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Islamic nonce gangs, where will they strike next?

January 3, 2013

Image courtesy Daily Mirror

As many bloggers, magazines and news sources are revealing, the disgusting phenomena of groups of Muslim men abusing young non Muslim women is showing itself to be more common than many in authority and especially the diversity industry, would like to claim it is.

We have seen cases crop up all over the country, from the north to the south. It seems that wherever there is an established Islamic community, there will be a crop of similar cases of abuse to those we have seen already.

Although sexual abuse and especially child sex abuse can occur amongst all races, cultures and confessional groups, this particular type of abuse, where girls and young women are bribed and coerced into being raped by multiple men, is primarily an offence committed by Muslims.

Bloggers such as Kafircrusader, are doing a sterling job of mapping the avalanche of cases of Isalmic rape and child sex abuse and seeing just how many cases there are in a visual form brings it home just how many Islamic nonce cases there are out there.

It is highly likely that the inherent xenophobia, supremicism and hatred of women promulgated by Islam is at the heart of these Islamic nonce cases. If a person is continually told from child hood that Muslims are superior and non Muslims are inferior, then it is unlikely that the repetition of such lessons would not affect the recipient. This internalised assurance that Muslim men are superior to just about anyone else means that the perpetrators may not see vulnerable young women who they encounter in daily life as anything other than ‘prey’.

We now know that Islamic child sex grooming is a problem in Britain, one which has been covered up for years by the mainstream media, politicians, police and social services. We also know that this Islamic child sex grooming is an extensive problem, what we don’t know however is what town or city will be affected next.

This is not a Rochdale or Bradford or Rotherham problem anymore, it is nationwide. Wherever there is an extensive Islamic community in the UK, there is likely to be a problem with Islamic child sex abuse.

This is also not a racial issue, these problems are not caused by someone being Asian, there are a lot of perfectly innocent Asians who are Hindu or Sikh or Chinese or Parsee, or Zoroastrian, it is caused by the culture of Islam. If you don’t believe me read the Qu’ran and the Hadiths and you’ll see, amongst other things, the gross misogyny that infects Islam.

People should be aware that Islamic Child Sex Abuse grooming is a growing problem and people should not wait for the State or the police to sort things out but should instead be informed about what is happening, and very importantly, be more aware as to the company that their daughters are keeping. A girl or young woman hanging round with lots of Muslim men should ring the same alarm bells as other potential risks would do.

We cannot contract out to the state the safekeeping of our children. The state has failed at this miserably and appear to have far too often actively connived to sheild the offenders from justice for spurious ‘community cohesion’ reasons.


Kafircrusader’s excellent but chilling Islamic Peado, nonce and rapist map. If you, as I once did, think that Islam sex abuse was a highly localised thing, then think again. It is everywhere. You will notice that the areas with the least number of Islamic nonce cases are the areas with the least number of Muslims. Strange that.




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  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX Hindu or Sikh or Chinese or Parsee, or Zoroastrian,XX

    One of these things is not like the others???

    Is this a seseme street quiz?

    Bad news laddie, “Chinese” is NOT a religion!

    (And Parsee ARE Zoroastrians)

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Whoops, I was trying to say that not all those who could be classified as ‘asian’ are members of organised nonce gangs.

  2. James permalink

    Whilst most British newspapers deny it is happening, newspapers in Pakistan readily admit that there is a problem in Britain with Pakistani men grooming vulnerable, under-age girls for rape and prostitution.

    The same grooming phenomenon is going on in other countries, not just Britain. In the Netherlands it is gangs of Moroccan muslims and Turkish muslims.

    The problem is not one of immigrants. Hindus/sikhs in Britain are not doing it. Even though Holland has a lot of immigrants from Suriname, and Suriname is 13% muslim, there is no evidence that people from Suriname are present in equal numbers in these gangs in Holland.

    The key factor is that they are muslims and they are men.

    The police, childcare professionals, teachers, etc. have all manner of european cooperation projects. But they are all deliberately turning a blind eye to this crime.

    I see that The Guardian is now starting to defend paedophilia as wholesome and natural. That shows how far the Left will go in order to refuse to recognise this problem.

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