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Fighting back against the barbarians – What can be done and what shouldn’t be done?

November 5, 2012

Often when I journey round the great and sometimes bizarre human library which is the Internet I come across writers that say what I want to say far better than I can say it.  

I’m inspired to put up this piece from the website to counter the opinions of the number of people, not just on this site but on others, who are calling for the re opening of Concentration Camps for Europe’s Islamic population. I don’t agree with these opinions, for me they go against everything I believe in and an attitude I have fought against for a large portion of my adult life.  When such opinions are spoken then it is important that those who disagree with such opinions speak against them and say: ‘there is a problem with Islam and Islam is a threat, but concentration camps are NEVER the answer’.   

The question of ‘what can be done’ about Islam is one that is on many people’s lips. Some, like the EDL for example, are street protesters, and although street protest can work, they also often ineffective (like the 2003 Left wing anti war march) and are easily controlled and neutralised by the Police. Also the days when media organisations sent people out to cover big demos has long gone, often demonstrations preach to the converted and get virtually zero media coverage. No reasonable person wants to see mobs with flaming torches fighting each other on the streets, so that is not a responsible way to fight back either.

So what can be done? How can Islam be fought without us in the West losing that which has made our societies great?

The Religion of Peace site puts it better than I ever could by saying:

Islam: What Can be Done?What can we do about Islam and the
threat that it poses to Western values?
12-11-2006Our least favourite question is unfortunately one that we see quite a bit.  Readers who understand Islamic history and teaching, and thus realize the danger that it poses to our future naturally want to know what can be done to prevent this from happening.

Our conclusion is that educating oneself, educating others, and speaking truthfully about “the Religion of Peace” is the best start.  Islam is it’s own worst enemy in that the more that is known about it, the less attractive it becomes… to everyone.

Islam spreads like a virus.  It radiates from Muslim countries that are too diseased to support it and into healthy systems that are that way because they have had the luxury of developing apart from Islam.  Once in the host system, the Islam virus uses the existing machinery to make replicas of itself.  Over time, the host makes unilateral concessions to the religion, feeding and appeasing it in the vain hope that it can be pacified.

Vital organs are co-opted and eventually shut down as Islam advances.  In a matter of time, the entire system groans to an agonizing death and assumes the condition of the diseased nations from which Muslims originally fled.  The virus then looks for new hosts to cannibalize.

Some Westerners, particularly those with children (and an investment in the future), are far-sighted enough to trace the eventual end game of current trends.  Though many Muslims are decent people, the religion itself always has a way of bringing the radicals along with it.  The radicals then infest and influence the mainstream – and the rest of society pays the cost.

A question that we often hear is, “What can we do about it?”

First, let’s go over what shouldn’t be done about it.

1)   Do NOT hurt Muslims.  Westerners generally don’t have a problem with this, having shown remarkable restraint in the wake of horrendous terror attacks.  Bottom line: You don’t know any terrorists.  The Muslims that you know in your private life are not terrorists.  Don’t harm them or protect anyone who does.

2)   Do NOT harass Muslims.  The Muslims that you know personally are probably not much different than you are.  They have the same concerns for their children’s future and the same interests in getting ahead in life.  They do not deserve to be harassed on account of a religion that they may not understand very well or take all that seriously.

3)   Do NOT vandalize the property of Muslims.  Same reasons; Grow up.

4)   Do NOT publicly abuse copies of the Quran  It doesn’t accomplish anything other than giving radicals another reason to play the victim, get angry, and perhaps hurt someone.  It’s also juvenile and offensive.  Treat the Quran the way that you would prefer Muslims treat whatever book that you consider sacred.

If you want to confront Islam, then you must be truthful and objective, rather than rude and slanderous.  Don’t exaggerate or use absolutes.  Don’t say that all Muslims are bad people (they aren’t), or that everything about Islam is bad.

The key to stopping Islam is education, because the more that is known about this 7th century religion the less appeal it will have in today’s world.  Muslim defenders know this, which is why they hide behind censorship and book banning in the Islamic world and desperate but comical appeals to political correctness and multiculturalism in the West.  Muslim organizations, such as CAIR, often rely on outright falsehood to deceive others into dropping their defenses.

Non-Muslim Westerners should understand that there is no reason to place Islam above criticism or Muslims above offense merely on that basis.  In fact, there is every reason not to do this.  Islamic law poses a threat to nearly every liberal value that the West holds dear.

Learn as much as you can about why Islam is dangerous.  Understandits history.  Learn how thousands of people can do brutal things each year explicitly in the name of Islam and Allah, while a billion others never seem to be terribly bothered about it.

In short, educate yourself.  Then you can educate others.  And they can educate others as well.  Remember, Islam is not just a religion, but also a political system.

Write to political leaders.  Inform them.  Make them accountable for each compromised standard and every freedom lost in the name of appeasement to Islam.  Expose the lies and double-standards.  Denounce the hypocrisy of Muslim nations.

Speak truthfully.  Speak tactfully.

If Islam wins, then civilization loses… but at least we will have gone down swinging. Home Page

What this article says to me is that there are more moral ways of fighting the fascistic creed of Islam than by violence, ways that are less likely to turn us into the sort of creatures who became the handmaidens of Stalin and Hitler and gave them the ability to kill a total of 32 million people for racial or political reasons.

We MUST fight back against Islam but we must do it in a way that doesn’t destroy ourselves in the process. There is no point in winning a war only to lose our humanity.


Original article on The Religion of Peace

20th Century death count – From sources here I extrapolated the number of people Stalin killed for political reasons and the total number of people Hitler either had killed in the field or who were murdered in concentration camps for racial or political reasons). The figures are 20 million killed by Stalin and a total of 12 million killed in Nazi concentration camps.

  1. XX Then you can educate others. And they can educate others as well. Remember, Islam is not just a religion, but also a political system.

    Write to political leaders. Inform them. Make them accountable for each compromised standard and every freedom lost in the name of appeasement to Islam. Expose the lies and double-standards. Denounce the hypocrisy of Muslim nations. XX

    But the KNOW all that.

    They are either, like the politicos, appeasers, or treat it like they treat “Corry”, or Brookside”, or whatever; “Oh….well THAT was interesting, when is the football/horse racing/tennis/Paris Hilton getting her tits out on?”

  2. Furor, I know that some politicos know about the dangers of Islam but many individual citizens do not. It is the individual citizen who in concert with others, has the ability to vote out and/or educate the sometimes unwittingly treasonous multiculturalists who pander to Islam on the misguided grounds that they are helping ‘equality’, people like this guy or this one

    Every council in the UK now has it’s very own Quisling for Islam either those appointed to carry out central government diktat such as those in the Diversity establishment or those such as councillors who promote Islam sometimes for base electoral reasons (lots of Muslims in an area, along with Islamic bloc (and sometimes fraudulent) postal votes helps to firm up the Labour Party vote).

    Mobs with flaming torches are not the answer, nor is opening concentration camps. The answer lies in the ballot box, the Law and education.

    I can’t see why a person can’t be interested in the great political issues of the day and Paris Hilton getting her tits out 🙂 (not that Paris Hilton’s tits are worth getting excited about)

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    Well, part of the problem is that islam has become a sacred cow (ok, mixed metaphors but you know what I mean) Since these mutts are being imported in quantity and since no one seems to be able to criticize without ‘causing offence’ which is now a crime on the level of axe murder, we are left with two viable situations:
    1. There are eventually so many of these dicks that we end up with de facto shariah law in some areas due to pandering.
    2. We have our own version of Golden Dawn.

    Since any criticism of islam causes crowds of swivel eyed shrieking shit heads to appear, we either keep our heads down and have (1) or we stand up to them physically,(2). We cannot have reasoned dialogue any more than we could with a rabid dog. I know all the ‘some of them are probably really nice’ and that, but I don’t see this pleasant law abiding majority telling the other lot to wind their necks in, do you? Until they do, they get tarred with the same brush; muslim=shitheaded barbarian.
    Thems my views.

    • Everyone is entitled to their view. My view is that we need to vote out those who pander to Islam. It is the only way to a) remove Islam from a position of influence over Western Govts and b) Law law is better than war war.

      • Robert the Biker permalink

        But this is exactly the problem isn’t it? Everyone is NOT entitled to their own view where islam is concerned; we have a de facto party line which you WILL NOT CROSS!!!
        Quoting Churchill is fine, but remember, when’Jaw Jaw’ stopped working, he was ready for ‘War War’. As long as these wankers and their enablers can shout ‘racism’ and ‘islamophobia’ without being laughed out of court, we will have no meaningfull vote.

      • XX Everyone is entitled to their view. My view is that we need to vote out those who pander to Islam. It is the only way to a) remove Islam from a position of influence over Western Govts and b) Law law is better than war war. XX

        I have said this before; It is all very well saying “don’t vote for those that pander to the pigphobics, but WHAT are the alternatives?

        There IS no party that stands a cats chance in Hel of ever being in a popsition to influence Parliament, that is AGAINST them!

        And the same goes for here.

        Sweden however…. na THEIR “Democratic party”, standing on a policy of toughening up on immigration and immigrants has finally achieved he status of “probably” managing to get 7,5% of the vote next elections.

        Which, when you consider, under this PR crap, means that with only 5% of the vote, the watermelons actualy managed to run the foreign office here for many years, is not BAD.

        Except you then have EVERY other party promising to gang together with the civil service, and block every single thing they manage to do, or try to do.

        You think for one second, that if, say, the BNP got into power in Britain, that the civil service would not simply down pens and make their job impossible?

        VOTING the pigphobics into submission went out of the window LONG ago. If the chance was EVER there.

  4. Noggin the Nog permalink


    Churchill knew what to do with these monkeys. He’d experienced their depravity first hand.

    He said ‘There is no greater retrograde force that exists in the world today than Mohammedism’.


    The post is wrong. Those policies have not and will not work. There has never been an example from history of a nation ridding itself of the curse of Islam, except by force.

    Quoting dodgy death counts won’t cut it, nor will foolish comparisons with dictators set on world domination, that would only work if you compared the muslims to the nazis. We are talking about expelling an invading force. The idea that some muslims are OK is as stupid as saying some of the SS were nice to kittens and loved their moms. If you believe a murdering, raping, war-mongering paedophile was God’s appointed messenger to man, you are morally and mentally defective, ergo there is no such thing as a decent muslim.

    These people undestand one thing, and one thing only; strength. Give them a sniff of weakness, and it’s over.

    You don’t like the words ‘concentration camp’ because you don’t understand them. They do not mean ‘death camp’. Just for you, we can call it them ‘holding centres’.

    If we as a nation do not get a grip, face the harsh reality of having millions of people living amongst us who look at us as inferior, as pigs and dogs, as kuffar, we will, within 30 years, be in the same situation as Israel is today. We will have enclaves of muslims declaring certain areas of the UK to be independant Islamic states, with terrorist ‘governments’ running them, facing daily terrorist attacks, bombs in Pizza Hut and discos, etc. Look at Kosovo if you don’t believe me.

    Failure to rid the land of this menace will result in our own subjugation and destruction.

    Get them out, demolish the mosques, teach school children what Churchill could see as plain as the nose on your face 70 years ago.

    And fair few quislings will have to go as well.

    • XX They do not mean ‘death camp’. Just for you, we can call it them ‘holding centres’. XX

      But as such, they are only a tempory solution.

      Keep them there for 30-40 years?

      And what happens if you send them “back”?

      They return even more angry, and more dangerous.

      Only one solution……

      • But Furor, not a final solution I hope. I think the best way of saying ‘we’re serious’ about confronting Islam is probably to enforce the civil law as it currently stands and remove though the courts the citizenship of any individual from the Islamic community who agitates for Sharia Law or or defined similar offences.

        To make someone ‘stateless’ removes all protection that a person has under any law. It was the category of statelessness that sent many to their doom during WWII. This fear of being outside protection should be the tip of the legal sword against aggressive Islam.

        Such a law would not only affect Islamic immigrants but any born in the west or converting to Islam. It is a harsh law but the threat is great, and with limitations and protections, it could be a form of non lethal fear that those who follow a triumphalist form of Islam sometimes may need to feel. After all as Rabbi Shlomo Lewis of Atlanta said: ‘we must not treat stormtroopers as freedom fighters’.

    • I certainly concur with you about the immediacy of the danger, but people need to vote for individual independents who are prepared to state out loud what the problem is.

      Why not vote out the Quislngs? I also do not have any problem with humanely interning people prior to removal nor for just prosecution of those who offend against our laws.

      We as a society have to deal with the issue of aggressive Islam but how we deal with it is important. I agree with you about Churchill he was right about Hitler and he was right about the problems that a backwards looking Islam causes for advanced societies.

      • XX I certainly concur with you about the immediacy of the danger, but people need to vote for individual independents who are prepared to state out loud what the problem is.XX

        YES YES YES TOTALY agree! But where ARE they?

      • That is the problem. Also there is the problem of getting people away from voting tribally to consider independents and smaller parties.

        UKIP seems to be doing quite well at the moment but they need to get more of a presence ‘on the ground’.

        I do agree that more independents need to stand not just for parliament but for councils to.

  5. Noggin the Nog permalink


    Those that wish to leave peacefully can be helped to do so. Those that don’t can be ‘persuaded’.

    They’ll have a job getting back in if we enforced our borders properly. It’s not like they blend in, is it?

    Visa entry to the UK from most nations, no entry from Islamic shitholes, which would be all of them.

    It’s really not difficult, although I concede that your solution is foolproof.

  6. Noggin the Nog permalink


    “Why not vote out the Quislings?”

    Why not hang them?

    Democracy is the illusion of meaningless choice. If you think that the UK will be saved, if it even can be now, by the ballot box, you are either very stupid or very young.

    • I don’t consider myself stupid and I’m certainly not young. I know the extent of the problem with Islam, but for me it is a moral position that I do not to punish the innocent with the guilty.

      To me that’s just basic justice. Let them throw the first punch, lets not be the ones to throw the first lighted torch. We need to defend ourselves but how we do it makes a difference. First off we need to enforce the law non selectively then we need to deprive the quislings of there democratic mandate by replacing those who pander.

  7. Noggin, I think that we need to be hitting the nasties in the Islamic community first, nick them, jail them, deport them, set a solid example and instill some of the fear of the Law that Labour eroded. . Lets enforce the law as it stands and stop going easy for ‘community cohesion’ reasons. In fact where Islam sets up shop the community becomes cohesive because Islam is intolerant of others and others beliefs and lifestyles. Completely unlike any other group, OK there are a lot of Jews in Golders Green (judging by shops and other signs etc) but it is never the mono culture that I’ve seen in areas like Newham or Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest or elsewhere.

    This is the irony of those in the diversity industry promoting Islam or making excuses for it, Islam drives out diversity both diversity of belief and diversity of thought.

  8. Noggin the Nog permalink


    I consider all persons who regard a paedphile as a prophet to be extremists, therefore we should sling the lot out.

    • Generally I agree. But I have really good mates here, who are “muslim”, and WOW!!! ANY one that can drink ME under the table….

      Faranheit is, basically right. BUT it is rapidly approaching the situation where it is too late.

      NOT because of my drinking mates. But because of those “behind the scenes” that control them.

      And my “drinking mates” are of the same opinion. There is a “groups”, or “Groups”, that, like the Mafia, CONTROL the “vote”.

      It is these “Hintermänner” (“Background men”… because they are invariably MEN,) that we need to sort out. The Salafisten, and their ilk.

      • Noggin the Nog permalink

        Your drinking pals will need, one day, to pick a side.

        I’ve already picked mine.

      • They have. And it pleases me. I need say no more.

    • The problem is there are loads of normative Muslims who choose to disregard much of the bollocks (and of that there is a considerable amount) in the Koran.

      There are plenty of Muslims who don’t believe that chucking gays off of cliffs is acceptable, they trouble is these people are also intimidated by the salafists and other assorted headcases. Islam is a prison for many Muslims as well as a threat to non muslims.

      To give you an analogy, you’d be hard pressed to find a Christian or a Jew who felt they could justify incest by pointing out that the daughters of Lot seduced their father*. There are many Muslims who feel the same way about what is in the Koran.

      *Genesis 19:30-38

      • Noggin the Nog permalink

        If they are not following the Koran and rejecting its teachings, they are not muslims.

        Please don’t equate Christianity with Islam. If one takes the plain sense of the reading of the text you mention, one could not possibly construe that God was condoning or instructing incest. Lot suffed severely for his sin and the offspring of these unholy unions, Moab and Ammon, became tribes which bitterly opposed the Israelites and caused no end of trouble. The incident you refer to is merely recorded as a warning to the reader not to do as Lot had done.

        This is not the case in the Koran. There are numerous passages, in the Hadith too, which are direct instructions to violence, such as Q 4, 89 and Q 8, 60. Mo had 11 ‘wives’, some 6 years old, others the widows of men he had had killed, prisoners of war. Christ never behaved in this way, nor did He instruct His followers to, nor could any interpretation of the NT make it appear that He did, nor does any branch of Christianity I know of encourage its followers to kill and conquer non believers.

        Many sects of Islam openly promote the slaughter of Jews in particular and the kuffar in general, the Koran is full of exhortations to violence and so is the Hadith and we can see, on a daily basis, that muslims are obedient to their master’s example and commit wholesale slaughter without condemnation from the Islamic world.

      • Noggin, I’m not trying to say that Lots daughters committed incest as a commandment rather that it was an act of desperation because Lot had not fullfilled his duty and found his daughters husbands.

        The reason I brought up this was to show that in the Judeao Christian world there is a mindset of being interpretative to holy books. In Islam that depth of interpretation seems to be missing.

        I completely agree with you that unlike Judaism and Christianity the Koran does contain a lot of exhortations to violence. This adulation of violence is one of the things that makes Islam a wrong’un when it comes to world religions.

  9. Martin permalink

    Sky news are reporting that the 3 ‘tourists’ who stabbed the British soldier to death in Cyprus are 2 of Pakistani origin and a Somali.

  10. Hm. My grammar is …. questionable, as is my spelling., I LOVE Lambs navy rum…. and it shows.:-)

    (My Wifes birthday)

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