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“If they want a mosque then they should go somewhere else to build one” – Islam not popular in Athens.

January 2, 2013

The BBC recently reported on situation for Muslims who live in Greece. Of course this being the BBC, the piece was a bit of an Islamic love-in but the piece couldn’t ignore the antipathy towards Islam in Greece, an antipathy caused not by ignorance of Islam but by knowledge of it.

You have got to feel sorry for the ordinary Greek citizen when you consider the scale of the problems facing Greece. As well as enormous fiscal problems, incompetent and corrupt politicians, and the threat of being literally ‘owned’ by the Germans, it appears that the Greeks are having to suffer an influx of bearded savages as well.

However these bearded savages are not being quiet and trying to not to cause problems as any responsible and peace loving minority tries to do when they move to a country.  As usual these bearded savages are doing what bearded savages do worldwide when they turn up in a place, which is whine about not having an Islamic Aggression Centre (otherwise known as a Mosque) to attend.

However, the Greeks, having lived so closely and so long to the Islamic depravities of the Ottoman Empire know the threat that Islam poses to the Western world, are not too keen on the idea of having a Mosque in their capital city.

The BBC says:

“At Friday prayers and across Athens, Muslims gather in underground, cramped prayer rooms.

The makeshift facilities are illegal but this huge community faces no other option. Athens, a metropolis on the edge of the Muslim world, is one of the few EU capitals without a mosque.

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as “un-Greek” – out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

But as Greece has become the main entry point for migrants to the EU, its Muslim population has swelled.

Some estimates place the number of Muslims in Athens alone at around 300,000, in a city with a population of around five million, and the clamour for an official place of prayer is growing.

“It is a very big tragedy for us Muslims that there is no mosque here,” says Syed Mohammad Jamil from the Pakistan-Hellenic Society.”

Mr Jamil says that it is a ‘tragedy’ that there is no mosque in Athens. However, to many of us who have seen the crime, terrorism, corruption, rape and child sex abuse that Islam has brought to many cities in Europe, the lack of a mosque in a city looks very much like a bonus. Maybe the Greeks could use this as a selling point for tourism. ‘Come to Athens, we have no Mosque’, or ‘Athens, Islamobollocks not tolerated here’ or something similar.

I think that with the sort of history the Greeks have had with the Islamic world, and the suffering that was caused to the Greek people during the time when Greece was run by the Ottoman Empire, I don’t blame the Greeks for not wanting to make any concessions to the ideology that oppressed it for centuries.

Maybe if more cities in Europe had said: “no mosque here” then we would not be facing some of the problems we currently have with the aggressive ideology of Islam.


BBC report on Islam in Greece.

Greece under the rule of the Ottoman Empire

Wiki on Greece under the Ottomans

Pub Philosopher Blog on the legacy of Ottoman Islamic corruption that has influenced the current Greek society and economy.


  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    “Come to the mosque free tradgedy of Athens”. I bet the plane tickets would just fly off the shelves!
    Imagine the horror of people who don’t bow and scrape to ‘slims, terrible that!

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    Not having a handy terrorist training cent….ahh “mosque”, does not seem to hold them back from spreading out everything from bin bags to old car mats in the middle of a rush hour filled street, or U-Bahn, or even a works canteen during the over generous 20 minute midday break we are begrudged , and doing their “Bending over for allah” party piece. (DURING whixh, I may add, WE were expected to keep quiet so as not to disturb the bendy bastards!!!*

    Strange how they can do without some tacky building, when they think they have the potential to annoy the general polulation around them!

    Needless to say, the Russians and the Poles told them EXACTLY where to “get off!”

  3. niki permalink

    Greece by law is a Christian Orthodox Country and Islam the Quoran not accepting the crossing of Jesus and the Holy Trinity and it is blasphemy for the Greeks Orthodox.Additional our grandparents in past had been killed by the Turkish muslims because had denied to convert in islam for this reason we don’t like mosques in Greece.Also the Islam is againist the democracy because the muslims are following the law of the Quoran for example 4 wives,the property law is double for the man from the woman, the expanding of the religion by force jihad and other like these Islamic rules are not compatible with the Greek Democracy and we will have problems at the future.

  4. niki permalink

    islam is againist the democracy

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      That is very true, especialy as Greeks have had to fight hard even to have a democracy.

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