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I wonder how much Islamic cousin-cousin marriage is costing the UK and the UK health and social care services?

November 26, 2012

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In the West and in the Judaeo-Christian world as a whole, it is normally frowned upon to indulge in incest. Morris dancing is acceptable but not incest*. The Biblical Levitical rules of who you can procreate with, mostly keep relatives sexually distant enough to reduce the number of recessive gene birth defects.

Not so Britain’s Islamic population Bearded Savages, they along with other Bearded Savages elsewhere in Europe, seem to go for incest in a big way in the form of Cousin-Cousin marriage.

This appalling practice of procreating with someone who is closely related causes horrific rates of birth defects. The children who result from these consanguineous relationships suffer from various levels of defects ranging from mental retardation to sensory disabilities and raised infant mortality.

Despite the evidence that cousin marriage is harmful to the offspring, not only are bearded savages continuing this practice but also that some Islamic leaders are encouraging it or saying it’s not a problem.

Even when respected geneticists such as Professor Steve Jones of University College London point out the problems in places like Bradford there is still denial and lies from Islamic groups.

Professor Jones said:

“‘Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.’ “    (F211 adds maybe that is why Respect did so well in Bradford, it’s the party for inbred and retarded LOL !  )

Mohammed Shafique of the Ramadhan Foundation an Islamic propaganda group said in this Daily Mail article:

“‘I know many Muslims who have married their cousins and none of them have had a problem with their children.

Obviously, we don’t want any children to be born disabled who don’t need to be born disabled, so I would advise genetic screening before first cousins marry.

‘But I find Steve Jones’s comments unworthy of a professor. Using language like “inbreeding” to describe cousins marrying is completely inappropriate and further demonises Muslims.’ “

At what point does the evidence that cousin marriage isn’t a good thing start to penetrate? At what point does a Muslim say ‘on this the Prophet Mohammed and his followers were wrong, do I really need to shag my cousin?’

Also if you don’t want to call it ‘inbreeding’ what do you want to call it?

As regards ‘demonising Muslims’ I think that Muslims do that job pretty well for themselves. As far as myself (I speak as someone who’s wife narrowly missed being killed in an Islamic terror attack) and many others are concerned Islam demonises itself each time that Mohammed’s deluded followers fly planes into buildings, bomb public transport, slice off women’s clitorises, and call for the destruction of other groups or any one of the numerous ‘civilisation fails’ that seem so often to be associated with Islam and its followers.

Oh and the killer punch is that we as taxpayers are funding the care that these poor child victims that are the result of Islamic Cousin-cousin marriage. Pakistani Muslims make up according a WikiIslam report quoting a BBC report 3% of the UK population but account for 1 in 3 of birth defect cases. Also according to the same source cousin marriage is very widespread.

A BBC report discussed Pakistanis in the United Kingdom, 55% of whom marry a first cousin. Given the high rate of such marriages, many children come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages. The report states that these children are 13 times more likely than the general population to produce children with genetic disorders, and one in ten children of first-cousin marriages in Birmingham either dies in infancy or develops a serious disability.[6]

So there you have it. The bearded savages refuse to stop shagging their cousins but still expect the UK taxpayer to pay for the long-term care of their damaged offspring. Offspring who are damaged deliberately by those who enter into cousin-cousin marriage, despite the known problems with such relationships.


Daily Mail article on Inbred Islamics 

WikiIslam article on Islamic cousin marriage

Jihad Watch articles on Islamic cousin marriage in UK and Denmark



Danish special schools filling up with mentally retarded offspring of Islamic first cousin marriages


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