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Can we still trust the police part II

December 19, 2012

Recently I’ve highlighted the problems of lack of trust on the part of the public for the UK Police.

The British police have been seen in my previous article,to turn a blind eye to the display of insignia from the banned Islamic fascist organisations such as Hezbollah, to fail to act on the scandal of Islamic Grooming Gangs and have also in one case been seen to actively promote the establishment of the cult of Islam in an area that previously had not been afflicted by it.

It now seems that even rank doesn’t have its privileges when it comes to dealing with the UK Police. The revelation that the police officers in the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ case are alleged to have fabricated evidence surrounding the events outside Downing Street in September.

This is raising the possibility that Andrew Mitchell was unduly forced out of his job and should be brought back into the cabinet.

The Daily Telegraph said:

“Lord Howard of Lympne, a former Home Secretary and Tory leader, said his colleague should be returned to Government “at the earliest opportunity”, amid claims Mr Mitchell could have been victim of a conspiracy.

Mr Mitchell stepped down after two police officers accused him of calling them “f—ing plebs” in a row over a bicycle. It has now emerged that a third officer wrote an email to John Randall, the deputy Chief Whip, claiming to be a member of the public who witnessed the row.

However, it is believed that this officer was not actually at the scene and has been arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office.

This morning, Lord Howard said he was “appalled” at the allegations against the police officer.

“I certainly hope that Andrew Mitchell is restored to Government at the earliest opportunity,” he told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme.”

This case and the furore surrounding it does beg two questions: If a police officer allegedly feels able to lie in such a high profile case, in an area where there is extensive CCTV coverage, and about a Cabinet Minister, does it not look like the police are out of control? The other question is: Is this an effect of 13 years of the Labour Party politicising the Police? Either way this re opening of the ‘Plebgate’ case, has rightly turned the spotlight on the professional conduct of the police.

The Daily Telegraph added:

“In a new statement this morning, Scotland Yard said it would look into whether there was a conspiracy and take action if any evidence emerged.

“The allegation that a serving police officer fabricated evidence is extremely serious,” it said. “It goes to the very heart of the public’s trust in the police service.

“If any evidence emerges of conspiracy this will form part of the investigation.”

The new version of events emerged as Mr Mitchell took the unprecedented step of releasing Downing Street CCTV footage in an attempt to “clear his name”.

It was claimed the silent recording, which is understood to have been provided to the former chief whip by the Prime Minister’s office, showed he did not have time for a furious row with police officers after being told to dismount from his bicycle in Downing Street.

Mr Mitchell was forced to resign from the Cabinet in October after the official police log of the altercation showed that he had called officers “f—— plebs”. The police log was subsequently leaked to The Telegraph.

Mr Mitchell’s decision to defend himself more vigorously has re-opened the row between the Government and the Metropolitan Police.

Senior government sources expressed frustration that Mr Mitchell had again reminded the public of the “plebgate” row – an issue which had damaged the standing of the Conservative Party among some voters.

Over the weekend, a police officer was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office after being linked to the leak of the police log.

It also emerged that the officer arrested was not present during Mr Mitchell’s altercation with the Downing Street officers. He did not write the police log which was subsequently leaked.

However, it was claimed that the unnamed officer approached John Randall, Mr Mitchell’s deputy at the time, claiming to be a member of the public who had witnessed the incident from outside the gates of Downing Street. Mr Randall forwarded the concerns to Downing Street officials, unaware that the person who approached him was a police officer.

Channel Four News claimed that Mr Cameron had read the account believing it had come from a member of the public, which added to his concerns about Mr Mitchell’s conduct.”

So it looks like police officers may possibly have been involved in falsifying their official logs and pretending to be a non connected but offended member of the public, well who’d have thought it.

Although I agree that Mr Mitchell should if he is correct continue his dispute with the police, I do think that he should at least give some thanks to his god, that he wasn’t a Brazilian electrician on a London Tube Train.

This and other issues surrounding unethical Police behaviour and party political bias urgently needs investigation both by the police themselves and by the Judiciary and Parliament.

One thing that many police officers at a senior level should do, is undertake some soul searching, and consider whether they are loyal to the Crown and people of the UK or to the policies of the Labour Party who scandalously politicised the police during their 13 years in office.

This sort of publicity is just what the police do not need, coming at a time when serious questions are being asked about the police’s behaviour and actions, during the Hillsborough tragedy.


Daily Telegraph article on new ‘plebgate’ revelations.

Dan Hodges on ‘Plebgate’ and police trust

Earlier article on Fahrenheit211 about police impartiality





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