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Bearded Savages of the Day Number 30 – Threatening the UK edition

November 3, 2012

Don’t think that threatening Bearded Savagery is only a feature of those nations that have the misfortune to have Islam as its guiding culture or law. Sadly, we see today this story from the UK which features the sort of Bearded Savages who really should have been a) told to put up or shut up regarding free speech and b) nicked for making overt threats.

It appears that according to a Pakistani newspaper and online news site, a Pakistani based, but UK operating Islamic organisation has been warning the UK Home Office and individual police forces that unless the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film isn’t suppressed then Muslim may attack Non Muslim.

That is a direct threat to violence. Surely that is a criminal offence? Those who made this threat to create disturbances and instigate attacks should be nicked, prosecuted, sent down and deported where possible. So why are they not? It may well be that this organisation is not as influential among Sunni Muslims living in Britain as they perceive themselves to be. Whatever is the truth about the organisations strength, the threat of disturbance and attack really should be taken seriously by the powers that be.

If the bloody carnival of carnage which was the 20th Century has taught us anything it is that when someone threatens to kill you it’s probably wise to believe then and take action against them. Threats have to be countered, and there are some entities and political currents that should never be negotiated with.

This threat MUST be countered by prosecution, if indeed it is a credible threat. It gains nothing to appease. The appeasement of Hitler failed and so will the appeasement of Islam.

We must not let Bearded Savages, trample over rights that have been hard-won and dearly bought.

We must not let a bunch of Islamic thugs dictate our laws or our customs or issue threats with impunity. Justice demands nothing less than that these threats to disturb the peace are prosecuted or at the very least investigated openly.

Read the article below, it certainly looks like a threat to me, see what you think (I’ve bolded the pertinent part of the piece):

“LONDON: Britain’s Counter-terrorism Command Unit and Specialist Internet Bureau have taken notice of a representation made by an influential Muslim organisation which is asking the government to ban the blasphemous film “Innocence of Muslims” for posing danger to UK’s national security.

The Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat UK, which claims to represent the majority of Muslims in Britain, has approached the home secretary and police forces around the country requesting that the movie be removed from YouTube on the grounds that it incites racial and religious hate crimes and openly encourages violence in the name of faith. The group didn’t request that the film, which caused outrage among Muslims across the world, be banned for being offensive, nor that it will incite hatred against the Muslims but rather that it would encourage violence by Muslims to non-believers. Raja Zahid Nawaz confirmed to The News that his organisation had been contacted by the security officials with assurance that the contents of the letter were being studied and all the activity around the film online and otherwise was being monitored.

Ghulam Rabanni, Secretary General of the organisation, told The News that the blasphemous film is not about the “freedom of speech”. “This film is aimed at inciting religious and racial hatred. It incites extremism and terrorism and will lead to the radicalisation of young Muslims in the UK. It encourages physical and violent attacks on non-Muslim communities around the world. It encourages child abuse. It will damage the fabric of a multi racial and multi faith society and it will lead to tensions and disturbances within the UK and in particular in inner city areas. We have asked the government to ban the film on YouTube.”

If these are credible threats then there is probably enough evidence to nick those from Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat UK who issued the threatening statement. The Law, our Law needs to be used against Islamic extremists. If they bleat about publications inciting religious and racial hatred then it should be pointed out that such attitudes are widespread both in the Koran and in Islamic societies. We need no lectures in ‘inciting hatred’ from the Bearded Savages who do it so often, in such diverse lands and to such a degree of lunatic fervour.


The original Pakistan news source (not sure how reliable it is)

Wiki on the Jamaat Ahle Sunnat organisation

BBC report on Nishtar Park Bombing

Link to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film

Link to Jamaat Ahle Sunnat organisation

Hat Tip:


Addendum:  If anyone thinks that my comparison with Islam/Mohammed and Adolf Hitler is a bit strong then maybe if Islamic groups didn’t behave like they wanted the shade of the uni-testicled Austrian corporal back then such a comparison would not be  made.  Here via the Body of Truth blog is a screen shot from Muslims of Pakistani heritage both in the UK and elsewhere  celebrating Hitler.  Nasty, really nasty.  Why should we in the West put up with that?  Why should we show such culture any respect whatsoever?

The Body of Truth Blog UK Pakistani Muslims openly celebrating Hitler

  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Oh Please monkey boys! There’s me and a great many other people who would consider this to mean open season on these cretins. Go ahead abdul, bring it on.

  2. Noggin the Nog permalink

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; concentration camps for all this dross, prior to deportation.

    Every last one of them, and their cheerleaders.

    • I disagree with you on that point but there is a strong case for removing the citizenship of British Muslims who call for Sharia law. Being made Stateless is a suitable punishment for such people.

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