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More Islamic noncing coming to light, this time it is Ipswich and Luton that are affected.

December 20, 2012

Our children are not ‘halal’ meat

H/T Kafircrusader

The ongoing but, barely acknowledged by the BBC, horror of male followers of Islam, grooming girls and young women for sexual abuse continues to march across the country.

If you want to get some idea of the sheer scale of Islamic paedophilia, rape and similar crimes in the UK then I would advise you to have a look at the excellent ‘Islamic Nonce Map‘ that can be found at the Kafircrusaders site.

I recently wrote about arrests or organised child sex abuse in East London, and raised the question as to whether or not it indicates a far deeper problem with Islamic Grooming Gangs in one borough in particular, Newham. Now it seems that there have been another arrest and committal for trial for online grooming in Luton, and one active Crown Court trial in Ipswich, for unrelated and separate cases of Islam-driven rape.

In Ipswich, a 15 year old girl was enticed by men into a house and locked in, whereupon she was slapped about and raped.

The East Anglian Daily Times reported that:

“A SCHOOLGIRL was raped by a man while his friend held her wrists and covered her mouth with his hand, it has been alleged.  The 15-year-old had been invited by the men to a house in Rendlesham Road for a cup of tea but when she got inside the front door was allegedly locked behind her, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The girl initially sat down on a sofa but felt nervous and decided to leave and was then allegedly slapped round the face causing her to feel dizzy, said Andrew Shaw, prosecuting.

She then found herself lying on the sofa with one of the men holding her wrists with one hand and covering her mouth with the other, while 30-year-old Aram Ahmad allegedly removed her trousers and underwear and raped her.

During the alleged attack the girl unsuccessfully tried to kick out at Ahmad and tried to bite the hand of the man who was holding her wrists, said Mr Shaw.

Afterwards the door had been unlocked and the alleged victim had been allowed to leave the house. She didn’t report the alleged attack immediately because she didn’t think anyone would believe her but went to the police three months later after she received an anonymous telephone call telling her there was video footage on the internet of her having sex with a man.

“She had no recollection of being filmed,” said Mr Shaw.”

The trial continues and I’ll give an update at the end of the trial.

Meanwhile over at that paragon of multicultural peace and love, Luton, we have another Islamic sex case coming to light, this time girls are alleged to have been groomed for sex not in kebab shops or other seedy Islamic takeaways, but over social networking sites.

The Bucks Free Press said:

“A MAN has been charged with sexual offences against children in connection to a complaint made by a parent over a meeting that came about through a social networking website.

Waqar Hussain, aged 24, from Kingsway, Luton, has been charged with one count of meeting a child following sexual grooming contrary to section 15 of the sexual offences act; one count of sexual touching of a child under 16 contrary to section 9 of the sexual offences act, and one count of sexual activity with a child under 16 contrary to section 9 of the sexual offences act.

The charges are in relation to a complaint made by the mother of a teenage girl in High Wycombe, that her daughter had been contacted via a social networking site by a man and she had met up with him earlier this year. Hussain has been remanded in custody to appear at Oxford Crown Court on December 21.”

There are now so many of these Islamic sexual abuse and rape cases coming to light that it is beyond time for the authorities to put away the rose tinted spectacles of multiculturalism, and man up about Islam. They need to ask some serious questions about why Muslims are disproportionally represented in crimes that involve non consensual sex, sexual violence and the abuse of women.

My guess is you would find the answers to why Muslims are more likely to commit such crimes within the Qu’ran and the Hadith. The Prophet Mohammed was a violent and abusive man even by the standards of the 7th century CE and that fact is reflected in the instructions that he gave his followers.

If the person of Mohammed is perfect in Islamic eyes, then it is a strange sort of perfection that includes behaviours like rape, paedophilia, murder, theft, warmongering and genocide.

The Buddha didn’t start his mission with murder, neither did Jesus, and Moses only committed manslaughter under provocation in order to save the life of a slave.

Out of all the worlds faiths, only Islam looks to a dead criminal as a moral guide. Surely that fact alone should tell us that something is badly wrong at the core of Islam?


Link to source of Luton Islamononce story

Link to Ipswich Islamic alleged rapist story

Kafircrusaders site

Kafircrusaders UK Islamic paedophile, abuse grooming and rapist map (yes sadly there are that many Islamic nonces that a map is needed to keep track of them all)




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