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Could William Hague be made to sing along to some unpleasant tunes?

December 12, 2012

Sometimes I look at Her Majesties Foreign and Commonwealth Office with a sense of utter despair that an organisation can contain so much brains but produce such poor policies.

Here is an organisation, allegedly packed to the gunnels with the cream of British talent, pre-eminent in their knowledge of world affairs, but which stupidly continues to follow the pro-Arab/pro Islamic world policies, that have got HM FCO scornfully nicknamed ‘The Camel Corp.’

Sadly this collection of brilliant minds sitting in King Charles Street has come up with policies towards Syria that are liable to contain a lot of medium term and long-term negative bounce back for the United Kingdom*.

If you have no more than a passing interest in the contents of newspapers and broadcast media or you have just done a web search for ‘William Hague’ or ‘Syria’ you cannot fail to have noticed the stream of support emanating from Mr Hague, the Foreign Secretary, and his department for the rebels in Syria.

Now I’m not saying that the Assad Govt was a nice regime to live under, far from it, but the sort of Government that is liable to be installed by the Syrian rebels is like as not to have an Islamist flavour. This is not a situation that benefits anyone apart from the aggressive Islamists. An islamic government in Syria would not replace dictatorship with freedom but just impose another type of dictatorship.

Those of us who observe the machinations of the Islamic world or who see the Arab Spring being replaced by an Islamic Winter, see those who fight under the cry of ‘Allah huAkbar’ as part of the future problems of the Arab countries post revolts, and not their solution. Those who fight under war cry of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ possess similar political and social views to those who in the a previous world conflict marched to war singing the Horst Wessell Lied. Why then are Hague and the FCO backing such an entity?

What were Hague and the FCO thinking when they recognised the Syrian Rebels as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people, haven’t they seen what happened in Libya and Egypt? Does the FCO even realise that there are British Islamic jihadis in Syria fighting against the Assad regime? Doesn’t the FCO (and the Home Office) consider what will happen when these jihadi’s, pumped up with Islamic religious nuttery and with military success, come back to the UK?

Every time I read one of the FCO’s / William Hague’s pronouncements on Syria I get more and more worried. I worry that Britain may have found themselves backing the very forces that will eventually turn their guns onto Britain itself and Britain’s democratic allies.

I’m sure that Mr Hague would never sing the Horst Wessel Lied even in jest (besides can you imagine him in Lederhosen? I can’t), but he must be careful that he doesn’t find himself singing along politically to other music, the music of Islamism and Shariah Law, that is often just a shallow remix, of the fascistic marching tunes of times long past.



..and which also sadly seem to be being followed by the Obama administration in the USA.

Note II

For those who don’t know, the Horst Wessel Lied was a notorious Nazi anthem. I will not link to any audio files for this song for many reasons but here is the Wiki entry on the HWL.

  1. Noggin the Nog permalink

    Hague is a nasty little homo who should be hanged for yreason, along with a whole load more.

    PS Gunwale. Gunnel was that runner with the big snout.

    • Thanks for the spelling correction. Hagues alleged sexuality has nothing to do with it, his incompetence however is another matter.

  2. Noggin the Nog permalink

    His sexuality has everything to do with it. Someone with the moral compass which thinks of buggery as pefectly normal should not run a whelk stall, let alone the FCO.

    If he is prepared to break hi vows to his wife and to God, it is past the bounds of possibility that he would lie to his elecorate.

    Never in the course of human history have morally decadent nations survived long.

    • First of all Noggin. You need to be legally careful about making statements that may or may not be true about people’s sexuality. I do edit stuff for libel reasons even though this blog is hosted outside the UK (I’ve no wish to be another libel defendant statistic). I make no comment about this particular person’s domestic or intimate preferences or arrangements, but what I will say is as far as I can ascertain there has been no credible evidence produced to say that the person concerned is anything other than robustly hetrosexual. Here endeth the libel law lesson.

      Secondly, someone’s sexuality normally has no bearing on whether or not they can do a particular job. On a battlefield for example, I’d rather be next to a gay soldier who shot straight than a hetreo soldier who couldn’t hit a barn door at ten paces.

      There are issues with the FCO but that comes down to the culture of the organisation not down to anything else.

      Where I will concur is that if an unspecified and unnamed politician cheats on their wife or partner then that does bring up some character issues. Would a politician who cheats in a relationship be altogether honest in other areas?

      If you can lie to your wife or partner and get away with it then would they also lie to the electors is another way to look at it.

  3. Noggin the Nog permalink

    If he’s not a pooftah, why does he want to normalise buggery by allowing them to ‘marry’ in places of worship?

    I can see absolutely no logical difference between saying that pooftahs are born that way, with a sexual attraction to members of the same sex, than saying that those which practice bestiality are simply living out there God given, innate sexuality. Same with paedos. But you will not accept those. Yet.

    50 years ago you would not have accepted homosexuality being rammed down people throats ( pardon the expression) every verse end, but you have been worn down by constant exposure to propaganda and now are even self-censoring, like a good little drone.

    I would be happy to bet a substantial amount that within 25 years the age of consent in this country will be 12. Mandelson, along with Blair, managed to legalise the buggery of children when they lowered gay consent by 5 years to 16, and Hague voted in agreement.

    And you think these perverts are fit to run a country.

    PS If Hague feels I have libelled him, let him sue. The Marquess of Queensbury defense will do me.

    • Sorry about the delay in approving your comment, life tends to overtake blogging sometimes.

      Firstly speaking as someone who grew up alongside, worked with and have employed people who happen to be Gay or Lesbian, I would say that I probably know a lot more about the subject than you do. Therefore I have to tell you that you appear to be wrong. There are good people among Lesbians and Gays and also some utter shits, just like anyone else and any other group.

      Re the Gay Marriage debate, I’m not personally in favour of the Coalition’s proposals as it is to my mind an unnecessary piece of legislation as there is already de facto equality because of Civil Partnerships. This row could have been avoided – by just making a simple amendment to the existing legislation to allow those religious organisations that want to carry out same sex commitment ceremonies for example Liberal Judaism or the Unitarians or the Quakers but offering protection to the Anglicans and the Catholics and the Orthodox Jews who do not want to carry out such ceremonies. There was no need for Cameron to open up such a large can of worms.

      The comparison between homosexuality and bestiality and paedophillia is incorrect as neither zoophiliacs or paedophiles are concerned about issues of consent also correctly the law says neither an animal or a child can consent to sexual activity. If you want cultures that approve of such abominations then look to the Islamic world.

      Also when you meet individuals who are ‘different’ then you start to realise that such people do not possess horns on their heads,and you find that you have more in common on a human level than just that which makes us different, such as sexuality or race (culture as I keep saying IS a different issue). To me accepting that fact was a part of growing up. Besides that I don’t care whether a customer is gay or straight just as long as his or her money is OK.

      Did I tell you that I used to work in promoting club nights at nightclubs for LGB people? When you work in that sort of environment you soon find that everyone’s money is the same colour as everyone elses.

      I also had some ethical issues with equalising the age of consent at 16 when this was current news but it doesn’t seem to have caused the sort of problems that were predicted. I would still however be in favour of a differential age of consent for sexual PRACTICES that need a considerable degree of emotional and mental maturity to do safely, such as Sado Masochism or similar things. Personally I’d set an age of consent for that sort of thing at 20 for many reasons, similarly I’d set an age of consent at 20 for legal prostitution as well.

      I’ve not been ‘propagandised’ I’ve just learned that most LGB people are not a threat the same as most straight people are not a threat. Oh and yes I have met and been friends with gay parents and their kids don’t seem to have turned out any different from straight kids of the same age. To my mind it is better an attentive gay parent than a mindless chav parent who uses the Television as a baby sitter and the child itself as a welfare earner.

      There will always be loons who call for a reduction in the age of consent and it is the duty of government NOT to listen to such loons. The view of the populace (and me) seems to be that an equal age of consent hasn’t caused problems but there would be a rightfully fearsome reaction if any government proposed to lower it. The age of consent (hetro and homo) should be left where it is, it is a good compromise between physical maturity for sexual relations and mental maturity. This is what works for our society.

      I’m afraid Noggin that I have to pull up up on a fact. The age of consent for homosexual activity post the 67 Sexual Offences Act was 21, this was reduced to 18 during the John Major government and finally equalised during the Labour govt in 2001,

      Lots of MP’s voted for an equal age of consent and if I recall correctly, the ‘for’ vote was cross party.

      Re your boast that you are not worried about being sued I’ve got a feeling that this may turn out to be a hollow boast should the lawyers come knocking on your door. I do say in my moderation policy that commentators should think carefully and own what they say.

      A quick note: please make all comments to this blog at the new site. This positively the last time a comment will be answered at this wordpress hosted blog, it’s all happening at the new place now.

      Finally, although I do not wish to censor, I’m getting a bit fed up with you hogging and derailing threads with your off the wall theories about race and sexuality. After all, there is very little about what you’ve gone on about (and to which I’ve replied to you about) which is relevant to the original post.

      We in the west have a significant problem with aggressive Islam, that is the enemy. To quote a Gay WWII sailor “what goes up someone elses arse won’t give you a headache’. Islam is a danger to us all whether we are gay or straight, male or female, black or white, let’s keep things on topic and correctly targeted please.

      Leave out the hobby horses, stick to the topic or be banned from here. That is my final word on the subject.

  4. Noggin the Nog permalink

    I assume the above will remain unposted. As you steadfastly refuse to print things you either disagree with or are concerned may attract the approbrium of the very people you claim to despise, and will not even discuss matters via mail, I give up now.

    Expect a torrid time if you stumble across me on a blog that permits free speech.

    I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but, well… it wasn’t.

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