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Can we still trust the police to be impartial?

December 11, 2012

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Because I’ve been reading a fair bit about policing recently and following stories about policing and observing the recent Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I’ve started to notice how the UK Police appear to be less and less impartial, especially when it comes to dealing with Islam and Islamofascism.

I’ve covered here before how during a demonstration by supporters of Islamic attacks on Israel/the situation in Gaza (delete applicable depending on political view) a flag representing the banned Islamic terror group Hezbollah was flown openly in Central London with none of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘finest’, taking any action against the flag flyer, despite alleged complaints about the flag from members of the public.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone flew the flag of a non Muslim group that had been banned by the Home Office? What about if someone flew a swastika flag for support a banned neo Nazi organisation in central London? From my knowledge and observation of the constabulary, the police would most certainly want to have a few words with whoever was flying such a flag. Why then do the police allow Islamic demonstrators to fly the flag of a banned Islamic organisation with impunity? It does appear very much like favouritism towards Islamic causes and does look, to many of the public at least, like differential policing.

The second case that made me think about police impartiality is the story of Herefordshire’s ‘Useful Idiot’ Police Superintendent Charlie Hill who not only is in favour of a mosque being built where there wasn’t one before, but who actively appeared to be cheer-leading for it. Would he have done this same cheer-leading for the Anglicans, the Catholics, the Jews or the followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I don’t think so.

You cannot consider the idea of the police losing their impartiality where Islam is concerned without looking at the various Islamic Grooming gang scandals that have occurred in the UK. Although these cases are now starting to be prosecuted, the police are accused of having a long and shameful history in not trying hard enough to bring cases where Islamic individuals were involved. In one case, the police arrested the father of a young girl who had been systematically abused by a group of Islamic males, for ‘racism’ after he was found trying to get into a building where his daughter was being held and abused.

These are three situations that I have blogged about, sadly there is likely to be a whole lot more instances of the UK Police handling Britain’s Islamic guests with softer hands than they would use for other groups.

So how did this state of affairs come about? The Labour Party, kept out of office for nearly two decades by the Conservative Party, wanted to re make the country in the image of the party’s ‘democratic socialist’ policies. To do this they did what no Government should do, they corrupted the administration system. Civil Servants learned to parrot the ‘I love diversity’, ‘multiculturalism works’ lines for fear of losing their jobs or being passed over for promotion and everyone was put in no doubt that Labour were the only game in town. Having seen the inside of the civil service for a short while during the Labour years, I saw for myself how people’s careers were adversely affected because they disagreed with the mandatory, hectoring ‘diversity courses‘ that they were required to attend.

The police were placed under enormous pressure to appear not to be ‘racist’. Every action that the police took was scrutinised by various pressure groups, elected representatives and members of the quangocracy. The police complied with the mountain of ‘anti racist’ edicts in order to keep their jobs and advance and also kept their mouths shut even when they must have been able to see problems, especially problems with Islamic aggression, mounting in Britain. These police problems were compounded by members of senior police management who seemed to behave more like Labour politicians than respectable police officers, a prime example of such a creature is Sir Ian Blair the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

The Police in the UK seem to be rapidly losing the trust of the general population because of this pandering to Islam, and often giving it free pass. No other group, whether religious or political is allowed to constantly threaten to kick off violently like Islam is. This sense that the law is not being administered or applied equally will I’m afraid cause social problems in the future. Already I think that we have a situation where if a Muslim complains about a non Muslim then the police will jump to action, but if a non Muslim complains about Islamic aggression and hatred then the matter will filed in the round filing cabinet and never heard of again.

We must get our police politically impartial again, we must remove the Labour Party politics from our police forces because this is the politics that is poisoning our police forces.

Never again must young girls and women be continually raped and their complaints ignored just to help some police careerist tick the right box on a diversity feedback form, never again should police officers be so closely identified with one particular political party.

We need a police force that will police us all, equally and by consent. If we don’t as a nation get that, then I can foresee many people ceasing to co-operate with the police, and that would not be in the long term interests of society.


Banned Islamic Terror group flys flag in central London

Herefordshire’s Islam promoting Police Officer

The lid pops off the Islamic grooming gang barrel

Offsite article: “Diversity courses are useless and harmful but compulsory’

Sir Ian Blair biog from the BBC

  1. The answer is ‘No’. Next question?…

    • Yup, and everytime that someone comes to that conclusion it is one less person who expects the police to do what we ALL pay them for.

      It is not a good state of affairs.

  2. MTG permalink

    I was raised in a Village environment, in which our long-trusted Sergeant held a key social position. I remained a keen supporter of police well into my student days but all trust is gone and the UK is now much the worse for betrayal and polarisation.

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