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Bearded Savages of the day Number 46

December 21, 2012

Bearded savage panel

Bearded savagery is found on virtually every continent (with the possible exception of Antarctica) and over in South East Asia, the country of Thailand has found itself afflicted by a new flare up of Bearded Savagery. In this case one of a group of Islamic militants who eagerly set out to kill Buddhists, got frustrated that they couldn’t find any Buddhists to kill, so burned down a building instead.

The Bankok Post said:

“A gang of Islamic militants burned down the Bacho Tambon Administration Organisation office on Thursday, after failing to find any Buddhist employees to kill.

Seven armed men stormed into the offices of the Bacho TAO in Bacho district shortly after noon.

Abdulwaha Dulayapinij, the office’s chief administrator, told the police he and seven other employees were just leaving for lunch.

”One of them fired a gun into the air and ordered everyone to stay put in Yawi [a Malay dialect spoken by Muslims in the South] and then asked if there were any Buddhist Thais working here,” Mr Abdulwaha said.

“I told him there were none, and the outlaw was upset and said I had lied to him.”

Upset with the answer, two of the gunmen emptied a five-litre container of gasoline into the archive and equipment storage rooms, set fire to it, and then fled the scene.

Staff, villagers and a local disaster relief team tried to put out the fire, but the blaze spread quickly and destroyed the whole building.

Mr Abdulwaha said it appeared the assailants wanted to kill Ms Suchada, who was the only Buddhist official at the Bacho TAO, (but was at that time on leave) and had planned to use the gasoline to burn her body.

He said the attack left him and the other staff in fear for their own safety and it was likely they would not return to work until the office was rebuilt.”

That must feel like a right downer for a bearded savage. After all he has made the effort and schleped out to what he thought was going to be a normal Islamic massacre (as happens so often) and then he finds that there is no one to kill. What a catastrophe! Must have really spoiled the day. No wonder they tipped petrol over the place and set it alight. After all, ‘What Would Mohammed Do?’ (Answer: probably rape the women, kill the men, steal anything valuable then burn down the building after all that is what he did do on the Arabian Peninsular).

However, it’s not just in Thailand that Buddhists are under pressure from aggressive Islamic groups. Buddhists in Myanmar (Formerly Burma) have lived alongside a Muslim minority for years. However, Muslims from Bengal known as Rohingya who are not citizens of Myanmar are effectively squatting in some border areas. This Islamic Rohingya group has not, by all accounts, behaved well and have been reported to have acted provocatively. There has been tension between the Buddhist majority and the Rohingya for years but it has ramped up recently.

The Rohingya are alleged to have stolen statues of Buddah and been involved in rapes and murders. It seems that the actions of the Rohingya have inflamed the Buddhists into fighting back against this Bengali Islamic minoirity.

It makes me wonder, how badly must the followers of Islam have behaved to get a Buddhist to fly into a murderous rage. Most Buddhists I’ve met in my life have been non violent or certainly not given to the sort of psychopathic,hair trigger violence we see from Bearded Savages. Needless to say this situation is being reported in the Islamic and western leftist media as innocent Muslims attacked by nasty Buddhists. But it seems that the Islamic narrative about these clashes does not take into account Islamic provocations of which there appear to have been a few.


Source for Thai story Bangkok Post

News sources for Myanmar clashes

Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh (who also don’t want them) The Rohingya are said to be the most persecuted minority in the world, but the question needs to be asked, have they brought their bad situation upon themselves? The Buddhists would certainly say so.

Rohingya attack Buddhists in Bangladesh

Here’s the New English Review’s assessment of the Rohingya story. This is considerable less ‘Islam friendly’ than some other sources. Please note: this link contains graphic images of Burmese Buddhists murdered by Islamic attackers.

Following on from the New English Review link the original Myanmar news source, below, has some very angry comments from those angered by the Islamic attacks and a few Islamic taqyyia merchants. The level of abuse levelled in the comments against the Rohingya is extreme and it does make one ask, why have they angered so many other citizens of Myanmar?

Here is the UK Guardian’s take on the Myanmar disturbances. Although it is very pro Muslim, as is the case with many Guardian articles these days, it does mention that the violence kicked off when a Buddhist woman was attacked by Muslim rapists.

Hat Tip

  1. Jamaal permalink

    ( in reply to another blog you posted) I think modern day nationalists want to use the Qur’an for their own agendas and they dont care that they damage the image of the religion and it’s followers.

    Jesus said: “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”, Matt 10:34.

    Yes, Muslims try to emulate the life of the prophet (saw), and Christians have a model as well. These men are timeless; both good for the 7th century as well as the 21st.

    Real believers and followers of these two gigantic men owe it to ourselves to not let usurpers of our faiths polarize us to their ideologies and fuel their fires, so they can get what they want. Real Christians and Muslims, and Jews, belong together, making peace on Earth, I know thats what the Most High wants.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Hi Jamaal, I understand that you are trying to make a comparison between Jesus and Mo. Unfortunately the ‘sword’ reference is an allegory, of which there are many in the Bible. The reference to the ‘sword’ is an allegory of how the Jesus’s message would split families, like the sword does. Unfortunately this is not the case with Koranic mentions of violence, which are exhortational in their character. Nice try but the verses are not equal.

      Besides that, you have to look at the reported conduct of Jesus and Mohammed. Jesus, wandered from place to place teaching and speaking against the religious authorities of his day. Eventually, he was caught by the authorities and executed by the Roman government of Judea. There was no exhortation to violence in the words of Jesus, he was just a wandering Rabbi of which there appear to have been many in Judea at the time. Neither is there any exhortations to violence (yes there are always going to be those who take things out of context) in the Christian Testament.

      Contrast that with the behaviour of Mohammed, who pillaged, killed, raped, lied, exploited women and wiped out every other group on the Arabian peninsular. Who would you say is the good, perfect man?
      From where I and many others in the non Muslim world sit, the perfect man does not look like Mohammed.

      In fact, if an impartial observer wished to weigh the greatness of Mohammed and Jesus and if they are going purely on the records their conduct alone, then Mohammed would come out very much wanting indeed.

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