobia’ sweeping the world, is made regularily by Islamic groups and those on the Political Left.

However, this narrative of Muslims cowering in fear of wicked Islamophobes is not correct.

Although, there are some attacks on Muslims by individuals, there is not the mass hatred aimed at Muslims that the apologists like to claim there is. An example of this is evidenced by the behaviour of non Muslim British people after the 7th July 2005 Islamic terror attacks on London. There was not a mass of hatred directed at ordinary Muslims, despite quite obvious lies from Islamic apologists saying there was.

Of course there are some attacks on individual Muslims and their property and these I do not condone, and it would be inconceivable and dishonest to say that no such attacks at all have happened, but the number of attacks carried out by Muslims throughout the world on members of other religions far outweighs the number of attacks directed at Muslims.

The Islamic apologist and former Police Officer Bob Lambert of Exeter University once claimed that Britain’s Muslim communities are in ‘a state of siege’. Well if they are in a state of siege, which I doubt, it is one brought about by the actions and attitudes of too many of Britain’s Islamic communities themselves.

However, in the real world, as opposed to those who have a vested financial and political interest in promoting Islam, the figures regarding attacks on Muslims are somewhat different.

The online Islam resource Wiki Islam quotes a report into attacks on Muslims in one of Britain’s most heavily Islamised borough, Tower Hamlets in London. This shows attacks on Muslims going down, even after the atrocities of 7th July. If the Lambert hypothesis was correct you would have expected to see revenge attacks on Muslims after 7/7, but there was a drop in the number of attacks.

Wiki Islam said:

“Here, for instance, are the figures for race and/or faith hate offences in London’s main Muslim borough, Tower Hamlets. The majority of these, of course, would not have been crimes of violence.

2003/4 694

2004/5 600

2006/7 632

2007/8 440

2008/9 373

2009/10 353

I chose Tower Hamlets because the vast majority of its non-white population is Muslim, and therefore most of the victims here would have been Muslim. And the truth, in this borough at least, is the polar opposite of what Lambert and Githens-Mazer claim. In this Muslim area, there has been a 50% reduction in hate crime. “

This drop in the number of attacks on Muslims, with only a small increase during a time of great national stress, is not just a blip applicable to Britain. Other nations such as the United States, have also seen a drop in so called Islamophobic crime, and in the USA FBI figures have shown there have been more attacks on Jews than attacks on Muslims. In fact there were more approximately 7 times more reported incidents where hatred was a factor against gay men than there were on Muslims.

FBI Hate Crime Statistics

FBI_2008_Hate_Crime_StatisticsWhere ever the phenomena of ‘Islamophobia’ is examined, it appears to not be as the Islamic apologists claim it to be and the figures tend to be lower than claimed.

Because of these and other figures maybe it is time to start taking the shrill and anguished claims of Islamophobia from Islamic groups, with not just a pinch of salt but instead a whole sack full.


Wiki Islam on anti Islamic attacks

Report into Islamophobia by Islamic apologist Bob Lambert of Exeter University. Please note that the Exeter centre for islamic studies is funded by organisations that promote Islam and have a vested interest in downplaying crimes carried out by Islam and maximising the small number of attacks that have been carried out against Muslims.

I have blogged extensively on here about the appalling conditions for Christians and members of other religions in the Islamic world. Here is an article from Ayaan Hirsi Ali from February 2012,that originated in Newsweek magazine, detailing the ongoing genocide of Christians in the Islamic world.


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