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Bearded Savage of the Day Number 31 ( plus Update on B.S.O.D 29)

November 9, 2012

Still showing that the idea of a civilised Islamic society is as oxymoronic as the idea of the Gary Glitter Creche, today’s steaming helping of Bearded Savagery comes from, you’ve guessed it, Pakistan.


Now if you or I or anyone else in a civilised nation or culture had a familial dispute, it might be resolved by harsh honest words being exchanged or a bit of argy-bargy or even a legal tussle. Not so in the twisted universe of the Bearded Savage, where in Pakistan, children are given in marriage in settlement of debt or to resolve tribal issues. This is similar to the case at BSOD 19 and it is completely gobsmacking that a nation like Pakistan and a culture like Islam can have the brass balls to ask for respect when this sort of behaviour is not an aberration in the culture, but sadly IS the culture.


Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported that:


The parents of a 6-year-old girl in Pakistan’s Swat Valley say tribal authorities are forcing them to marry off their daughter to resolve a family feud.  A Jirga tribal assembly in the village of Ashari ruled that the girl, Bibi Roza, should be married to a member of a rival family in order to resolve a dispute between the two clans”


I wonder what the argument was about if it required the exchange of a six year old child in settlement?


RFL/RL continued:


Swara, the practice of exchanging women and girls to settle personal feuds, is common in Swat and other parts of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.  But exchanges involving girls as young as six are considered extremely rare”


They certainly don’t seem that rare if I can find two similar cases in a few weeks (and I checked the names and the village name are different from the other case)


How can we, as the multiculturalists insist we must, treat such a society that exchanges humans like chattels as equal to our own? It is mad to even try to do that. Our own Western societies are so much better in such diverse ways than the societies run by the Islamic death cult, that wrings all the humanity out of its adherents and lays waste to the lands it controls.


There is a pattern visible here with its centre being Islamic culture, which in treating women as objects, means that a line can easily be drawn that links the appalling oppression of women in the Islamic world with the tragic deaths of Charlene Downes and Paige Chivers (and who knows how many more similar cases), and the Islamic grooming gangs the horrifying extent of whose existence in the UK is only now coming to light.



Now for an update on BSOD 29 with the Pastor who was arrested in – oh no it can’t be – Pakistan, for ‘blasphemy’.


The online Christian news source The Christian Post said that the Pastor who was arrested on October 13th is still in custody but now has a lawyer.


The website said:


A pastor in Pakistan has been denied bail after he was accused of blasphemy and arrested by police, who protected him from a mob of angry Muslims.

Karma Patras was originally arrested on Oct. 13, after he held a prayer meeting at a Christian family’s house in Sanghla Hill in central Punjab province, where he was asked about the meaning and relevance of the Muslim feast of sacrifice, Eid-al-Adha. The festival, celebrated by Muslims throughout the world, honors the sacrifice to God Abraham was willing to make by offering his first-born son Ishmael, as found in the Book of Genesis. (see my note 1)

As reported by persecution watchdog International Christian Voice, Pastor Patras said that the feast was strictly a Muslim one and was forbidden for Christians. Patras quoted Corinthians 10:28-29, which says: “But if anyone says to you, ‘This was offered to idols,’ do not eat it for the sake of the one who told you, and for conscience’ sake; for ‘the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness. ‘Conscience,’ I say, not your own, but that of the other. For why is my liberty judged by another man’s conscience?”

Note 1: What the Muslims say is NOT what the bible of the Christians and the Jews says. The bible states in  Genesis (22: 1-19) that it was Abraham’s natural son Issac who was bound for sacrifice as a test by God, but was released when God provided a lamb for sacrifice instead. Link to reference

The Christian Post added:

Muslims were also listening in on his answers, however, and told others about Patras’ explanation. When the pastor returned home from the prayer gathering, he was threatened by angry Muslim clerics who wanted to punish him for speaking out against the celebration of Eid-al-Adha.

The imams apparently organized an angry mob, who called Patras an infidel who has blasphemed against Islam and should be killed, attacking the pastor’s house. Police apparently rushed to the scene to try and save Patras from the beating and his house from being destroyed, but at the same time arrested him under suspicion of blasphemy.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are some of the strictest in the world, and people deemed to have insulted or spoken out against Islam are routinely imprisoned. In August, the imprisonment of a young teenage girl, Rimsha Masih, who was accused of tearing up pages from the Quran, the Muslim holy book, sparked international outrage.”

It is not as if the Pakistani Christians are numerous or growing in militancy, they are not, they are a seriously oppressed 5% of the Pakistani population. This is yet another example of this famed Islamic tolerance for others beliefs. Such tolerance is not worth having.

Islam may say that Mohammed the Prophet was a perfect man for all time, but to many of us who possess a working moral sense, Mohammed seems to us like a Prince of Lies.


Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty article on children exchanged to settle debts

Christian Post article on Pastor Karma Patras

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