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The UK contains an awful lot of ‘divvys*’

December 1, 2012

It appears that 65,000 have signed the petition on the Hacked Off website in favour of the British press being subject to state control. What this proves is that Britain contains a lot of morons who cannot see beyond the end of their nose, and are blindly condemning this country to a neutered press.

This group, probably have been led by emotions brought on by the sight of various celebs whining about intrusion by a media without which such a thing as a ‘celeb’ wouldn’t exist, and the McCann’s** and others shroud-waving about their undoubted and sometimes proven, ill-treatment by the Press.

This 65,000 strong posse of the short-sighted, cannot see that by supporting state control of the press, they are condemning their children and grandchildren to a world where journalists have to think before following up any potential story, thoughts like ‘would the government like this, or would XYZ pressure group like this?’ That to me doesn’t sound much like a free press to me, that sounds like something that wouldn’t be out-of-place in the former East Germany.

But, but, I hear the chorus of Lefty mouth-breathers cry, this is Britain, we have a responsible parliamentary middle of the road government, overt censorship won’t happen. However, here is my ‘but’, can you imagine what, for example, a future extremist Labour government would do with such a press control law. The various parasitical government-funded pressure groups (that Labour encouraged to grow with taxpayers money) would constantly badger the press with threats of legal action causing journalists to stay away from stories about certain subjects, or cover them in a non threatening way.  This would turn the press into little more than Government propaganda mouthpieces.  

Would you want to see a press that was forbidden to discuss or publicise the problems of excessive immigration, or a press that refused to report problems with the NHS, or crime figures that would embarrass the government?

Would the widespread problems of Islamic Grooming Gangs that seem to operate with impunity in some of this countries ‘Labour One-Party-States’ have been highlighted if some Leftist/Islamic group could have used legal measures to spike these stories?

I believe that under state press control none of these stories would have come to light, and I believe that when people think coolly and carefully about this matter, then they may not want this sort of neutered press either.

Of course there are problems with the press, but there is no need for any new and novel restrictions on press freedom. All the misdemeanour’s and crimes that the press have committed are punishable under existing laws. There is no need to have new legislation on this matter. There is sufficient means to punish miscreants in the media, what went wrong was these laws were not applied.

Yes, the press has behaved in a bit of a scummy way, but I’d rather have my press a bit scummy but free rather than responsible and shackled in immutable chains wrought by the very politicians and others, who have the most to fear from a free press.

To conclude, I’ve not been totally enamored of David Cameron’s performance as Prime Minister, but I definitely support him standing up to the whines of special interest groups such as Hacked Off, and hope that he will not be the first PM in centuries to curtail the press.  



* For my non British readers, the word ‘Divvy’ means a stupid or foolish person.

**Note: The McCann’s were the subject of not only a terrible tragedy but also untrue press speculation, for which I empathise, but I do feel they are being used by Leftist advocates of state press control in order to push the idea. People have an emotional response to the McCanns, which is understandable, but that emotional response should not decide the future of press freedom.


  1. Tondew permalink

    I was asked yesterday if I really thought the press could be trusted to regulate themselves. I replied “No I don’t, but I trust them more than I trust the state.”

  2. dan permalink

    I signed it. I signed ‘what a load of effing nonsense’. The total went up by 1.
    I’m sure quite a few others are having similar fun

    • Are you trying to say that a proportion of the much vaunted 65k of signatures are shall we say, complete bollocks?

      • See any recent poll claiming huge numbers!

      • Yeah there are probably a lot of ‘Mickey Mouse’s’ in that list..

        I’m also suspicious about the short time scale in which the ‘call for the whole Leveson’ resulted in such a high number. I believe that when these figures are looked into it may show that not all names may be able to be verified.

  3. As I understood it, the proposal was for press to establish a code of practice and for legislation to be brought forward to force them to sign up for it which is not quite the same as statutory regulation?

    • And do you really believe that that is where it would stay? Do you really believe that this wouldn’t be used as a ‘first step’ to greater Govt control over the press? Besides that, if the press are being forced to sign up to a code of practice what difference is that from statutory regulation?

      No, I’m afraid I’d much rather have the press as they are, warts and all, with journalists, as with any citizen, subject to sanction when they break the criminal law, and when civil matters such as libel are alleged.

      If I was in the PM’s position I would be ripping up the Leveson report as it is a poison chalice of a report, which if implemented will have far reaching and probably negative consequences.

  4. Martin permalink

    The child neglecting McCanns courted the press when it suited them and still do. Didn’t they ring sky news before they rang the police when Madeleine went ‘missing’? It was all going so well for them with photo shoots and loads of money being donated until……

    (F211 says Libelous accusation about the McCanns snipped from this comment by Martin)

    • Martin, I’m not going to allow gratuitous libel on this blog, and I say I dont’ allow gratuitous libel in the About F211 page.

      I’m not going to get into a debate about the McCann’s childcare skills but my the McCann’s do seem to have been very naive in how the expected the press to be 100% on side all the time (the press is an independently minded animal) and they have also been naive in allowing themselves to be used by leftist front groups such as Hacked Off.

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