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“If you don’t like how things are done in this country, get the hell out of here. No one is forcing you to stay.”

November 28, 2012

Powerful and angry article from the right-wing Jewish Defence League.

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It is now time for the Muslims in Britain who don’t support, aggressive expansionism, Shariah law, terrorism, abuse of women and children, to speak out much more loudly than they have done before against the problems that so obviously exist in Islamic culture.

Britain has undoubtably benefited from the skills and dynamism of immigrants over centuries.  Islam sadly has not brought those skills and dynamism to the UK but has only brought a culture of poncing and aggression, which is causing huge costs to our nation both fiscally and in the damage to our society.

Copied article from JDL begins below:

There is nothing British about Muslims in Britain

Demented and retarded UN-British Muslims burning poppies in London and holding placards telling British soldiers to burn in hell. 

It’s time we stopped referring to Muslims in the UK as “British” Muslims, because there is absolutely nothing British about these people. Not even those who were born here!

Most of them came here from Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc… and the majority of those who were born here are children from immigrants. They are citizens of the countries they came from and not British.

In most countries outside Great Britain, the children of foreign nationals are NOT automatically considered nationals of the country they were born in, unless one of the parents is from that country. So when both parents are not from the country they should not be considered citizens at all, unless their parents were citizens when the children were born.

Being British is more than just being born in Britain. Being British means that you stand for Britain, that you obey British laws, and that you accept British customs and values as your own.

Muslims in Britain have none of these qualities. Most are of Pakistani origin, most do not obey the country’s laws and want sharia law to replace our own laws. They do not have an inch of Britishness in them. 

Being British does not mean wearing jeans and high heels, it does not mean studying in our schools and universities, and it surely does not mean speaking English (although most speak it very badly too. Even that they cannot learn properly).

Muslims in Britain are simply unable to assimilate. They have a complete (and immoral) set of “values” – if you can call it that – and they harbour a deep hate for Britain and anything British, as much as they hate any free society, even though these demented individuals would not have the same freedom anywhere else in the Islamic countries their parents ran away from.

Muslims in Britain are constantly causing trouble for British society, demanding rights they have no right to have, demanding special treatment, and treating indigenous British people as second class citizens. Muslims in Britain commit the most atrocious crimes and somehow manage to get away with it, because our society has been brainwashed to accept their vile and immoral behaviour as “cultural”. We have been told to tolerate intolerable things, such as Muslim paedophile gangs that prey on our white girls, rape them, drug them and use them as sex playthings.

We are constantly being forced to stop all criticism of these people least we are called “Racist”.

Most shocking of all, is the fact that the UK police force take the side of Muslims in their extreme actions, for example, read how a JDL UK member was arrested for trying to debate hate filled, anti-Semitic Muslims in the center of London.. a few months later, just a few minutes from were the incident took place, a picture was taken of the officer involved in the arrest of our member, pussy footing around with a violent Muslim who was openly showing his allegiance to the Mujahideen.

Of course, the tolerance shown by the British police to Extremist Muslims is not exactly returned in kind. This video shows a 1000+ strong Muslim mob who, after attending a ‘free Gaza’ rally, decided to riot in central London and attack police officers.

“British” Muslim terrorist supporter, and anti-Semitic scum – holding a flag promoting Hezbollah, the terrorist group that invaded Lebanon, murdered most Christians, and who are now trying to murder Jews in Israel. 

It has been observed that most Muslims in the UK are terrorist supporters, a huge percentage of them (65%) want sharia law in Britain and a staggering 75% are anti-Jewish too. So what exactly is “British” about these indigents? Why are they here?

It is obvious that the majority of these people do not wish to follow British law and are constantly causing trouble in our streets with their violent behaviour. They are unable to behave themselves in a civilized manner and when they take to the streets to protest, it is ALWAYS about some other country which they have absolutely no link to, such as the City of Gaza in Israel.

It has been noted that they do not care about Britain at all and only want to use our democracy and our laws to push their own laws. They use our own democracy to demand the end of democracy. They use our own freedom of speech to demand an end of freedom of speech. So why are we tolerating these imbeciles, I ask you? What makes our society so brain dead that some of us are simply unable to see what these people are trying to do to our country?

72% of British people believe that Muslims do not wish to assimilate. This is also a staggering figure. And who is to blame but Muslims themselves and their antics?

The UK may be diverse. There are a myriad of immigrants here and all of them bring with them their cultural background, which in most cases is a good thing. I am very keen on the Hindus and their food and culture, which I find phenomenal. I am also very keen on the Japanese, the Chinese, the Germans, the Brazilians, the Spanish, the Koreans, and even on the Lebanese (Christian and Jews) culture! But I am definitely not keen on the Muslim “culture”, since it offends me. Muslims follow a book which is deprived of anything and everything spiritual, or decent. I do not appreciate the way they treat women and children, I do not appreciate their beliefs, and I do not appreciate their laws (sharia law). And I don’t have to either. I find these people utterly disrespectful of our society and customs and I do not agree they have any right to demand any special treatment whatsoever.

Furthermore I do not appreciate the manner in which these Muslims from all kinds of Islamic countries, try to get involved in issues about countries they know nothing about, such as Israel. These people leave their countries but bring their wars with them, and quite frankly we don’t need this crap over here.

You will have noticed how many times these indigents go out in the streets to protest about the “apartheid” in Israel, when Israel is the most multicultural and achieving country in the whole of the Middle East, not to mention that these people have never set a foot in Israel.

They protest about the “starving Palestinians in Gaza” but fail to realize Gaza is the 8th country with the most obese people in the planet. So much for “starving”, heh?

They have the front to turn out in thousands to protest for ‘Palestine’, yet when it is revealed that their Muslim brothers are grooming underage British girls in many towns in the North of England.. their silence is deafening.

These people just piss me off. They are ignorant, brainwashed and utterly violent.

Most people can debate with others and disagree on things without having to use physical violence, but not Muslims. Oh no! These individuals are aggressive, violent and cannot tolerate the slightest criticism to their “religion” or fake prophet. It’s appalling and pathetic to say the least.

But it becomes our problem when we allow them to get away with it. It affects us all and our whole society. It’s time to put a stop to this and use our freedom of speech to fight against this disgusting intolerance for the truth.

I am just waiting for some idiot to comment and call us “racist” or use the rhetoric of “inciting racial hatred” or even say that they “feel offended” with our comments. Well, let me make a few things very clear to all our readers:

1. Islam is not a race. We are free to criticize and ridicularize it if we want. This is our right. It is called Freedom of Speech, and freedom of speech consists of telling things that some may find offensive.

2. In order to incite “racial” hatred, one has to focus on a particular race. Since Islam is not a race and neither are Muslims, this old and stupid misused rhetoric does not apply either.

3. We do not care if you are offended with our comments. Your very customs and beliefs offend us greatly, they offend us even more than any offence we could possibly cause you. And if the truth offends you, tough! Deal with it by growing a thick skin.

If any Muslims wish to complain that they do not like this article, our reply is that this is simply a reaction to the constant anti-Semitism, Jew hatred and lies, propaganda and hatred against the state of Israel, all of these being constantly purported from many British Muslims.

And quite frankly we don’t give a shit.
If you don’t like how things are done in this country, get the hell out of here. No one is forcing you to stay. Return back to the countries you came from or go to any Islamic country of your preference. Go and live under your evil sharia law elsewhere, and return to the repressive society you so dearly crave!

We call on all our politicians to take note of this and act now! If they don’t, it is only a matter of time before the people of this country take the law into their own hands, and mark my words, it WILL happen. And those who enabled this madness shall be the first to be fed to the crocodiles.

You will no longer find the British people tolerating this crap, and neither should we.

Your place is NOT amongst us. We do not appreciate SAVAGERY. The 7th century is gone. This is the 21st century, and if Muslims are unable to come to grips with CIVILIZATION, they have no place in civilized countries.

Enough is enough! NEVER AGAIN!

  1. Very interesting. I agree that if people live in a foreign country then they should try and fit in to that country’s way of doing things or at least not try and change the people who already live there. It’s their country after all.

  2. Dioclese, what is annoying is that other groups have come to the UK and have fitted in. These other groups may have had a different Sabbath or ate different food or had a second or third language besides English, but none of these groups have gone as all out to destroy our culture like the followers of Islam have. In the past there have been conflict between ‘old Brits’ and ‘new Brits’ but these conflicts have been resolved by a bit of give and take on both sides. Islam appears incapable of giving but only of taking.

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