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Quote of the Day – ‘Islam mangles the minds of Muslims into cognitive dissonance’

October 24, 2012
The arrogance of Islam is what is condemning Muslims to stasis as the world progresses.

If a Hindu told us that anyone in the world who has been informed of Lord Shiva doesn’t accept him as their Lord and submit to him they will burn in hell for eternity they would be laughed out-of-town.

Because Muslims say this nonsense about Muhammad and Allah with such sincerity and ferocity and hatefulness people tend to try and be polite so as not to provoke the mad men in the room.

But what a sad and hopeless and worthless arrogance and useless supremacist thinking this is. All it does is mangle the minds of Muslims into sullen resentfulness and cognitive dissonance – wasting energy on a futile lie and supremacist stupidity.

Link to source
The Council of Ex Muslims of Britain
  1. Robert the Biker permalink

    There really ought to be a club for people like this;
    “Hi, my name’s Abdul and I’m a swivel eyed loon”
    “Hi, Abdul”

    • Maybe there is a need for a new Charity

      A 12 step programme to get away from bearded savagery.

      What about calling it Islamonutters Anonymous?

  2. Robert, I know we don’t always agree on things but the more that is learned by me about Islam the more I see it as a prison for those trapped inside it. I believe in Pakistan the literacy rate for men is about 50% of post 15 year olds and for women it is about half that figure. Islamic societies just don’t work for the benefit of their own people.

  3. Robert the Biker permalink

    When the height of ambition is to be able to recite the koran from memory, what need of literacy? When the purpose of a woman is to serve her man and give him children, by learn in a school? islam was made for the Bedu, a life of raiding and blood feud is perfect for a religion like that, trouble is, your society can never progress beyond that point.

    • You may have a point there Rob. A non literate culture will grow a non literate religion.

      If it was just one or two Islamic countries that were failing states then you could say that this was because of issues within those particular states. However, this lack of progress seems to be a feature of the Islamic world and does make me and others wonder whether the problems with the Islamic world are down to Islam itself. After all those nominally Christian or Jewish states are educationally, morally and practically are streets ahead of Islamic states.

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