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Bearded Savages of the day number 44 – Attack on Germany edition

December 16, 2012

Bearded savage panel

As mentioned before, the Germans have had in recent years a growing bearded savage problem. The attitudes of many Muslims has made the followers of Islam very unpopular with ordinary non Muslim Germans. A recent survey for a centre right German newspaper showed that a majority of those questioned had issues surrounding the behaviour, beliefs and practices of Germany’s Islamic minority.

Now it seems that elements in Germany’s Islamic community are starting to play the same violence card that they have played in Madrid, New York, Washington, London, Mumbai and elsewhere.

A few days ago, there was a failed bomb attack on a railway station in Bonn. It appears that only luck and incompetance on the part of the bomber, stopped complete carnage from occuring.

The German online news source said:

German prosecutors said on Friday they believed Islamist extremists were behind a botched bomb attack at Bonn train station. Media reports suggested the detonation device was triggered but for some reason the bomb did not go off.

The federal prosecutor said in a statement that there was enough evidence to suggest Monday’s incident was “an attempted explosives attack by a terrorist organisation with a radical Islamist bent.”

It added that there was serious evidence “that the suspicious person has connections in radical Islamist circles,” but gave no details. The prosecutor’s office, which is responsible for probing matters of terrorism, has taken over the investigation.

The blue sports bag was discovered on Monday on a train platform at the station in western Germany containing an improvised explosive device.

Its contents included four pressure gas canisters, a 40-centimetre long metal pipe, batteries, a clock and ammonium nitrate.

The bomb’s detonation device was triggered but for some reason failed to go off, according to reports by broadcaster Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) and Der Spiegel magazine on Friday – probably because it was put together in the wrong way.

Investigators told Der Spiegel they believed traces of gun powder found in the bag along with batteries that had used up their charge suggested the bomb had been triggered, a theory which police said they were unable to confirm or deny.

“Why the explosive device did not detonate, requires further investigation,” the prosecutor’s statement said.

One theory goes that the bomb failed to go off because the would-be bombers used the filament from a light bulb found at the scene of the crime instead of a “booster” to amplify the explosion, wrote the magazine.

According to WDR, the unknown perpetrator dumped the blue bag on the platform then quickly disappeared in order to detonate the bomb from a safe distance. Its discovery sparked the complete evacuation of Bonn station.”

The Germans are having to cope with many problems brought to them by the followers of Islam. Rapes, murders, other crimes and now terrorism appear to be increasing and can no longer be blamed by the Left on the upheavals caused by absorbing the former East Germany.

The German anti Islamic writer Michael Mannheimer estimates that there have been approximately 7,500 murders of German citizens by mostly Islamic immigrants to Germany, since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Although the 7500 figure has been disputed, German crime reports in the media from some cities, like those similar cities from other European nations seem to contain a disproportionate amount of Islamic sounding names, especially in connection with certain types of crimes (rape, extortion, hate crimes against other religious groups, terrorist offences).

Germany is now starting to have to learn to cope, as we in the UK have had to learn to cope, with the constant threat that one of our own Islamic citizens may take it into his or her head to go off to Jihad against their neighbour.

Whichever way you look at it, whether from Berlin or London, such a danger of random destruction does not come from those immigrants who as the Bible says, seek the peace of the city in which they have moved to, and who are loyal to their new land. The threats that hang over us do not come from those who read the Bible, the Vedas, the Torah or the Guru Granth Sahib . This threat of random death comes almost exclusively from those who follow the aggressive commands of the Qu’ran and who emulate the behaviour of the bestial founder of the Islamic creed, Mohammed.

The Germans and the British should both learn from our own shared histories, that appeasing the tyrant doesn’t remove or placate him, but only serves to make the tyrant more and more hungry. Appeasing Islam is no different from appeasing any other bully or dictator, you may buy a little temporary respite, but you will still be eaten in the end.


Original story from The Local news site in Germany

Michael Mannheimer article (in German) about number of deaths caused by Islamic immigrants to Germany.

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