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Bearded Savages of the Day number 29

November 2, 2012

Today’s visit to the bowels of bearded savagery takes us to Pakistan – Oooh! What a surprise (or not) – a country where it’s probably not a good idea to be a woman, gay, atheist, the wrong sort of Muslim or most especially it seems, a Christian.

A discussion amongst Christians during a prayer meeting about their Islamic neighbours’ festival of sacrifice (Eid Ul Adha) led to the Christian’s Pastor being arrested and calling the Pastor a “blasphemer and infidel liable to be killed”

This lovely example of Islamic religious and cultural tolerance took place in Saghala Hill, in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The news source, Pakistan Christian Post reported that:

“Pastor Karama Patras was arrested on accusations of blasphemy by police after taking him in preventive custody when Muslim extremist Mob attacked his home. 

After 2 days FIR No. 475/12 was registered under the section 295-A PPC in Sanghla Hill Police Station District Ninkanasab, Punjab Pakistan on October 15, 2012 

On evening of October 13, 2012, at 4:00pm, when Pastor Patras was holding prayers in house of a Christian family where some Christian people raised questions about the feast of sacrifice (Eid –Ul- Adha) and the meat of this sacrifice in Christianity. 

Pastor Karma explained according to the bible references and gave some references from bible to satisfy the people. While he was briefing on that topic some Muslim people from the neighbors were also listening. They gathered other Muslim people and informed them about that discussion which Pastor Karma did in prayer. 

After end of Prayer meeting, when Pastor Patras reached home, he heard appeals on mosques loudspeakers by area Muslim clerics calling for Muslims to join hands to punish infidel Pastor to teach him lesson for prohibition of this feast in Christianity.”

This pastor may have done nothing more than have an open discussion about religion like those which go on each day here, in those countries that are more free than the Bearded Savage nations like Pakistan.

In the world of the Bearded Savage however, asking or answering a question lights the blue touchpaper of the local mobs.

The Pakistan Christian Post continued:

“The Muslim Imams said in mosque loudspeakers “Pastor Karma Patras is blasphemer and infidel liable to be killed” on which hundreds of Muslims attacked on home of Pastor Karma Patras. 

The area police rushed to scene of incident and saved Pastor from mob that were mercilessly beating and kicking him and destroying his household. 

On pressure of Muslim mob, the police arrested Pastor Patras under Section 295-A of blasphemy laws. “

Pakistan appears to be one seething cesspit of violence or threatened violence, oppression, fear and poverty, just like so many other Islamic nations in fact.


Original story in Pakistan Christian Post news source


  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    Hey, I know, let’s open our borders and have millions of these losers over here so we can be enriched too.

    • :Sometimes the socialists pour petrol on flames. A certain amount and type of immigration is like yeast to a society, it helps it grow, but what Labour did in propping open the borders to all and sundry was quite frankly idiotic.

  2. Noggin the Nog permalink

    Importing any person, let alone stinking muslims, when unemployment is in excess of 4 million is absurd.

    • Because of the clear and present danger of Islam in the UK I do believe that there should be an immediate moratorium on Islamic immigration to the UK including family reunion. Also although I believe that a person should be able to worship whichever god they choose, converts to Islam should be watched carefully by the security establishment.

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