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Bearded Savages of the Day number 43 – Danish Islamic gangster edition

December 16, 2012

Bearded savage panel

When the average person thinks of ‘protection rackets’ they normally think of one of the activities of the infamous Kray Twins of 1960’s London(1), or the Chicago gangsters of the Al Capone(2) era, or something similar.

However, for the Danes, the problems of criminal protection rackets is chiefly a problem caused by their Islamic population.

In some areas of Copenhagen, bar owners have been threatened by Islamic gangsters and now it seems Churches have been made the target of protection rackets run by Muslim gangs. In one case a church hired a firm of ‘Muslim security guards’ to stop the premises being attacked by Islamic gangsters.

It appears that Islamic gangs have declared that certain areas of Copenhagen are ‘their territory’ where Danish rules and Danish law are seen as less and less applicable. These areas appear to becoming more and more like mini Shariah statelets and the non Muslim inhabitants are being subject to the racist and xenophobic Islamic rules on Dhimmitude(3).

Although the extortion allegation against the church has been reported to the Danish police, the prospect of sufficientt punishment for the perpetrators doesn’t look good, a previous prosecution of a gang who intimidated a non Muslim bar owner, ended up with maximum sentences of 8 months according to the article from the Danish news source Ekstra Bladet, electronically translated and reproduced below.

It seems that there may be truth in the words of a commentator from JihadWatch, an ex-Muslim who said:…”the cruel cult of Mohammedanism is essentially a crime racket masquerading as a respectable religion.” When you see how Islam behaves when it is in a cohesive mass and by looking at Islamic history, it certainly looks, as if Islam as a philosophy, culture and social system, appears to owes more to the ethics and morals of Al Capone, than any recognised concept of a just and moral creator god.

Here’s the electronically translated story from the Danish news source Ekstra Bladet.

A new case of extortion in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been reported to the police.

This time the claim is not directed at a tavern, but a local church.

In August this year outraged case of Café Viking in the same town across the country, as the courageous owner, Jane Pedersen, came up against bullies and went public after threats and vandalism.

‘This is our territory’
Now it’s gone beyond Holy Cross Church on Chapel Road in the heart of Nørrebro, a few hundred meters from Blågårds Square.

Three young boys met up twice this week at the rear entrance to the church. Here notified the opposite verger that the church was in their territory and that should drop money.

Read also: Gangs extorting at least 11 business people

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, president of Private Rights Council in Blågårds Parish, confirms to that the church has reported the matter to the police.

– Three teenage boys visited our employees Tuesday and Wednesday and asked for money, because the church is in ‘their’ area. It was said clearly no, and since we have not seen more of the boys, says Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen.

– We have filed a police report, and now we await the police assessment, said the chairman.

Would into the children’s choir
The boys said no specific amount, and parish council chairman will not speculate on how the boys had imagined that the church should pay money for them.

Already on Monday met the boys first time at the church, where a children’s choir sang. They asked if there was anything in the church for them. It rejected the church employee, then the boys went. They came back and threatened Tuesday at noon and later Wednesday.

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen says that the activities of the Holy Cross Church continues as normal.

Police Commissioner Tom Arnoldsen, Bellahøj police, confirms to that the police had received a notification of possible blackmail:

– The notification requires further interrogation before we can evaluate it. It’s obviously something we follow up and take seriously. The kind must be nipped in the bud, says Tom Arnoldsen.

Encouraged to keep quiet learns that Thursday was sent an email around to the parish council, where they recommended not to comment on the incident. All should be made to ward chairman.

Church servants, who were subjected to extortion attempt, do not want to comment, as is the case with Gert Blak Mogensen, dean of Nørrebro deanery.

– The parish council chairman who speak out about such things. I have no comment, says dean for extra blade.

Neither Bishop Peter Skov-Jakobsen in Copenhagen diocese has comments. It also happens on the ground that it is a local matter, as parish council chairman to comment on.

In late November, a 19-year member of immigrant gang Brothas sentenced to eight months in prison at Copenhagen City Court in extortion case from Café Viking.

Links and Notes

Original article from Danish news source Ekstra Bladet

Jihad Watch take on church protection racket story (with a better translation than the electronic one above)

Cafe Viking story – bar owner stood up to Islamic protection racket gang.  Story from Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten

Note 1. The Kray Twins –

Note 2. Al Capone and 1930’s organised crime –

Note 3. The Jihadwatch article above has a poster ‘salaeemsmith’ who just below the main article in a comment, lists the major restrictions on those that an Islamic government allows to live as second class citizens or al-dhimmiah.

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