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A suitable punishment for fomenting Jihad or promoting Shariah Law?

December 31, 2012

What should we do with Muslims who hold British passports but who either go overseas to take part in jihad, or show complete contempt not only for the political system of the UK, but also for many of Britain’s non Muslim population?

What should we do with the sort of person like this one, who according to the Daily Telegraph, was picked up on the border between Mauritania and Mali, trying to join up with Al Qaida in the Maghreb? What should we do with someone who tries to join a group of Islamic terrorists that have done such terrible harm to the people of places like Mali?

The Daily Telegraph said:

“The Foreign Office (FCO) said they are investigating reports that a British national had been detained in the African country.

The man was allegedly held on the border between Mauritania and Mali as he attempted to cross the vast Sahara desert on foot to join up with terrorists linked to al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

An FCO spokeswoman said: “We are aware of reports of the detention of a British National in Mauritania and are seeking further information.”

Islamists have seized control of northern Mali, including the ancient desert city of Timbuktu.

They have imposed Sharia law, carried out public executions, stoned to death a couple accused of adultery and destroyed mausoleums listed as world heritage sites.”

If they are people who have immigrated into the UK and then ‘go rogue’ then their UK citizenship could under present legislation be removed. But what happens if they were born in the UK or if they were converts to Islam?

Immediate arrest on return to the UK, followed by a trial and imprisonment for taking part in overseas terrorist activity could be one option, but that still means that we as a nation are still paying to feed and house such scum in prison.

Is there not another way to deal with this problem? Why not instead have a law that states ‘If person agitates for Shariah, if they try to use religious justifications for de stabilising the state, or if they support jihad overseas then they should lose their UK citizenship even if born in the UK’. In other words, maybe it is time to start thinking about making our more troublesome followers of Islam, stateless.

To be made stateless is a terrible thing, a huge punishment, it robs the person of any protection in law from the country in which they live. With no official state, the person has no rights to live in any country unless somewhere offers them refuge or citizenship. Statelessness is one of the conditions that the United Nations has attempted to legislate against and about which there are international treaties.

Those of us who are aware of history, and make a point of looking back to how minorities have been treated in Europe in the recent past, know that the condition of statelessness sometimes defined whether or not you would live or die, under the exterminatory fascist regimes of the mid 20th Century. This history of the condition and outcomes of statelessness makes me feel uneasy about advocating such a policy of enforced statelessness, but advocate it I must, such is the current threat that Britain faces.

We seem to see more and more Muslims with British Passports, often those born in the United Kingdom but who have rejected British society and have instead turned themselves towards violent jihad against the country of their birth or adoption, for example the 7/7 bombers. This form of treason along with those who agitate for it needs to be stopped, and enforced statelessness may be useful weapon against those who wish to impose Islamofascism on the UK.

Treating those who advocate particular destabilising or dangerous ideologies harshly has a well known historical precedent. In the past, the UK has treated certain groups, such as Roman Catholics as political and military threats, and at one point it was considered treason to be a Catholic Priest in England such was the threat from Rome at the time. Now in today’s Britain, Catholicism is not a threat to the UK and it difficult to imagine it ever becoming one, but Islam is a different matter. Islam is today’s threat. Maybe it is time now, to start seeing Islam not as just one of the many different forms of belief that a free person can hold, but as the threat to our society it truly is.

I’ve always believed in equality before the law, but I also recognise the threat to my society posed by aggressive Islam, and for that reason, believe that it is now time for radical action to be taken against those promoting the fascistic ideology of Islam.

We took action during WWII against the supporters of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, jailing them where necessary, so why cannot we as a nation take action against those who advocate Islamic fascism in the UK?

To those who may be concerned that such a law would roll up the innocent with the guilty I say this: Making a concerted effort to take out those Muslims who are aggressive would also make life better for those Liberal and secular Muslims who made their homes in the West in order to get away from places run by Islam. Remember, aggressive Islam first of all kills off all diversity of thought in its own communities, then attacks others, because where Islam thrives, freedom dies.

Let us be honest and treat much of the ideology of Islam as it needs to be treated, which is an enemy of all that is free and good and forward looking.


‘British’ Muslim arrested on way to join terrorist organisation


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