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Read this, print it out and give a copy to a friend. Grooming gangs, let’s get educated

November 7, 2012

I don’t hold with all that the Britain First organisation stand for but, to give them their due, they have really come up with a cracker in this educational leaflet about Islamic Grooming gangs.

It is a really powerful and well put together leaflet and really deserves to be widely distributed especially to parents who may be concerned about ‘on street grooming’.

There is a problem with the grooming of under-age girls and vulnerable young women with this ‘on street grooming’ being perpetrated primarily it appears by members of the UK Islamic community. It is a problem that people need to be concerned about, and most likely comes from the Islamic idea that women are virtually creatures of a lesser god, to be exploited as men see fit. However, remember not every individual Muslim is a nonce or a potential nonce. The fault lies with the Islamic religious and cultural idea that promotes such attitudes to women, not with those who have cast off such attitudes but who just happen to be Muslim.

Looking at the statistics for Islamic grooming gangs is frightening. The amount of organised sexual abuse that is going on is appalling, and there is a fair chance that our councillors and social services have shied away from tacking the problems for fear of stirring up violence both from the Islamic community and from those non Muslims appalled by the abuse.

Of course no sensible person wants street violence and it is something that must be avoided. However to avoid stoking tensions between different communities it is vital that these abusers, from whatever community, are apprehended by the Police and dealt with appropriately by the Courts. The Police, the justice system, local government and Whitehall needs to be made aware of people’s concerns and start to take action.

It doesn’t hurt to be educated about potential problems such as street grooming, even if these problems are caused by members of an ethnic minority. Dissembling about a problem, or the scale of a problem or brushing the problem under the carpet, as some in authority appear to have done, in places like Rochdale, does NOT make the problem go away. The lack of openess just makes things worse and increases suspicions.

Grooming gangs are a societal sickness, and the cure is the use of education and Law.

Here’s the leaflet, open it, read it, print it out and give a copy to a friend.

Also a more detailed publication from the same organisation on the same subject.


Some tunes need to be played loud and some bits of campaigning literature, like this one, deserve a wider audience, despite where they come from. There is a problem, and we need to press our politicians both local and national, to address it.

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    I have two teenage daughters, they live with their mum near Stoke. The police and PTB in Rochdale did cock all over a decade with numerous complaints so why should I even consider calling them if there’s a problem?
    Sorry, when you have a weeping little girl the solution is not the namby pamby do good shit, it’s petrol bombs, ambush and heads on spikes. Then, it doesn’t happen again. I am normally a (moderately)pleasant person, but face me with a third world shithead with a smirk on his face and watch how fast I revert.

    • We would all do almost anything to defend or protect our children but if the PTB want to avoid division and violence then they need to put their hands up say ‘we cocked up’, and start nicking Islamic rapists, instead of saying ‘we can’t do anything, cos it’s ‘cultural’ ‘

      Wanting the perps of vile sexual crimes to be banged up for a long time is not ‘namby, pamby, do good shit’.

      I want justice to be seen to be done not justice in a dark alley.

  2. Paris Claims permalink

    Not so sure if the reason behind ignoring the problem is to diminish the possibility of violence. I expect that the real reason is accepting the fact that islam is rotten to the core does not sit well with thier multicult socialist utopian ideals.
    And they are actually prepared to sacrifice children to the alter of multiculturism. Which, in my book, makes them far worse than the koranimals themselves.

    • Paris Claims, you may have a point here. Although the fear of inciting violence on both sides may have been an issue (and certainly was a live issue when I was working in a diversity heavy environment), criticising Islam does sit very uneasily with the idea that all cultures are equal.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    Two things here, justice in a dark alley is still justice and has the additional benefit of denying money to lawyers.
    Also, consider the culture; let’s have a scenario.
    Let’s say that you, me, FT and Noggin are standing about, you go over to remonstrate with some ‘slims about their disgusting habits (ie., most of them), the three of us wait till we hear ARRGHH and then come over to hand out a lesson in manners, with extreme prejudice as they say. Who will have the higher regard of the ‘slims afterward? I would bet a modest sum it would not be the face that looks back at you out of the mirror.
    Honour/shame/tribal cultures respect physical power, nothing else.

    • I concur with you that an unwarranted attack on a non Muslim by a Muslim, and the Muslim individual had escalated things, then in my view that would would justify some form of self defence.

      There is a difference between fighting back in a specific situation, or by using law against those who promote Sharia and aggressive Islam and mobs chasing people out of town.

      I do sadly agree with you that Islam needs countering but how to do it?

      If people don’t put pressure on their states by making islamification a more prominent issue and ignoring the smears of ‘racist’ from the Left, then they shouldn’t be surprised if nothing is done about it. It was public pressure that got the first Aliens Act 1905 brought in. There were no controls on immigration until it became a problem. Sadly the Labour Party decided that we needed more ‘destitute criminals’.

      I don’t feel that rolling up the innocent with the guilty is the way to go. It’s time to take the heads off of the Hydra by making promoting sharia a criminal offence*

      Everyone has people in their family/tribe who others wish were not a part of it, I know I look at my own group and think ‘I wish that bastard belonged to someone else’ LOL I’m sure there are many people who are nominally Muslim but are more freedom orientated who would welcome a round up and disposal of the Salafists and their ilk. The Salafists etc are a danger to other Muslims as well as everyone else.

      *Gordon Brown’s government created one new law every day – it is such a shame that out of all these new laws he couldn’t find just one day where his government could have prohibited the promotion of Sharia. Sharia is fascism and should be treated as such.

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