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November 29, 2012

For those people who are trying to reach the excellent centre-Left blog, Harry’s Place via this blog, please be aware that their site appears to have been attacked (personally I’d blame the Iranians who I believe have form for denial of service attacks) and is currently off-line.

I understand from HP that they are doing their best to get the site back up and running again but it is still offline this morning.

I’ll be glad when HP is back as I miss my daily injection of left wingers who are  not as mad as a box of frogs.


Here is a lefty who IS as mad as a box of frogs

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  1. Paris Claims permalink

    They’re a bunch of hyprocrites who might like to try reading that nonsense at the top of their homepage about freedom and causing offence………………..

    (Idiotic and easily disprovable antisemitic meme deleted from Paris’s post)

  2. Utter bollocks I’m afraid Paris. This Judaism is Bolshevism schtick has been tried before in Germany between 1933 and 1945. It was bollocks then and it is bollocks now.

    Now why not concentrate on the world of reality, you may find it’s good for you.

    Apologies for that readers.

  3. Paris, your film clip is in my trash file.

    I can see what you are trying to get at, and it doesn’t wash. Yes so, the Jewish Left is idiotic, So is the Christian Left, from what I’ve read so is the Whatever-Left in loads of,other groups, The Left is a disaster area full stop.

  4. Paris Claims permalink

    You miss my point. I am more concerned than most with the rising tide of anti-Semitism. I have great admiration for the vast majority of Jewish people I have noticed a huge upsurge recently especially on “nationalist & anti islam” blogs. The word “holohoax” is now being openly banded around many blogs and there is an increasing amount of admiration for Hitler. I believe socialism is a mental disorder, that discourages hard work, enterprise, inititive and self-reliance. I care not whether these socialists are Jews, muslims or white Englishmen, my contempt for them is equal.
    But the fact remains, a disproportionate amount of influential Jews are pushing the mult-cult agenda down everyone’s throats, and I just wish they’d shut up. They are their own worst enemies

    • Firstly Paris, there are also a disproportionate number of middle class women involved in leftism, there are also a disproportionate number of non Oxbridge, or Anglican people being involved in leftism, and so on and so on.

      Secondly I believe that Leftism has been a False Messiah for the Jewish People, it promised much but turned deadly pretty quickly, look at what happened to the Jews in Russia who backed the Soviets, many of them became ‘statistics’ under Stalin. Also Leftism seemed to be a secular way of obeying the commandments to look after ones neighbour and also a secular way of satisfying the commandment to give time and money to a good cause. Unfortunately Leftism, didn’t make society better it made things worse.

      Thirdly I agree with you about the distaste for Holocaust denial popping up on anti Jihadist blogs, it is wrong morally and also a distraction from the fight in hand.

      Fourthly, it’s not just Jews who are involved in pushing multiculturalism, in fact if you look at the promoters of MC, you will find within that group a majority of non Jews.

      Fifthly, the importation of anti-semitic Islamic far rightists is a problem for Jew and Non Jew alike. You are correct in saying that Islamic far rightism isn’t good for the Jews (nor anyone else for that matter)

      Sixthly, (and where I do agree with you) is that high profile involvement by Jews in policies that are damaging society as a whole, damages the image and reputation of the Jewish people.

      Seventhly, Yup socialism is a mental illness, to support socialism means suspending any critical faculties that you may have.;

  5. Harry’s Place might have been a centre-left blog at one time but it’s nothing but an inverted Cif these days. You can generally tell the tone of the site by the type of people it attracts and the fact I’ve found myself in the minority when arguing against torture pretty much says it all. The odd post on worker’s rights is usually met with derision and I lost all faith when some twat started suggesting a financial transaction tax was immoral …

  6. Matt permalink

    I think you have to make a distinction between Harrys Place and the comments left there.

    Admittedly the commentators tend to be of the ‘right wing old man’ variety, the critical accumilation off which is usally a death knell to any Forum or blog.

    The tone of the comments tend to be pro Republican and fiercely Pro Israel. The first isnt my cup of Tea party and the second , whilst an extreme end of the position I occupy is something I can understand as a reaction to the vile Anti Israeli attitude that has become a form of equally ill informed pseudo racism on the Far left.

    The writers tend to be balanced with Pro and anti attitudes and have in the past put a great deal of work into combatting the far right as well as islamist attitudes.

    And Gene is just the perfect emetic to a comments section full of Republican supporters!

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