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Hey, Hattie, leave that Press alone.

December 10, 2012

To the tune of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ by Pink Floyd – inspired by a poster at Guido’s ( and if you are too young to remember the original tune that the satire is based on then HERE it is.)

‘We don’t need no press regulation

Hattie leave press freedom alone,

You want back Pravda, devoid of truth

Hey Hattie !  leave that press alone’

When I see Harriet Harman pontificating about how necessary it is to have controls on the UK Press, I shudder. I shudder because I’ve lived through possibly one of the worst Labour governments in British History and I can’t think of a person I would trust less to speak on issues of press freedom.

The Labour regime between 1997 and 2010 was categorised by unsustainable levels of immigration, not all of it by people with cultures that would fit in with that in the UK, oppressive taxation , attacks on freedom of speech, and a mushrooming state surveillance culture. As if that wasn’t enough the Labour Government borrowed and extorted money from where ever it could, behaving like a shivering junkie clucking for another fix and desperate for cash.

We’ve all suffered from having to live under Labour’s ‘Potemkin Society’, where economic figures bore no relation to reality, where some groups were more equal than others, and where pointing out that the multiculturalist emperor had no clothes became a criminal offence.

During the Labour regime, the civil service and the police became politicised and Labour local Government in some cases turned a blind eye to one of the greatest sexual abuse scandals of modern times, that of Islamic grooming gangs.

When Harman whips out her forked tongue to call for state press regulations, do you forget all the disasters of the last (and hopefully last ever) Labour government, I don’t. It was the Press that revealed some of the scandals of the last administration, for example in its immigration and border control policies. We heard about these scandals because of the existence of a free press. but if Harriet Harman’s preferred press control option comes about you need to ask yourself: Would we have heard of these scandals if Harman’s Law was in place then? Personally I think that Labour would abuse such a law if in government to suppress criticism not only of government per se, but of Labour’s pet obsession ‘enforced multiculturalism’ and the worship of the great god ‘diversity’.

I don’t want to see press controls imposed by the state, but I want to see the sort of powers that Harriet Harman wants to see even less. I don’t believe the assurances of anybody who is in favour of the ‘full Leveson’ that this ‘underpinning by legislation’ would not be abused by politicians.

I cannot imagine that a future Labour government would not use such laws to censor news of crimes that endanger ‘community cohesion’ such as the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomenon.

It is at times like this that I’m glad that people like Harman are safely in opposition.



Guido Fawkes on Harriet Harman on the subject of control of the press and offshore blogs

  1. Noggin the Nog permalink

    So, you disagree with censorship, except when you do it?

    • There is a difference between censorship and derailment of threads with off beat and often disproved theories about ‘racial science’ and comparing involuntary killing of the disabled with abortion.

      May I draw your attention to the subject of this post, which is Harman cheerleading for Leveson?

  2. Thing is both Hattie and her hubby jack were well documented stalwarts of PIE the Paedophile Information Exchange. Something they try very hard to keep out of the news…

    • Yeah that is true. NCCL were certainly hoodwinked into supporting PIE, something that must make a lot of modern lefties feel a bit uncomfortable about.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    I can see this being a ‘for thee but not for me’ thing too; no news of child molesting ‘slims, but wall to wall coverage of the Christian who dared to eat a bacon sandwich near a ‘slim during ramadan.
    Speaking of PIE, isn’t Peter (we’re queer not child molesters) Tatchell a supporter?

    • No I don’t think Tatchell has had anything to do with PIE. He made some ill advised comments about reducing the age of consent a few years back but he has not had anything to do with PIE. As an aside, the 1980’s PIE case is interesting not only for the fact that the police made a strenuous effort to break PIE, and who supported them but for thehistorical curiousity of the charges they were prosecuted under.

      I think that if anything has shown up the moral bankruptcy of the Left in the UK it was the playing down of Islamic Grooming Gangs.

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