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Courts let Bearded Savage keep beard.

December 20, 2012

Major Nidal Hasan, accused of the Fort Hood shooting massacr

The Muslim military psychiatrist, Major Nidal Hasan accused of the Fort Hood shooting rampage where 13 people were killed has been told by a court that he doesn’t have to appear in court clean shaven.

The Associated Press said:

“FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage apparently will be allowed to keep his beard during his military trial, after a new judge indicated Tuesday that she won’t force him to shave.

The previous judge’s order requiring Maj. Nidal Hasan to be clean-shaven or be forcibly shaved before his trial had tied up the case for more than three months, but an appeals court ousted that judge earlier this month.

The new judge overseeing Hasan’s case told him during a hearing Tuesday that the beard, now thicker than when he first appeared in court with it in June, violates Army regulations. The judge, Col. Tara Osborn, said she won’t hold it against him but that military jurors might.

Hasan answered “yes, ma’am” when Osborn asked if he grew the beard voluntarily. In a previous court hearing, he said he grew the beard because his Muslim faith requires it and not as a show of disrespect. Osborn asked defense attorneys to draft jury instructions about the issue. Jurors likely will be told not to consider Hasan’s appearance when deciding on a verdict.”

The AP report continued:

“Hasan, 42, an American-born Muslim, faces the death penalty or life in military prison without parole if convicted in the 2009 rampage that killed 13 and wounded more than two dozen others on the Texas Army post.

Osborn was appointed to the case two weeks ago, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces removed the former judge and tossed his order regarding Hasan’s beard. The ruling said Col. Gregory Gross did not appear impartial while presiding over Hasan’s case and that the command — not a judge — is responsible for enforcing military grooming standards.

Hasan’s trial date hasn’t been set. Osborn first has to rule on several pending motions. Defense attorneys also want Osborn to reverse Gross’ rulings on nearly two dozen motions, including requests for change-of-venue, a couple of experts and some investigative reports.”

It looks like this trial will not be for a fair while but when it does start, I believe that it will open more people’s eyes as to the problems of ‘sudden jihad syndrome’.

Here we have a highly educated man, a psychiatrist, someone who will have known more than most about the workings and failings of the human mind, but still he is alleged to have killed because he was motivated by the words and example of the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

If a shrink can suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’, then it shows just how dangerous and violent the ideology of Islam is, and it makes a person wonder just how many more of the West’s Islamic minority are harbouring similar dreams of glory through Jihad?

If an educated man can become a spree killer for Islam, what chance that the ordinary Muslim who may not be educated that well may fall prey to ‘sudden jihad syndrome’? Are they even more likely to go ‘jihad-crazy’?

After all if as happens in Islamic culture, you are constantly told from childhood that Islam is perfect, the Muslims are the best of peoples and that all the problems of the Islamic community are to be blamed on the Christians and the Jews, isn’t it more likely that a Muslim who’s life hasnt’ turned out fine and dandy, would turn to Jihad? We’ve seen before how Islamic groups are very quick to blame someone else for the deep problems that are suffered by the Islamic Ummah. Maybe if they studied the Qu’ran and the life of Mohammed, then they would realise that it is Islam that is at the heart of problems in Islamic nations, not Christians, Jews, freemasons or the Rotary Club (see note below).

Back to the issue of the beard. It seems that the issue of beards is quite important for Bearded Savages. This comment on the Jihad watch board regarding the Hasan case outlines the feelings of SaleemSmith, an ex Muslim, about the Islamic beard. Along with a couple of fun beard quotes. They said:

“The Bearded Muslim

Islam has given the beard a bad name. Although many men enjoy growing a beard in the winter months, they have chosen not to do so lest they be mistaken for being a Muslim. And no one in their right mind would want that, being that Muhammad was a true mad man and his religion such a terribly dangerous fraud.

A bearded Muslim is a clear sign that the Muslim is a “true believer.” A truly dangerous breed ready to kill and die for “Allah” at a moments notice. Such people have had the terrible misfortune of being born into Muhammad’s cult of Islam. Or they are among the many fools who have converted to Islam before taking the time to study the religion in advance with due diligence and become informed of its dark side and ludicrous falsehoods.

Bearded Muslims are the most dangerous creatures walking the planet. When I see these people on the street I wonder how they could have possibly, in the year 2012, not become aware of the fact that Muhammad was nothing short of a psychotic mad man who founded a cruel religion based on hatred and violence. The “Islamic beard” represents ignorance and intolerance.

Muhammad “created the Islamic beard” as yet another way to keep Muslims obedient and to make the devoted followers of his cult behave in a more uniform fashion. Obedient, adoring, unquestioning followers were a valuable resource for Muhammad to have at his disposal. And dispose of them he did. With his obedient followers at his side, believing in all of his claims, no matter how outrageous, Muhammad could raid whoever he wanted at a moments notice.

The beard itself has a long and interesting history. Historically, beards have been associated with images of wise men possessing maturity and dignity. Tragically, Islam has sullied the good name and accompanying associations that go along with men sporting beards. Although the Islamic beard is a light-hearted example of how Islam corrupts everything that it touches given enough time, it is definitely illustrative of this larger point.

Fun Beard Quotes:

“Don’t point that beard at me, it might go off”

~ Groucho Marx

“Do not mistake a goats beard for a fine stallion’s tail”

~ Irish Proverb

“Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard”

~ Swedish Proverb

“If the beard were all, goats could preach”

~ Danish Proverb

“Muhammad was known to have picked the fleas out of his beard and eaten them during the lean times between booty raids”


Original AP story

Jihadwatch Article on Hasan Beard story

The Rotary Club, according to Islamic fraggles, the Rotary Club is a masonic zionist plot

(The Islamic Ummah seems like a billion people all wearing tin foil hats and thinking that the Jews and the Christians are out to get them)

What the Rotary club is in reality (as opposed to Islamic tin foil hattery)

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