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From elsewhere: The NHS cannot be cured by throwing money at it

December 9, 2012

The blogger Raedwald wrote a piece about the failings of the NHS.  I’ve reposted it with my own comment as it hits the spot with what I have seen going wrong with the NHS as well.

Having seen recently how state-run hospitals treat the vulnerable, I’m more than ever in favour of breaking up the NHS.  The NHS has failed, it has become a costly monolith that no amount of money or re organisation can sort out.  It needs to be junked and a replacement found, one that doesn’t allow the state itself to run the hospitals.  Like many state industries the NHS suffers from not having to consider what the customer wants.

The NHS is also a sclerotic inefficient bureaucracy, the like of which no other country has copied.    The state-run NHS has also  invested heavily in bells and whistles technological medicine but appears to have given up as unncessary the idea that someone should be cared for in a humane manner whilst they are in hospital.

The NHS is not run for the benefit of the patients (especially those who have over time paid in the most to the NHS via tax and National Insurance), but for the benefit of the staff.  The idea that the patients are customers who’ve paid in to what they thought was an insurance based service, seems to be anathema to NHS staff, from the highest manager filling in their time with worthless diversity consultations, right though to the nurse who can’t be arsed to leave the nurses station.

Here’s an excerpt from Raedwalds’ article:

“If you’re old, if you’re sick, if you’re inarticulate or incapacitated, if you haven’t got a sharp-elbowed champion to protect you from the NHS, then avoid hospital admission like Ebola. An NHS where consultants are the new GPs and the average junior doctor has about as much knowledge of medicine as a PC World salesboy has of motherboards, where nursing staff have never been so highly paid or so poorly vocationally committed, where staff have to be coerced to wash their hands, and where basic human dignity has little place. If you’re inconvenient, a nuisance or they simply can’t make a diagnosis, you risk being placed on the Liverpool Death Pathway, deprived of food and water and drugged to the point of unconsciousness until you die. It’s less offensive than the method used by the T4 clinics to euthanise patients – an exhaust hose from a truck – but none the less effective. 

More and more frequently one hears from friends, relatives and colleagues or reads in papers of all flavours of the deaths of relatives or spouses from lack of care at the hands of the NHS. Even as I write, hundreds of older people, many who served this nation in the last war, are being shepherded towards institutional death. How many would have fared better at home, cared for by relatives, with visits from a wise GP? How many would have recovered, won another decade of quality life? Of course there are few wise GPs left. “

Read more at:

If you don’t understand the T4 reference in Raedwalds piece then that is alluding to a street in pre war Berlin Tiergartenstrasse 4 where the Nazi ‘doctors’ planned and controlled the operation to kill Germany’s disabled population.

More information about this can be found at the US Holocaust Museum site below but for a more detailed account I would advise that you read ‘Death and Deliverance  – a study of Nazi euthanasia’ by Michael Burleigh  –  ISBN 0330488392

Details of Aktion T4

  1. Noggin the Nog permalink

    NHS is a joke. A very sick one.

    The only difference between the Nazi docs killing adults who were disabled and UK docs killing 190,000 unborn children a year and goodness knows how many adults through negligence and neglect is that the NHS seems far more proficient at it.

    • Well I have to disagree with you about the ‘killing of 190k unborn children comment’ because I’m pro-choice when it comes to termination of preganancy.

      I will agree that the NHS is a sick joke now and that the concept of humane care seems to have disappeared from the NHS.

      Maybe,as one of the posters on Raedwald’s article said, it is time to return the hospitals to the charities that they were stolen from in 1948.

  2. Noggin the Nog permalink

    ‘Termination of pregnancy’ is Newspeak for ‘killing an unborn baby’, very often for the reason that it may be disabled.

    You are a hypocrite if you decry German methods but welcome the NHS’s final solution for these babies.

    When you consider that the equivalent of the entire population of Sweden has been slaughtered in the womb in the last 40 years in the UK alone, often for no better reason than convenience, and compare the declining birth rate of the indigenous with the explosion of birth rates in muslims and blacks, we face a demographic time bomb. We will be the minority, indeed, if you are white and English in London or Birmingham you already are an ethnic minority today.

    I too am pro choice; both partners accept the fact that a baby may be the net result of a little bump and grind, and those not willing to bear that responsibility should either get the snip or keep their pants on. That’s choice. Killing your unborn child is nothing short of murder, and those incapable of engaging in contraceptive sex should not be allowed the expedient of killing the offspring they care nothing for. I find it hard to fathom a greater wickedness than to deliberately kill an unborn baby because you either don’t fancy the partner much after you’ve sobered up or would rather continue with meaningless sexual relationships than bear the responsibilty of your own actions.

    There are no two ways about it; you cannot be sanctimonious about Germans killing disabled outside the womb when we do it inside the womb on a scale which puts German efficiency to shame.

    • Noggin, this is not a thread or place to debate abortion or the rights and wrongs of it, you stated your opinion of abortion and I gave mine, leave it at that. I have my opinion and you have yours. Abortion is an emotive subject that is affects different people in different ways, I dislike abortion but I dislike prohibition of abortion more. Also you are starting to go on about ‘blacks’ again. Please bear in mind what I have said previously. This is not a racist site. I let your comment on a previous thread about ‘it’s because they are pakis’ slide not wanting to be too prescriptive, but any repetition of complaining about ‘blacks’ will get you banned from here. This is your last warning.

      We are all, whatever our skin colour, at risk from oppression by Islamic Shariah Law. Please concentrate on that subject.

  3. Noggin the Nog permalink

    Proscriptive. Forget it. And you ignored my e-mail.

    • Firstly I haven’t yet got round to my email. I will do but I do have other things in life. Thank you for the spelling correction, I shall print it out as a reminder.

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